Oaxaca, Mexico / 12. April 2021: ZIGNUM, founded in Oaxaca, is one of the leading mezcals in Mexico and the most awarded mezcal in the world. ZIGNUM’s three expressions – Joven, Reposado and Añejo – are consistently praised for their exceptional smoothness and ease of use, while the latter two achieve a complexity of flavour that far exceeds the minimum legal requirements thanks to their oak ageing.

ZIGNUM debuts with packaging designed by Quaker City Mercantile, best known for creating Hendrick’sGin. The package debuted in duty-free channels last year and was featured at the San Francisco Global Fragrance Design Competition, where Joven and Reposado won the gold medal and Añejo won silver.

The new ZIGNUM Joven and Reposado labels are inspired by the pre-Hispanic temples of Oaxaca. The silver and gold embossing contrasts with the brand’s rich black fabric, as a reference to the flowing colours and a tribute to the region’s heritage. On both labels, a central circle surrounds the spear-shaped space marked Agave, highlighting ZIGNUM’s leadership in sustainability programs such as animal-free and pioneering use of agave in nurseries. Detailed geographic patterns frame the unit’s door, which leads to a dark entrance reminiscent of a cool, dark barrel room in a distillery.

The label of the Añejo also has stepped details, rounded shapes and rose gold metal details that almost perfectly match the liquid inside. This label contains additional information about the liquid itself, including the agave variety used (Espadin), the characteristics of the barrel aging (French and American oak), and a handwritten statement about the alcohol content (40%).

All three bottles feature wooden corks, a reference to barrel aging and a tribute to the local tradition of hand-cut alebriums. The elegant band seal is an excellent addition to the distillery’s wastewater treatment programs.

Saul Moyes, commercial director at ZIGNUM, said: The incredible growth of agave alcohol in the United States is wonderful to see. Consumers are now looking for lesser-known brands and want to know more about mezcal, especially Oaxacan mezcal. ZIGNUM’s soft, easy-drinking character is an excellent introduction to the mezcal category, and the quality of the spirit shines in both singles and cocktails.

ZIGNUM Mezcal is now available in new packaging in FL, CA, TX, NY, IL, GA and CO. The recommended price is $35 for the Joven, $40 for the Reposado and $60 for the Añejo.


ZIGNUM Maestro Mezcaleros controls the quality from the sustainable germination of the agave seeds to the aging in oak and carefully accompanies the Mezcaleros from harvest to bottling.

Aging is a distinctive feature of the brand. Only American and French oak barrels are used, well beyond the minimum required for the Origen designation of origin. ZIGNUM Reposado matures for at least 8 months in American white oak and ZIGNUM Añejo for at least 18 months in a combination of French and American oak.  It’s perfect for a pure treat with a slice of orange and Sal de Guzano.

The METODO VERDE™ distillery’s unique sustainability programs include animal welfare free, clean industry certification from the Mexican Ministry of Environment and Kosher certification. This, combined with the brand’s pure and distinctive taste and its recognition as a smooth and easy-drinking mezcal, led ZIGNUM to create the slogan PURO MEZCAL.


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