CHOP DROP’s wine and NFT auction begins on Wednesday the 14th. April.

April 12 – Napa Valley, California – Yao Family Wines, the acclaimed Napa Valley winery founded by retired basketball star and global philanthropist Yao Ming, is releasing its most exclusive wine, THE CHOP, along with a limited edition NFT. Yao Family Wines becomes the first winery in the world to offer wine at auction, in conjunction with digital collector NFT. Operation CHOP DROP takes place on Wednesday the 14th. April, broadcast live for 48 hours at noon on CHOP DROP.

The CHOP DROP wine and NFT auction includes 200 linked lots. A special auction will be held for HOP and NFT No. 11, a unique offering that pays tribute to the year Yao Family Wines released its first vintage, as well as the number Yao Ming wore during his NBA career.

The CHOP 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon is made from one barrel of wine from one vineyard in Napa Valley’s famous Rutherford District.

The name of the wine and the design of the label are inspired by the Chinese chop (or seal), which has been used by individuals for thousands of years as a signature on official documents and works of art. The seal on each bottle of HOP represents the family name of YAO’s founder in ancient Chinese characters and has been on each bottle of Yao family wine since the beginning.

The combination of this outstanding wine and the limited edition NFT should appeal to wine collectors, sports memorabilia collectors, NFT collectors, early adopters and anyone who appreciates the value of unique possessions, said Jay Behmke, president of Yao Family Wines. As a Napa Valley winery with a Chinese founder, we are also pleased to be able to dedicate a portion of the proceeds from THE CHOP DROP to the Asian-American community during this critical time.

Blockchain is the biggest technological revolution since the internet. The rise of NMT is the first manifestation of consumer value creation beyond cryptocurrencies. NFTs are a glimpse of the future of blockchain assets and will become the standard for ownership, exchange, creation and trust, said Jonas Hudson, co-founder of the GFT™ exchange, who along with AIB Sportsbrands, Inc. (operator of MORE Lifestyle Sports Media) were involved in the launch strategy, blockchain platform development and NFT design.

A percentage of the proceeds from DROP PSC will go to the Asian American community. The beneficiaries are the following: Asian Health Services (Oakland, CA), Chinatown Community Development Center (San Francisco), Chinese-American Museum DC (CAMDC), Lucky Chow (New York, NY) and Museum of Chinese in America (New York, NY).

For more information, visit THE CHOP DROP ( and unlock a free NFT promotion from Yao Family Wines by creating a digital portfolio today. Yao Family wines are available online at, and in select markets in the United States and abroad.

About Yaos Family Wines

Yao Family Wines was founded in 2011 by retired NBA and Chinese Basketball Association star Yao Ming. In 2011, the Napa Valley winery released its first critically acclaimed wines. Since its inception, Yao Family Wines has received more than 90 points each year from the world’s most respected wine critics, including Robert Parker of The Wine Advocate, who wrote: The former basketball star’s first release immediately established itself among Napa Valley’s elite Cabernets.

About the GIFT™ exchange

GFT™ Exchange provides NFTs that are authentic digital collectibles™ with blockchain technology.  NFTs represent a revolutionary opportunity for IP owners to offer a unique and reliable digital asset that is valuable to ordinary consumers.  The GFTs™ platform enables IP partners, brands, channel partners and marketplaces to store, distribute and match reliable, individually identifiable digital assets with customers.  Using a hybrid approach with private/public blockchain and the IP Alliance (called the GFT™ Alliance), the GFT™ exchange protects intellectual property owners and consumers when it comes to provenance, asset security and reliable financial reconciliation.

About our charity partners:

Asian Health Service (Oakland, California)

Asian Health Services is a health center that has served Alameda County’s most vulnerable children, families and seniors since 1974. AHS serves more than 50,000 patients and provides medical, dental and behavioral health services in more than 14 Asian languages, regardless of income, insurance status, immigration status, language or culture. Funds from this initiative will provide vaccines against KOVID-19 to vulnerable, low-income members of our community.

Chinatown Community Development Center (San Francisco, California)

The mission of the Chinatown Community Development Center is to build community and improve the quality of life for San Francisco residents. We are a development organization serving Chinatown and surrounding areas in San Francisco. Money from the Yao Family Wines initiative benefits our Feed + Fuel Chinatown program, which addresses food insecurity in our community.

American Chinese Museum (Washington, DC)

The Chinese-American Museum in Washington, DC (CAMDC) is a bold undertaking to create the first and only museum in the nation’s capital dedicated to the history of Chinese-America. Our mission is to promote understanding and appreciation of the Chinese-American experience by highlighting the history, culture, spirit, and contributions of Chinese Americans in our country and beyond. Funds from the Yao Family Wine Initiative will help support the new museum and its programs.

Lucky Chow (New York, New York).

Lucky Chow is a 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to bring Asian voices to America through the lens of food and drink through Daniel Chang’s award-winning PBS series, Lucky Chow. Lucky Chow explores the influence of Asian cuisine on a global scale by interviewing people ranging from outsiders to culinary masters. Proceeds from the Yao Family Wine Initiative will be used to fund production of the next season of Lucky Chow.

Chinese American Museum (New York, NY)

Since its founding in 1980, the Museum of the Chinese in America (MOCA) has celebrated the living history of the Chinese experience in America by preserving and presenting 200 years of history, heritage, culture, and diverse experiences of Chinese-American communities. Founded as a community organization, MOCA has spent forty years maintaining the center of our community while gaining a national audience of visitors and members. Proceeds from the Yao Family Wine Initiative will benefit MOCA’s new permanent headquarters in Manhattan.


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