JACKSONVILLE, Florida (December 7, 2020) – Generation W is pleased to announce a new partnership with T General Cellars, a California-based company that owns and operates a digital wine company. T General’s mission is to act as an agent of social change, to create an empowered community that supports the interests of women and to promote integration and equality, so that the partnership with Generation W becomes an ideal marriage based on a common vision.

T General Cellars was founded in 2020 in the midst of a pandemic and in a public cellar. Led by Jill Osur, T General Cellars was born as a socially conscious enterprise dedicated to making incredible wine for a community of like-minded women who deliberately swallow, create and act.

This partnership focuses on women, the glorification of women and the general interest of all. What could be better than a community of women coming together to drink wine and unite in a common desire to create a better world, said Generation B founder Donna Orunder. We welcome the opportunity to unite Generation W and the underground communities through our common values and aspirations. And our love for the great guilt.

As part of the partnership agreement, Teneral will be the first official partner of the weekly virtual conversation series Generation W in Zoom/Facebook Live format, REfresh.

These are women who support and cheer each other up, says CEO Jill Osuur. Because the second woman really understands the power to support each other, we will not only change the world, but also lead it. And the world will be a better and friendlier place.

T General will donate 10% of all profits from the wine tasting package to support Gen W leadership, mentoring and community education programs for women and girls throughout the year. The General will also have access to the world-famous library of Generation W digital content and will show it on several of his social channels to inspire and promote new communities of women. The W. Orunder Generation, former chairman of WNBA, will also be represented on the General’s Advisory Board.

About the general cellars

General Cellars was founded in 2020 and is an agent of change. Womxn is the owner of Womxn and is involved in difficult but necessary discussions to create justice and equality; TGeneral Cellars strengthens Womxn’s voice in the wine industry. Raise your glass and take a sip. The goal is for T-General Cellars to donate 10% of profits to charities working for women through community action, justice, climate and social change. For more information, visit


GENERATION W, registered publication 501(c)3, inspires women and communities to improve their living standards through leadership, networking, inspiration and education. The W Generation platform includes WOW Generation, a leadership development and mentoring programme for teenage girls; WOW Generation W, a leadership development programme for women based on the annual event; WOWsdom! Handbook for girls positive and possible, bestseller and curriculum; and WORK Generation, a day of community service throughout northeast Florida. For more information, please visit


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