In recent years, Napa and Sonoma, California have become one of the hottest travel destinations for wine enthusiasts. The area, known as the Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley, is home to some of the best wineries in the country, and is now a popular place for wine tourists to visit. In 2015, Napa and Sonoma were ranked as the second and seventh most wine-focused U.S. cities, respectively, by Wine Enthusiast Magazine.

Wine tourism has been a darling of the tourism world for decades, which in California is mainly a matter of taking advantage of the state’s vast number of wine varieties. This year, however, it’s becoming a favorite of the general public as well.

The economy in California is rebounding, and with it, the wine tourism industry is beginning to thrive again. Napa Valley alone saw some 637,000 wine tourists in 2012, with a relatively stable number of visitors in the surrounding regions. That, combined with the recent unveiling of a new in-house wine tourism guide and a recent renovation to the Napa Valley Visitors Association, show that Napa is back for good.. Read more about sonoma winery map and let us know what you think.

After more than a year of closures, reopenings, fires, smoke, booming e-commerce and tastings at Zoom, Napa and Sonoma wineries are returning to taste wine in person. So far, the number of new arrivals has exceeded the most optimistic expectations of many residents.

We’re seeing an uptick in travel, says Todd O’Leary, vice president of marketing and communications for Sonoma County Tourism. There was a huge pent-up demand, and with consumers getting vaccinated, they are booking their trips now and/or in the future.

We do see our fans spending time here, but we also welcome new visitors who come here for the first time, because wine country is often the place to be, he says.

Outdoor wine tasting at Larkmead Vineyards / Photo: Leigh-Ann Beverley

According to Smith Travel Research’s hotel occupancy statistics, demand for lodging in Napa Valley will return to 2019 levels in 2021. In many cases, hotel occupancy is 90% on Friday and Saturday nights and 50% during the week.

We also hear that Napa Valley wineries and restaurants are packed most weekends, says Linsey Gallagher, president and CEO of Visit Napa Valley. From 15. In June we will be moving to even fewer restrictions, which should alleviate some of the problems for visitors in booking tastings.

The 15th. In June, California will end social isolation and allow many indoor mask mandates and businesses to operate at full capacity, although Governor Gavin Newsom will end the existing state of emergency on the 4th. The month of June has not yet been definitively cancelled.

Gallagher noted that the Napa Valley Visitor Center had a record number of about 800 visitors over Memorial Day weekend.

Jeff Zappelli is the CEO of Walt Wines, which along with its sister brands Hall and BACA operates five tasting rooms in Napa and Sonoma.

We are very busy, wine tastings are very popular, says Zappelli. People want to do something familiar.

We were first booked by wine club members looking for a good human moment. It continued to grow organically, first with locals, then with visitors from Los Angeles, Sacramento and Nevada, and finally with many people we knew. We celebrated with them, Zappelli added.

Gradually he installed more outdoor seating and ordered more tents, heaters and umbrellas. His group of winemakers prefers tastings by appointment only, which allows for a more meaningful and personal relationship.

The good thing about this recovery is that people have started visiting the tasting rooms again, and I hope that trend continues, Zappelli says. We see younger customers who come not so much for the party as the wine.

We’re seeing an uptick in travel, says Todd O’Leary, Sonoma County Tourism Department / Courtesy of Sonoma County Tourism.

According to Nicole Carter, chairwoman of Diamond Creek and Merry Edwards, international travelers from Europe and Asia are returning to renowned wineries like Diamond Creek.

People tip well, they like to come back, Carter says. People spend their time and want to use it to their advantage, they want to relax and smell the roses. We see higher rates at this time of year than in 2019 – before Covid-19 – and higher purchasing power. I am cautiously optimistic that we will perform better in 2019.

Rodney Strong Vineyards in Healdsburg has again received requests for large groups and family reunions.

We saw that clubs and locals came back first, followed by guests from the surrounding area, said Christopher O’Gorman, communications director for Rodney Strong. More and more foreigners have been coming here lately, and every weekend there are more and more of them.

As the restrictions ease, O’Gorman hopes to host more weekend events without sacrificing security, including the Americana festival in late summer, which will hold no more than 300 people in a venue that can hold 1,100.

According to the industry, there is a sense of relief and celebration, so some people are willing to spend money. As a result, many wineries are upgrading their services to provide a unique experience.

TOR Napa Valley offers two tours, one of which costs $950 per person with a minimum of four participants. This is the Black Magic experience, which includes a tour of several wineries and a tasting of premium TOR wines.

At Aileron Estates, owner and pilot Shannon O’Shaughnessy will personally fly over the wine country in an open cockpit, then sit down to taste two of his wines, which costs $550 per person.

Aileron Estates owner and driver Shannon O’Shaughnessy / Photo: Bob McClenahan

Much of this growth has occurred under the ongoing constraints of Covid 19.

We hope to have a level playing field from region to region on the 15th and a reliable guide to meetings and events, Zappelli said.

Even with credible leadership, the limitations will likely remain.

Many of our wineries, restaurants and hotels are facing labor shortages, says O’Leary. As a result, capacity was and remains limited, despite strong consumer demand. We advise visitors to book in advance. Most wineries are already open by appointment.

For Carter, this request is a sign of something bigger.

What’s interesting is that wine is amazingly thriving, she says. People want the full wine experience, the history of the wine and its authenticity are the best things to see.California is home to some of the best wines in the world, which is why so many people flock to the state to taste them. Thanks to its tourist-friendly climate, a unique location, and abundance of wineries, California’s wine country is more popular than ever. With a large population of wine enthusiasts, particularly in Napa and Sonoma, the potential for tourism is quite high.. Read more about wine tasting napa 2020 and let us know what you think.

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