The announcement of Wine Technology Inc.’s (WineTech) purchase of Marlborough-based Wine Technology, a subsidiary of the Heathcote estate, was made yesterday evening in New Zealand. While WineTech CEO John Barret refused to disclose the value of the acquisition, he said that it was in the multiple billions. The deal is expected to be finalized, pending regulatory approval, by the end of the month.

Wine Technology Inc. announced today that it has purchased the assets of Wine Technology Marlborough, a company that specialized in the production of wine technology. The buyout came about after Wine Technology succeeded in making a wine technology that could be used in the production of any wine. (The original owner of Wine Technology Marlborough stated that this was the reason he sold the company.)


4. May 2021. – New Zealand-based Wine Technology Marlborough, developer of VinWizard wine cellar automation technology, today announced the sale to Sonoma County-based Wine Technology Inc.

The VinWizard production automation system, consisting of software and hardware developed in-house over the past 25 years, offers unprecedented insight and control over beverage production.  Technology that saves time, energy, water, labour and money has been proven time and again on five continents.  VinWizard’s key international customers include [yellow tail] in Australia, Kim Crawford in New Zealand and Concha y Toro in Chile, as well as the elite Staglin Family Vineyards, Quintessa and Arkenstone in California.

The technology is unmatched in terms of performance, cost and ease of use, said new co-owner Kelly Graves, who will work with VinWizard veteran Bob Richards to continue marketing and expand VinWizard’s presence worldwide.  According to Graves, VinWizard was one of the first technologies that pleased me early in my career, when I was responsible for finding technologies that could significantly change the wine production process.  I am fortunate to be able to expand VinWizard’s implementation in the industry I have worked in my entire professional life.

VinWizard will have both New Zealand and U.S. citizenship in the future, as core operations will remain at the current facility in Renwick and administrative operations will be conducted from Sonoma County.  The foundation of our business model is to maintain and grow our presence in the New Zealand and Australian markets, because that’s where it all started, notes Bob Richards, … We have built a loyal customer base and will continue to invest heavily in local markets.   The inventor of the technology, David Gill, will continue to support customers and develop new VinWizard technologies, such as RedOx, level detection and Brix probes.  The US business will be strengthened with the appointment of a new Vice President of Operations, who will be appointed in the coming weeks.  The Vice President of Operations will be responsible for the company’s continued growth and technology development, supporting key customers and expanding the support infrastructure in the US.

With rising labor and energy costs and recurring droughts on the U.S. West Coast, automation with VinWizard can significantly improve winery resilience and consumption awareness, the new CEO said. We want to maximize the efficiency of existing production facilities by combining data from different sources into a comprehensive automation platform. To that end, VinWizard’s flexibility allows for the integration of existing technologies such as the Vintrace and InnoVint wine cellar management platforms or processing equipment suppliers such as Pulsair or Della Toffola. Comments from co-owner Bob Richard: VinWizard will continue to collaborate and co-develop with complementary technology providers as it has the ability to plug in.  Whether connecting chillers, compressors, automated pumping systems or accounting software, VinWizard is extremely flexible and designed to integrate, display and control all critical aspects of a winery’s production environment.

The immediate goal of Wine Technology Inc. is to inform producers that they can indeed afford to automate and publicize VinWizard’s non-CAPEX subscription payment model.  We want wineries of all sizes to know that we have a great solution, and we are able to create partnerships without requiring a large cash payment, says VinWizard’s CEO. Once the broader market is familiar with our capabilities, we are convinced that VinWizard will be the best solution for everything related to automation. For more information, customer testimonials and contact information, visit the company’s website at


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