Feb 18 – New York, NY – The March issue of Wine Spectator magazine is dedicated to… The dogs! At a time when unconditional love and devotion are needed most, the magazine delights its readers with more than a dozen dogs who work and play alongside vineyard owners and serve as ambassadors for the great estates of Sonoma and the Napa Valley. The subject of the question: Bringing a smile and spreading joy. Why not?

This special edition, which is close to my heart, has been around for three years, says Marvin R. Shenken, editor-in-chief and publisher of Wine Spectator. If you have a pet, this question is sure to please you. If you don’t have a pet, we hope we can encourage you to consider adoption.

The following canine companions have been profiled:

  • RILLY, IMAGEN and PENNY, a yellow English Labrador, 9 years old, a mixed breed Labrador Retriever, 3 years old, owned by Barbara Bank, Jackson Family Wines.
  • CODY, Golden Retriever, 9 years old, owned by Doug Schafer, Schafer Vineyards.
  • Bailey, Bernese Mountain Dog, 5 years old, owned by Samantha Rudd, Rudd Manor.
  • LEVI, White Labrador, 11 years old, owned by Joel Gott, Joel Gott Wine & Gott Roadside.
  • NALA, Golden Retriever, 6 years old, owned by Bill Foley, Foley Family Wines.
  • SIRI & FOO, Bernese Mountain Dogs, both 6 years old, owned by Robin Lail, Lail Vineyards
  • Bruno, Lagotto Romagnolo, one year, owned by Chuck Wagner, Caymus Vineyards.
  • Boris, Rottweiler, 5 years old, owned by Candace Cameron Bure and Val Bure, Bure Family Wines.
  • COCO, Boxer, 9 years old, owned by Dave Finney, Orion Swift and L’Usine.
  • KHAN, Rhodesian Ridgeback, 4 years old, owned by Bill and Deborah Harlan, Harlan Estate.
  • TEO, CARLOS and GRIZZLE, Husky mix, 4 years old, Australian Labradoodle, 4 years old, and Bolognese, 7 years old, owned by Joe Wagner, Copper Cane
  • Holly, yellow Labrador, age 12, belongs to Kim Star Wallace, Dry Creek Vineyard.
  • JADE & OLLIE, a 9-year-old German Shepherd and a 3-year-old Corgi, are owned by Michael and Sarah Brown, Cirq and Chev.
  • TUCKER, black Labrador, 11 years old, owned by Peter Michael, Winery Peter Michael
  • MOLLY, Nova Scotia Duck Toller, age 7, owned by Chris Carpenter, Locoya and Cardinale.
  • Rocky, a King Charles riding spaniel, 11 years old, owned by Catherine and Craig Hall, Hall Vines.
  • Solomon and LUNA, Lurchers, both 11 years old, are owned by Lee Hudson, Hudson Ranch and Vineyards.

Wine Country Dogs also offers a pet tasting room and a photo gallery of dogs by Mr. Shanken Communications staff.

Readers are encouraged to submit their own dog photos to WineSpectator.com/DogPhotos for presentation on WineSpectator.com.

The March issue will be available from the 16th. February for humans and pets available everywhere.

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