So, after a few years of interest in wine and progressive learning, you’ve decided to move forward in your relationship with wine and invest in a wine fridge.

The question is, which wine coolers are worth your money in 2021?

I bought my first wine fridge about ten years ago and since then I’ve had several different models and brands, some I liked and some I didn’t.

The perfect wine fridge can mean something special to everyone, depending on what they are looking for.

And with so many choices on the market, it can be difficult to make the right decision.

That’s why I decided to share my experiences over the past decade and compile these wine fridge reviews to make your task easier.

Check out our favorites below before moving on to the rest of the listings.

Our No 1 – Best wine refrigerator 2021

15 refrigerators 30 bottles (built-in or free-standing)

Cell 15 Wine cooler 30 bottles Integrated or free-standing

What is a wine cooler?

A wine cooler, as the name suggests, is a device specifically designed to cool and preserve wine. However, unlike traditional refrigerators, wine coolers regulate the temperature much better and keep the temperature constant, which is the best way to store wine.

This not only preserves the wine, but also allows it to mature in good conditions, giving it a full aromatic profile. Finally, it will give you a much better wine drinking experience.

What factors should be considered before choosing a wine refrigerator?

There are a number of different features of refrigerators that you should consider when choosing one.

I’ll come back to this topic in more detail later in the article, but you should pay attention to the key facts before you buy a wine fridge:

  • The number of bottles you think you’ll keep…
  • You plan to store both red and white wines, or only one type
  • Whether you want an integrated or stand-alone cooler.
  • Where you place your wine refrigerator (in the kitchen, not the garage or basement).

What are the benefits of a wine cooler?

Besides looking very stylish and acting like you know what you’re doing (which you certainly do!), there are a few other benefits to using it.

  • Put him on. The ability to adjust the cooler to a temperature that creates the idea of a climate for aging your wine, revealing its true characteristics and full flavor in the long run.
  • Temperature stability. Providing a stable temperature for storing wine, both short and long term, compared to the temperature of a traditional fridge, which tends to fluctuate.
  • Location. Free up space in your regular fridge to store other things instead of storing your wine collection.
  • No vibration. Unlike the vibrations of conventional refrigerators, which can interfere with the natural sediments of the wine and thus disrupt the natural wine aging process, they create an ideal environment for wine aging.
  • Limited sunlight. Limit the amount of natural light to which wines are exposed by installing solid or glass doors with an integrated light curtain. Prolonged exposure to light can destroy the taste of your wines over time.
  • Constant humidity. Provide solid insulation that maintains the constant humidity needed for proper wine aging.

Below are some more helpful notes on factors to consider when choosing a wine cooler.

How do I find the right wine fridge?

I’ve already mentioned that there are generally four things I think about before deciding what makes a good wine fridge for me. This is where I get into the details.

Number of bottles of wine you will store.

In general, wine refrigerators come in different sizes, usually measured by the number of bottles they can hold. The smallest ones store 1 to 50 bottles, while for true collectors you can buy 200 or more bottles.

Of course, if you’re just starting to collect, I’d recommend a slightly smaller cooler (an 18-bottle wine cooler or a 6-bottle fridge, for example, would probably be fine), but if you’re a wine lover, there’s nothing wrong with buying a cooler that can hold more than 200 bottles. It all depends on personal preferences.

Single zone vs. double zone.

Wine coolers usually have multiple temperature zones. These zones allow you to set a different temperature for each part of the unit, which is very useful when storing and aging different types of wine (red and white, for example).

Single zone refrigerators have only one cooling zone and one temperature control, which can be a good choice for beginners. For those who have a fairly large and growing collection of different wines, I recommend buying at least a two-zone wine cooler.

Integrated or free-standing.

When buying a wine fridge, you also have the option of choosing between an integrated fridge and a freestanding fridge. The built-in wine cooler is designed to fit perfectly in your kitchen cabinets, but it may take a little more work to install it properly.

The stand-alone model is probably easier to install and would probably be a better choice for someone new to wine collection. There are even countertop wine coolers that are perfect for beginners – or you can buy a small under counter cooler instead.

Thermoelectric wine cooler compared to a compressor cooler.

One of the biggest complaints you will hear about refrigerators is that some make a lot of noise. This is probably less of an issue if you put your fridge in the garage or basement, but if it’s in the kitchen, you want to keep it as quiet as possible.

If you are looking for a quiet unit, then a thermoelectric cooler is best for you as it does not have a compressor and is instead cooled by a cooling unit, which is much quieter. If the noise doesn’t bother you or if you want to put the wine cooler in your garage, a compressor cooler is fine too.

What are the most popular brands of wine coolers?

Any of the above would be a good choice when purchasing a wine cellar. It all depends on your personal preferences and what you are looking for.

In addition to the reviews described below, we took a closer look at some of the top rated wine coolers, as you can see on the following pages:

Best large wine coolers: Our Top 5 Selection

These are the 5 best large chillers on the market right now.

Our selection represents the breadth of what is now available in each price category.

Compare the key features in the table below before reading our wine fridge reviews.

Thermoelectric, single-zone, self-contained
Thermoelectric, two-zone and stand-alone or integrated
Thermoelectric, single-zone, self-contained
Compressor, dual zone and self-contained
Thermoelectric, single-zone, self-contained

Ivatie Wine cooler 18 bottles * Best value for money

We found that the Ivation 18-bottle thermoelectric wine cooler is the best value you can buy.

This product is designed to protect the quality of the wine for a short and long time. It is ideal for passionate winemakers who want to age their bottles evenly in the absence of a cellar.

This independent and innovative wine cooler protects red and white wine and creates and maintains a perfectly stable environment.

The intuitive control panel makes it easy to set the temperature between 54° and 64°F. We recommend using this single zone cooler to store the same type of wine (red or white, for example), as you can only set it to one temperature. However, it is easy to store red and white wine as long as the temperature remains in the 55°F range.

Constant humidity is provided by CFC-free polyurethane rigid foam, and Thermopane tempered glass doors keep odors and moisture in the room and prevent cork from drying out. By blocking harmful UV rays, the device also protects the complex molecules in wine, which contributes to its aging.

The vibration-free and ultra-quiet operation also allows the wine to settle. The clean lines and elegant details also make this wine cooler easy to integrate into most kitchen styles.

Quick tip : If you place the refrigerator on the kitchen floor, make sure it is at least 1.5 inches from the wall to allow for proper ventilation and cooling of the unit to an optimal temperature.

Aoboshi 30 Bottle wine cooler

The Aobosi 30 Bottle Dual Zone wine cooler is perfect for anyone who has decided to take their wine collection a little more seriously. The unit can hold up to 30 bottles of wine at a time and has two cooling zones, so any type of wine can be stored at the right temperature.

The upper zone has a temperature range of 40° to 55°F and cools proteins to the optimal temperature for pure enjoyment. The lower zone is designed for red wines with a temperature range of 55°-65°F. The smooth and quiet operation with low vibration does not disturb the settling of the wine, thus contributing to an optimal maturation of the wine.

The sleek design, with its elegant stainless steel finish and reversible door made of clear tempered glass, gives it a trendy look that will suit any home or commercial setting. This freestanding or integrated wine cooler also features elegant beech wood shelves with ball bearing rails to present your collection in style.

Quick tip : The capacity of the unit is calculated based on standard Bordeaux bottles. Larger bottles can be easily accommodated if you remove the shelves, but this reduces capacity.

NutriChef 18-bottle wine cooler

We think the 18-bottle wine coolers are the best because they have a capacity that appeals to beginners and experts alike, while still being affordable. And the 18-bottle thermoelectric NutriChef is no exception.

Designed for perfect wine cooling, this unit features an accurate temperature-controlled thermoelectric cooling system with an integrated ventilation grid and recirculation fan.

Built-in LED lighting and a sleek design with clean lines and a reinforced glass door make this wine cooler the perfect choice for any decor. This stand-alone unit is also compact enough to be placed anywhere in the home – on the floor, on a counter or under the counter.

The smart design with touch controls on the door also allows you to easily adjust the temperature at the touch of a button without opening the door. Another interesting feature is a special place for standing bottles to keep an open bottle of wine at the dispensing temperature.

EdgeStar Wine cooler 34 bottles

This 34-bottle EdgeStar cooler is ideal for those who prefer compressor technology. This appliance is designed to keep wines at a constant temperature, even at extreme ambient temperatures. It has a capacity of 34 bottles and is ideal for enthusiasts.

Features include two temperature zones with a temperature range of 41°-54°F for the upper zone and 54°-64°F for the lower zone. Designed to hold standard-sized Bordeaux bottles on elegant metal racks, the unit also offers a customizable configuration with removable shelves.

Thanks to the reversible door, you can adjust the knob to the right or left and adapt the fridge to your environment. A built-in security lock also allows you to restrict access to your collection.

This wine cooler cools and maintains temperature better than thermoelectric units and is designed as an independent and elegant unit. This wine cooler is not suitable for installation in a poorly ventilated room because the motor may overheat and is also noisier than thermoelectric devices.

However, the noise level is comparable to other kitchen appliances and is not disturbing as long as the appliance is not placed in the room.

Danby 36 Bottle Wine Cooler

This 36-bottle independent wine cooler is the latest of our best examples. Capacity is by far the strongest point of this device. With its 3.3 cubic feet of refrigeration space, this self-contained unit is ideal for a growing collection, and its clean lines fit perfectly into most interior designs.

With only one temperature zone, the cooler is better suited to storing only one type of wine. A minor drawback of this product is its low temperature range of 43°-57°F, which is more suited to white wines than red wines. The temperature controls are also located inside the unit and you must open the door to change the settings.

On the plus side, the wine cooler has a beautiful design and blue LED interior lighting, making it an attractive showcase for your collection. The capacity is designed for a standard size Bordeaux bottle, but the adjustable shelves can accommodate larger bottles. The elegant pocket handle allows easy access to the wine while maintaining the linear design.

We also love the tempered glass door with a reversible hinged door design. The unit is covered by a 12-month parts and home service warranty.


Best small wine cooler: Our Top 5 Selection

We have selected our best selections based on the needs of beginners and experienced wine lovers alike. Whether you are just starting your wine collection or already have an established wine collection, the cooler has a capacity of 18 to 36 bottles and is perfect for your bottles.

But if you want to minimize startup costs or just need a small unit to display your most prized bottles, a small wine cooler may be your best choice. Our preferred units have a capacity of 4 to 12 bottles.

Check out the key features in the table before reading our wine cooler reviews below.

Thermoelectric, single-zone and stand-alone or flush mounted
Thermoelectric, single zone and countertop.
Thermoelectric, single zone and countertop.
Thermoelectric, single zone and countertop.
Thermoelectric, single zone and countertop.

NutriChef 12-bottle wine cooler

Ideal for use on the floor, on the counter or under the counter. This wine cooler has a 12 bottle capacity, which is generally large enough to hold a variety of wines, but small enough to come at a reasonable price.

The thermoelectric technology allows for the cooling of wines from 50°F to 64°F and is best suited for the preservation of a single type of wine, thanks to a single temperature zone. Aesthetically, the unit has an elegant exterior with a reinforced glass door and an integrated power LED light.

The hermetic seal improves temperature and humidity control, cooling and storage of the wine to perfection. Thanks to its low vibration and almost silent operation, it can be placed anywhere in the home or office. Polished chrome-plated wine racks and a special arrangement for standing bottles enhance the appearance of the unit and make it versatile.

iGloo 12 Bottle wine cooler

The iGloo 12-bottle wine cooler is a versatile device, perfect for a small collection of red or white wines. Its unique temperature zone doesn’t make it the best choice for storing different types of wine at the same time, but its innovative design makes it the perfect choice for those who want to enjoy fresh wines in all conditions.

Up to 4 open bottles can be stored in the vertical storage compartment at an optimum temperature. This saves space in the fridge and the removable shelves allow you to change the interior configuration to accommodate larger bottles. The vibration-free design ensures better preservation of the wines and prevents them from coming into contact with the sediment in the bottles, which can cause them to age. The temperature varies between 46° and 64°F.

In terms of aesthetics, the unit has an elegant design with a curved glass door, an elegant chrome finish and a digital display with electronic temperature control. The sleek design makes it easy to place on a table or countertop, and the cool blue interior lighting provides a subtle, soft hue that makes your bottles stand out. The removable shelves also make the iGloo’s interior easy to clean.

Refrigerator Avanti 12 bottles

The 12-bottle wine coolers have an important place in our small wine coolers above because of their convenience. Another exceptional product is the Avanti thermoelectric wine cooler. The configuration is similar to that of the iGloo fridge above, and the unit can hold 8 flat-stacked bottles and 4 upright bottles. The temperature range and technology are also similar between the devices.

The Avanti has an easy to use digital control panel which allows you to set the temperature. On the control panel you can also choose to display the temperature in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit and set the mode for white or red wine. The sleek design of the tempered glass door blends perfectly with any interior and kitchen style, while the curved glass door adds to the aesthetics of this appliance.

The compact and lightweight 12-bottle Avanti wine cooler fits on a table or countertop in both residential and commercial settings. Thanks to its silent operation and absence of vibration, the sediment in the bottle remains intact. The unit provides a protected environment with constant temperature and humidity and also serves as a mini wine cellar if you want to store an exceptional red wine.

Quick tip : The blue LED interior light provides a beautiful showcase for your precious bottles. Turn it on to impress your guests.

iGloo 4 Bottle wine cooler

The iGloo 4-Bottle is a wine cooler for those who simply want to keep a number of valuable bottles in optimal conditions. With adjustable temperature control, ideal for red and white wine, the wine cooler can hold up to 4 bottles in an adjustable configuration space. Larger bottles can be easily accommodated by removing one or more shelves, but capacity will be adjusted.

Thanks to its vertical design, it takes up little space and is easy to install on a small counter or even on a shelf in the office. A tempered glass door with a black finish provides easy access and allows you to admire the benefits, while white interior lighting transforms the fridge into an elegant display case. Although we would have preferred a blue light, the white still underlines the elegance of this lamp.

With its affordable price, this small wine cooler is an ideal gift for the wine lover. This easy-to-use stand-alone cooler operates quietly and virtually vibration-free. It does not disturb the precipitation of the bottles and the noise of the cooling fan is not disturbing, so the cooler can be placed in a living room. The only thing that looks cheap in this device are the plastic feet.

A word of advice: The plastic feet allow the unit to glide over polished surfaces such as granite countertops. To prevent this, stick a thin piece of rubber on each leg.

Westinghouse 6-bottle electric thermal refrigerator

Sleek and elegant, the Westinghouse 6-bottle wine cooler is the perfect thermoelectric accessory for wine lovers. Designed as a mini cellar, the cooler creates a stable environment in which to store white or red wines. A temperature range of 46°-66°F and a vibration-free environment ensure optimal conditions for even the most precious wines.

The six-bottle capacity is ideal for those just starting their wine collection. Removable chrome supports keep bottles horizontal in the wine cellar. The clear grey glass door enhances the beauty of the unit, while the blue interior lighting ensures good visibility and you can turn the unit into an elegant display case for your bottles.

The recessed door handle makes it easy to install in tight spaces. We also love the customizable interior configuration, which allows for the inclusion of non-standard bottles by simply removing one or two shelves. The appliance is easy to operate via the elegant touch screen, where you can set the temperature or switch on the interior lighting.

Best refrigerators for 4 bottles of wine

Check out the comments on our small wine refrigerators using the comparison table below.

4-bottle Vinotemp wine dispenser

Among 4-bottle wine coolers, the 4-bottle wine dispenser Vinotemp is our first choice. It is not a wine cooler in the strict sense of the word, but the device is nevertheless designed to keep wines, even in open bottles, in ideal conditions and at a constant serving temperature. This unit is versatile and suitable for home and residential use. It’s a little more expensive than average, but the convenience of having access to a perfectly chilled wine is priceless.

This wine dispenser takes up little space on the counter and turns your average bottle of wine into wine on tap. Designed to keep wine fresh for weeks, this unit preserves wine residue with argon gas. The compressor cooling system ensures a constant temperature. The temperature range of 46° to 65°F makes it easy to create the ideal environment for red or white.

Another interesting feature is the portion control, which allows you to adjust the amount of wine poured into the glass. What we don’t like so much is the temperature control in one area. Two temperature zones would allow better cooling down to the temperature of the different wines. Nevertheless, the wine dispenser is great and perfect for all wine lovers.

A word of advice: If you like white and red varieties, choose varieties with the same serving temperature, such as B. full-blooded white and young reds.

Koolatron compact thermoelectric cooler for 4 bottles of wine

The Koolatron Compact is a thermoelectric appliance ideal for domestic use. Installed under the counter, this unit fits perfectly in small kitchens and even in small one-room apartments. The appliance is easy to operate via the touch screen control panel and has a capacity of four bottles of Bordeaux. It cools red or white and all settings can be controlled via the digital display.

This versatile thermoelectric system can be used as a stand-alone unit on a table or counter, or in a vertical or horizontal position. Adaptable to all rooms, the device also impresses with its aesthetics. The clear glass door and soft interior lighting create a beautiful display for your bottles. Removable profile shelves accommodate larger bottles, while the dark interior provides a modern look.

Slightly more expensive than the other 4 bottles, the Koolatron is worth every penny for its incredible versatility and adaptability. It is the ideal choice for the kitchen, a small wine shop or even a nice gift for a wine lover.

new iGloo plus 4 bottle wine cooler

iGloo’s New Plus is an upgraded refrigerator that is the perfect addition to a small kitchen or office. This handy device is perfect for chilling your bottles for an upcoming dinner party, but it also allows you to display a small collection of precious wines. Elegantly designed with an elegant black finish and soft interior lighting, this miniature display case finds its place on a table or countertop.

The interior of the unit retains the elegance of the exterior. The sturdy chromed posts are evenly spaced and provide a large space between the bottles. The stated capacity is that of standard Bordeaux bottles, but the space is large enough to fit a few non-standard bottles without changing the capacity. Racks can be reconfigured to accommodate larger bottles, although capacity is reduced. The sliding mechanism makes it easy to adjust the temperature.

Aesthetically, the device has a sophisticated look that any wine lover will appreciate. The New Plus is an ideal gift for a collector of specialty wines and the perfect choice for a home or office bar. The product comes with a 2 year warranty.

Best fridge for 8 bottles of wine

If your collection is growing and a four-bottle wine cooler is no longer enough, double the capacity and invest in one of the best eight-bottle wine coolers on the market. Our best picks consist of a selection of single temperature zone units that are ideal for this purpose.

NutriChef 8-bottle wine cooler

Equipped with precise thermoelectric technology, the NutriChef 8-bottle is ideal for storing and chilling white or red wine, depending on your preference. Adjustable temperature control and integrated LED lighting to showcase your precious collection or annuals. Talk about aesthetics: The device impresses with its compact and decorative design. It has a reinforced glass door with an airtight seal, and its self-supporting design allows it to be placed anywhere on the floor, countertop or table.

The precision thermoelectric fan ensures a constant temperature. The temperature can be easily adjusted using the adjustable digital touch screen. In addition to optimal temperature control, the unit features super-quiet operation and a low vibration level. The unit will not be disturbed by bottle dust or noise, even if installed in a residential area.

We also appreciate the one-year quality guarantee. The manufacturer offers one year of complete satisfaction, giving you the assurance that your precious wine collection will remain protected and safe for many years to come.

Ivacia 8 Bottle wine cooler

This innovative wine cooler has a capacity of 8 bottles and is designed to keep your bottles in perfect cellar conditions. This allows wines to be stored for short or long periods in an environment with a constant temperature. Despite the unique zone, the camera can store white and red simultaneously when the temperature is set within the 55°F range. If you want to store only one type of product, you can easily select the most appropriate temperature in the range of 46° to 64°F.

Designed to replicate cellar conditions, the unit not only cools wines but also maintains a constant humidity level. This prevents the cork from drying out and therefore prevents air from entering the wine. The minimal lighting also ensures that the characteristics of the wines are preserved for longer, and the unit protects the bottles from harmful UV rays through the Thermopane tempered smoked glass door.

Other features include an elegant design with external digital touch controls and an LCD temperature display. Soft interior lighting with an on/off function adds elegance to the cabinet, and removable wine racks make it easy to adapt the interior to non-standard bottle sizes.

Quick tip : To extend the product’s life and increase its cooling capacity, place the thermoelectric wine cooler in a place protected from extreme temperatures.

Emerson 8 Wine Bottle Refrigerator

The Emerson 8-bottle wine cooler is another thermoelectric device that impressed us. Ideal for those with a growing collection, this unit offers a sleek horizontal design. The larger footprint means it takes up a little more counter space, but is compact enough to fit into tight spaces. Coordinated, this wine cooler is elegant and uncluttered.

The dark interior visually enhances the fridge and underlines the beauty of the bottles. You can admire your collection through the transparent glass door and the temperature can be easily regulated with touch buttons. The digital display also informs you when the temperature is reached. The lighting can also be controlled via the same touch screen.

Two chrome plated supports define the aesthetics of the unit and hold the bottle in the cellar position. The temperature range is 46°-66°F. Of course, as with all thermoelectric devices, it is difficult to achieve the correct temperature at extreme ambient temperatures. However, when placed in a cool, sun-sheltered location, this wine cooler has great potential for cooling beverages.

Best 12-Bottle Wine Cooler

Large to very large: The 12-bottle wine cooler is perfect for those who can’t help but collect more and more bottles. There are many options on the market and these units offer excellent value for money.

The larger the capacity, the more options there are. You can select your preferred device for one or two zones. The design also varies greatly according to taste and need. And you can even choose between countertop and freestanding floor units.

Wine cooler for 12 bottles

Our favorite among 12-bottle wine coolers is the thermoelectric cooktop with an adjustable temperature range. The design aesthetic includes a reflective smoked glass door that perfectly complements the sleek black exterior and interior. Racks with wooden wire edges add elegance and improve aesthetics. The compact design includes a recessed door handle.

All shelves have a simple sliding design that allows easy access to the cylinders. By removing one or more shelves, you can modify the interior to accommodate larger bottles. The adjustable temperature range of 50°-66°F protects the fragrance of red and white flowers.

The virtually silent thermoelectric cooling technology and low vibration level are ideal for preventing draughts from entering the bottle. In this way the flavours and aromas of the wine remain intact. The energy-efficient, CFC-free design makes this wine cooler the ideal choice for any wine lover.

NewAir 12 Wine bottle cooler

NewAir also offers a large thermoelectric wine cooler with a capacity of 12 bottles. Ideal for people with a growing collection. The unit is suitable for both red and white wines and the temperature is between 54° and 66°F. The low vibration does not disturb the sediments of the bottles and ensures that the wine is preserved in a cellar-like environment.

Adjustable shelves feature three chrome wire shelves that slide for easy loading or opening of bottles. Removable shelves make it easy to reconfigure the interior for larger bottles. This wine cooler fits into any style of kitchen and impresses with its simple look. The black interior and exterior finish harmonizes perfectly with the brushed stainless steel finish of the glass door. Soft blue interior lighting gives this unit a modern look, compact enough to fit on a small table.

The digital display makes it easy to control the temperature, which can be adjusted using the intuitive buttons on the top of the door. Like many 12-bottle wine coolers on the market, this model has a single temperature zone.  But unlike many thermoelectric wine coolers, this unit can chill wines below room temperature while operating quietly.

Hyer Wine cellar of 12 bottles

If looks are as important to you as wine, the Haier wine cellar may be the perfect cooler for you. With a capacity of 12 bottles, this appliance stands out for its exceptional aesthetics. Sleek, elegant and able to fit into a limited space, Haier has an elegant line that fits into any interior. The elegant black finish is complemented by a curved smoked glass door and blue LED lighting, creating a luxurious showcase for your bottles.

Aesthetics aside, the features of this device improve its appearance. Due to the double temperature, this device is ideal for storing red and white flowers at the same time. The double button control with two LED indicators allows for independent control of the temperature in the upper and lower zones. The upper compartment, reserved for white wine, has a temperature range of 46°-66°F, while the lower compartment has a range of 54°-66F. If you don’t like white wines, it’s easy to set the same temperature in both zones to keep only one type of wine.

For wine storage in the cellar, the unit has 6 full-width chromed shelves, which can be easily removed if required. The vibration-free and extremely quiet operation preserves the wine without disturbing you or the sediment in the bottles. The device looks good in the kitchen as well as in the living room or office. And if you like style but need more or less performance, Haier produces this model in different sizes to meet all needs and budgets.

Wine boxes with lock

EdgeStar Wine cooler 34 bottles Compressor, dual zone and self-contained
Thermoelectric, bi-zone and stand-alone
Thermoelectric, bi-zone and stand-alone
Thermoelectric, bi-zone and stand-alone
Compressor, single zone

In many cases, it is essential to lock the wine fridge. You may want to limit access to alcohol for young people. If you have a collection of valuable wines, it may be a good idea to cover them to prevent someone from accidentally opening your collection bottle. In a commercial context, you can use a wine cooler with a lock to keep expensive wines in sight, but out of reach of customers.

Whatever your goal, it’s always a good idea to record your debt. My choice was large capacity wine coolers, suitable for residential or commercial use.

EdgeStar Wine cooler 34 bottles

With a capacity of 34 standard wine bottles and two temperature zones that cool red and white wine at different temperatures, this lockable wine cooler is ideal for those who have a wine collection in cultivation or for use in a wine shop. Like conventional refrigerators, compressor technology allows for bottle cooling and can be used for purposes other than simple storage in a wine cellar.

Thanks to the high cooling capacity, you can even use the upper zone for cooling during service and the lower zone for storing wine for longer periods.

Speaking of temperature zones and their location: The upper zone accommodates white wines and cools them to a temperature range of 41° to 54°F. The lower zone is more suitable for red wines and has a temperature range of 54° to 64°F.

The unit must only be used as a stand-alone unit and must not be installed under a cabinet or worktop due to the compressor. If the engine is not properly ventilated, it can overheat and become overheated. Considering the price of the device and the possible wines you can store there, this can cause serious damage. And when it comes to wines, the unit has a built-in safety lock that allows you to restrict access to the bottles.

Quick tip : Never install the compressor wine cooler under a kitchen cabinet or countertop unless it is designed for this purpose, as this could damage the unit and create additional hazards.

Cold front 18 bottle wine cooler

In most cases, an 18-capacity wine cooler is ideal for household use. Ideal for the serious wine lover who is just starting a wine collection. This type of device gives you a lot of room to develop, at least in the beginning. If the device is equipped with a lock, it’s even better. And if you need such a device, you might want the 18-bottle Koldfront wine cooler.

In addition to its good looks, this thermoelectric wine cooler has a dual temperature zone. Red wines whose temperature varies between 54° and 66°F can be stored in the higher temperature zone. The lower temperature zone is ideal for chilled white wines or for chilled red wines that need to be served chilled, and has a temperature range of 46° to 66°F.

Thermoelectric cooling means less vibration and less noise, resulting in quality storage and less disruption when placed in a residential area. In fact, it has a lower noise level than most kitchen appliances. A safety handle protects luxury wines or simply prevents children from accessing the alcohol. The reversible hinged door and removable shelves are other features we appreciate. This device is compact and versatile.

Cold front 32 Wine bottle cooler

The Koldfront 32-Bottle is perfect for wine lovers with ever-growing collections. The 32 bottle capacity is also ideal for commercial settings, and the sleek design blends well with any style of decor. This elegant wine cooler is also efficient: It has two temperature zones and an intuitive temperature control panel.

The upper zone has a temperature range of 54°-66°F and the lower zone has a temperature range of 46°-66°F. With this wide temperature range, the unit can be configured to chill wine to serving temperature. For long-term storage, we recommend keeping the temperature in both zones within a range of 55°F, which is the average temperature in a wine cellar.

Like the 18-bottle model above, this wine cooler has a lock and can only be used as a stand-alone unit. The design consists of a 180° revolving door and removable shelves. What we don’t like is that the shelves don’t fit perfectly in their slots and can fall out. This means that you can dispose of bottles without any problems. Despite this design flaw, the unit offers quiet, almost vibration-free operation and does an excellent job as long as you handle the shelves with care.

Quick tip : When loading or entering wine into a wine cooler with removable shelves, hold the shelves to prevent them from falling out.

24-bottle cold wine cooler

If 18 is too little and 32 is too much, a 24-bottle wine cooler might be the right choice. Koldfront 24-Bottle is similar to its brothers. It has a sleek and elegant design and comes only as a stand-alone thermoelectric unit. The unit has two temperature zones: an upper zone with a range of 54° to 66°F and a lower zone with a range of 46° to 66°F.

Both temperatures can be easily regulated via the centrally located touch-sensitive control panel. The LCD display shows the current temperature in both zones. Another design element we like is the blue LED interior light, which blends perfectly with the tempered glass door and smooth stainless steel finish.

The padlock supplied secures the contents and prevents alcohol from reaching children or unauthorised persons. Removable shelves and a reversible hinged door make the unit even more versatile, allowing you to customize it to your needs. The thermoelectric mechanism cools up to 24 bottles and works quietly and almost vibration-free.

NewAir 27 Wine bottle cooler

The NewAir 27-Bottle is an excellent compressor fridge to consider if you really want to chill your wines. Ideal for red or white wines, the unit has a temperature range of 39° to 64°F in one zone. The digital display enables quick temperature monitoring and the control buttons on the door frame make it easy to adjust the settings.

Ideal for residential and commercial use, this unit features a sleek design with a black interior and exterior that perfectly complements the brushed stainless steel finish and clear tempered glass door. Not only is the interior adjustable, but it also has a large basket under the last shelf. This space can be used for bottles of pinot or champagne.

Retractable shelves facilitate loading or access to the bottles. Access can be restricted simply by locking the door. One thing that disappointed us was the noise level. The unit is no louder than a conventional refrigerator, but the manufacturer’s misleading advertising presents it as virtually silent. It’s not a big mistake, but we should be aware of it.

For more information on wine accessories, please visit here.

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