Vinventions Sonoma, California – Vinventions USA, a private industrial management company based in North Carolina and the parent company of Vinventions USA, LLC, announced Thursday, the 10th trading day. December, the annual donation to the University of Sonoma’s Wine Scholarship Program. Instead of holiday gifts, we wanted to support our industry, so we opted for the Sonoma State University (SSU) Wine Industry Scholarship Program, which provides scholarships to children of winemakers and winemakers studying at Sonoma State University. 2020 has been an unusual and challenging year for everyone, especially students and their families, says Don Huffman, director of sales and wine quality at Vinventions USA. The aim of the fellowship programme is to provide access and support to first generation children from wine-growing and wine-growing families through higher education and to compensate for school and other educational costs associated with participation in a network of Associated Schools. In addition to financial support, the program includes a summer transition program, academic and career guidance, cohort courses, joint educational programs under the Rodney Strong Pathways program, and opportunities for students to gain work experience.

We have been recruiting and supporting the first generation of students at universities for decades and we have acknowledged that scholarships alone do not always lead to successful completion of studies. The Scholarship Program for the Wine Industry provides students with the resources and support system needed to help them on their path to success, says Dr. Jean-François JF Kozhe, Dean of the Faculty of Management and Economics.

About Sonoma State University: The Scholarship Program for the Wine Industry is part of the Institute of Wine Business at Sonoma State University. This is an innovative initiative that offers scholarships to children and family members of winegrowers to help offset the cost of education and other expenses related to school attendance. The Institute of Viticulture is an educational and research institute in the School of Business and Economics of the Sonoma State University.  SSU is the first higher education institution in the United States to offer seminars and courses focused on company wines.

About the Wine Trade Institute: The Wine Business Institute (WIB) functions as an intellectual and industrial centre for teachers, students and industry. The WBI was founded in 1996 as a partnership between the wine industry and the School of Business and Economics of Sonoma State University. The WBI provides groundbreaking research that informs industry policies, best practices and curricula. The WBI offers online and personal wine trade and industry diplomas. For more information about our research in the wine industry or our study and certification programs, please contact the WBI at [protected via email] or visit

About Vinventions LLC : Vinventions USA is a complete supplier of wine cork solutions that meet the diverse needs of both still and sparkling wine producers. Vinventions offers closure solutions that maximise performance, design and durability.   Brands include Nomacorc PlantCorcs™, Vintop Screwcaps, SÜBR and Wine Quality Solutions, which contain oenological devices, equipment and services that improve wine quality and consistency through real-time quality control.


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