If you’re looking for a natural way to get more out of your wine, check out a SmartBarrel® wine storage system . SmartBarrel® is a customizable wine-storage program that automatically keeps wine at its optimal storage temperature, even when you’re not at home. The SmartBarrel® technology is the most advanced on the market and the SmartBarrel® SmartPack System is the best possible way to store wine to maximize its potential.

Do you love wine, but hate the hassle of the traditional wine glass? Well, you’re in luck, because there’s a better way to enjoy wine. SmartBarrel® technology allows you to “modify” your wine glass. The result is a wider opening that doesn’t expel the wine aroma as quickly as a traditional glass. And that allows you to taste all of the flavors of the wine—not just the first few sips.

You might be a wine geek or a wine geek might be a wine geek, but either way, you’re going to be drinking wine at some point. Whether that means a casual glass or meticulously planning your dinner party, wine is a necessary part of life. That being said, not everyone can afford a wine cellar, and not everyone has the space to store a bunch of bottles.


Wine storage system

VC tanks are poorly sealed, leading to oxidation and microbial deterioration. VCT has long been considered a necessary evil for small batch storage. Everyone hates her! SmartBarrel liners that eliminate these problems are a boon to wine quality for small producers, not to mention convenient, cost-effective and require no water or cleaning chemicals, says Clark Smith.

The SmartBarrel wine storage system uses a patented immersion tube and disposable liner to store wine without vacuum to prevent oxidation. Flexible liners with low oxygen permeability can store partial volumes for many years without having to be filled. Sampling is done with a vacuum pump to reduce contamination. The coatings are used only once, preventing contamination from improper cleaning and minimizing the consumption of wash water. The Smart System has been available for several years for use with vertical drums, horizontal drums and 330 gallon IBCs.

Many wineries invest heavily in VC tanks. The concept of the variable capacity tank is very attractive – the lid can be adjusted for partial filling to minimise the space required. In practice, however, VCT is a real headache. Seals often fail, allowing air to enter and spoil the precious wine. Careful monitoring and maintenance are required.

Winemakers can now easily convert their existing VC tanks to SmartBarrels to get the most out of their investment and upgrade to modern technology that requires no attention or refilling of water. The wine can be observed through the transparent coatings and any gaps or impurities can be easily detected. The inserts are fully sealed to prevent unintentional air entry.

Converting the VC tank is very easy – 1) remove the lid and throw it away! 2) adjust the telescopic immersion tube to the height of the tank, 3) insert the immersion tube into the disposable foil and secure it with the three clamps. Now place the liner in the VTC and pump the wine into the liner via the fill/drain fitting on the immersion tube (1 ½ triclamp, 2 triclamp or QC fitting). When the wine has been drained, disconnect the pouring tube and cover with a three-light lid. Then vacuum up all available space with the radio accessory vacuum cleaner.

All SmartBarrel operations are performed with wine pumps. The wine is removed by pumping it through the upper filling/drainage opening. When the wine is removed, the substrate collapses, leaving no free space. The patented design of the perforated immersion tube ensures that the pure wine is automatically extracted first. No scaffolding is required. It’s never necessary to refuel. When sampling with a conventional wine drawer, air enters the wine, which can lead to cross contamination. SmartBarrel does not use a donor. Samples are taken using a vacuum cleaner, which ensures that nothing enters the wine during sampling.

You can always use the cooling jacket of the VC tank to regulate the temperature. SmartBarrel immersion tubes are available with an internal temperature sensor that can be connected to the duct temperature controller.

The variable capacity SmartBarrel tank upgrade provides an efficient, cost-effective and reliable solution for the safe storage of wine during bottling, aging and pouring. This technology was developed after years of experimentation, based on Dr. Vijay Singh’s unparalleled expertise in flexible pharmaceutical processing. An important element of the SmartBarrel is the patented immersion tube. The wine is stored in disposable bags, which have an extremely low oxygen permeability. Contact materials have been used for bag-in-box systems for many years and are not known for their odors or other negative effects.

SmartBarrel adapter kits are now available for VC tanks up to 1,000 litres. Larger sizes, up to 3,000 litres, will be available in December 2021.

Traditional basement operations, such as aging, can be easily accomplished by placing durable, inexpensive oak products, such as shavings, sticks or blocks, into SmartBarrel liners. A side effect of this process is that when the desired degree of maturation is reached, the process can easily be stopped by simply transferring the wine to a new tank without the oak products. Due to the perforation of the two-piece tube, there are still splinters, rivets, etc. in the original covering.  This is not possible with traditional wooden barrels.

The inserts are disposable and do not need to be cleaned. A perfectly clean storage container is immediately available.

For more information and to schedule a virtual tour, contact [email protected] or visit www.GOfermentor.com.



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