Pinot Noir Vineyard of Greater Oregon

The Great Oregon Pinot Noir Wine Company is from the Willamette Valley, Oregon, USA.

The company itself, based in Dundee, Oregon, was founded in 1998.

Two things they are very proud of are the farmers who grow grapes for their wines and the philanthropic efforts of society with the Humane Society of the United States.

As far as the farmers are concerned, they do a lot to build and maintain relationships with the local farmers.

These include the winegrowers of Scarf Vignard, Willamette Farms, Demesne Ste. Bride, Blacksley Vinyard and Silver Falls Vineyards.

Large Oregon Pinot Noir Wine Company Review

According to the label on the bottle:

The Great Oregon Wine Company was founded from the conviction that wines do not have to be pretentious to be tasty.  Like our Pinot Noir 2017, whose dark, cherry and earthy flavor is balanced by its tannin structure and acidity, for a round wine that remains true to its roots.

I tasted the wine of 2017.

The sample was taken for inspection purposes.


The wine was dark enough for the Pinot Noir, but not completely opaque.

The colour can best be described as a red grenade.

His legs formed slowly and fell off, but a lot.


After pouring the wine I noticed the delicious medium cherry flavour, which was visible from a good leg away from my arm stretched out from the glass.

With a cherry I also discovered twice the slightest trace of a violet flower or something like that.  It was very subtle.

In general, the taste was very typical of the Willamette Valley pinot noir I ate in the past, with a little alcohol in taste when I was in the neighborhood.

The bottle of Pinot Noir from The Great Oregon Wine Company has an alcohol content of 13.5% vol.


My first reaction was light and without bite.

In the air it turned into a light cranberry and cherry taste, with a certain minerality and a small amount of burning alcohol.

After paying more attention to my throat, I noticed that the taste actually started as a dark, earthy cherry, but was soon replaced by a lighter cranberry and cherry aroma.

At the same time an easily perceptible and refreshing acidity.

Sometimes you can have a little snack at the Oregon Pinot Noir, but it was full.

That’s very good.

Sneeze and tanning in the mouth

I saw a light, juicy mouth.

The tannins were clearly visible, but also well adapted.


The finish of the Pinot Noir of Great Oregon Wine was of medium length and bore mainly flavors.

In this case, the tannins mentioned are known only at the end of the taste curve.

And at the same time, the right amount of bitterness one would expect from Willamette Valley pinot noir.

General conclusion

Overall, I found this wine a pleasant and elegant Oregon Pinot Noir that met all my expectations.

I especially appreciate the good balance between aromas, acidity and tannins.

If you would like to know more about this wine, please contact the Great Oregon Wine Company and visit the Our Wines section of their website.

From there you can learn more about their Pinot Noir and other wines, including canned wines.

The price of Great Oregon Wine Company Pinot Noir is about $23.

Suggested nutrient steam

Because of the fine cranberry notes in this wine, my best offer for a couple is a pork roast with cranberry glaze.

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