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What’s most brilliant on the one hand, but one of the most frustrating at the same time, is the idea of Costco’s discovery.

The term can also be applied to different types of finds. First, you have something you’ve never seen before, but the price is low, and it’s something you have to have right away. How could you live so long without him? I love her.

The next surprise is an item you found about a year ago, but it disappeared after a week, so you only had one chance to buy it. But wait, now that it’s back, it’s 20% more than last time, and you’re excited.

I always picture someone in a Costco store with Mr. Burns’ fingers (I don’t know why) sitting there pushing buttons to determine what’s available and what’s not, and happy to check our obedience with the Costco fund. And Costco wine plays exactly the same game, especially Costco Kirkland wines.

That’s how we do it. I look at all of our past ratings and evaluations over a ten year period to determine the average score of all the wines we have tasted, calculate the average price, and try to determine the target month in which the wines appear based on my historical data. Then we update them based on the highest score.

Message: I only include wines of which we have examined a few vintages. My table at the end of this article contains notes on the wines that were individual vintages. I also leave out Kirkland Prosecco or Champagne because they are not vintage wines, which are available everywhere and are fairly homogeneous in taste and price from year to year. Also note that many wines received the same average score, so there is no specific order for wines with the same score. I only list wines with an average of 88 points or more. Again, below is the full program for those who want to dive deep. Ready?

It’s a shame we haven’t seen a new vintage of this great wine in the store for over two years. I hope it’s not permanent. Please, Costco, surprise us. The Kirkland Pauillac Bordeaux leads the way with $23 and leads our rankings with 91 and 92 points. In the past, it has been released in stores in December-January. (our review)

We love this wine and its $20 price is hard to beat compared to other wines from this prime Napa Valley region. The average score over the years is 90 points, and you can expect this wine to be a success in March. Oakville Magazine 2018]

We’ve tested three vintages of Pinot Carneros so far, and it’s still impressive, with scores of 89, 90 and 89. The price is too good at $9.99, which is relatively unknown for Carneros juice. Come see us again in May. 2018 Carneros]

It is one of Kirkland’s fastest selling wines, year after year. If you see them, stock up immediately. This is not one of those Costco surprises that come later. Once she’s gone, she’s gone for the whole year. And that’s an incredible price increase ($8.99). 2019 Kirkland Rose]

There are three vintages of this Kirkland wine, and it is delicious at a very good price, currently $14. We rated it at 90 every time. The timing of the release was not easy, as it had already been published in September and December. So watch out in the fall/winter. 2014 Ribera Del Duero]

This is another Kirkland favorite that we tasted and traced back to the 2011 vintage. For those interested in this wine, see the table below for a complete listing of each vintage. We estimated 93 in 2013 and 88 in 2014. If you do the average, you get a net result of 90 points. Look for the month of July. 2018 Kirkland Chateauneuf].

It’s always a gem, from that other famous region of Napa that produces wines I really like. Priced at $20 to $24, the average score is 89 points, and we expect this wine to be released in September. 2018 Kirkland Deer Jump]

This wine is still a classic at a very good price that stays the same every year at $8.49. The average score is 88 and the target month for publication is April. 2017 Kirkland’s Chianti]

This year, the price has dropped from $7.99 to just $6.99; it remains a fun and enjoyable summer choice, perfect for pools, beaches and hot days. Average score of 88 points, month of target release : April. (our review)

A solid choice every year with a consistent price of $9.99, it’s a fun and versatile Zin that we’ve always enjoyed. The average score is 88 and the target month for publication is March. (our review)

The wide range of points Kirkland Brunello has received over the years has ranged from 92 points for the amazing 2010 vintage to 86 points for the following vintage (2011). The price is also going up from $25 to $27 today. It should be in stock by November. 2015 Kirkland Brunello]

We’ve tasted five vintages of this Kirkland wine, and it’s still available for only $6.99. Stock up when you can, probably in October. Our average score is 88 (our opinion).

We’ve only tasted two vintages of the Kirkland Columbia Valley Cab, but both scored 88 points, and there’s another good buy for just $9. It will be in stores in August. (our review)

Like the villages of Kirkland Côte du Rhône, this Kirkland Rioja has stayed ridiculously low at $6.99 every year since we started following it in 2010. The average score during this period was 88. Look forward to April. 2015 Kirkland Rioja]

We examined three varieties of this wine and gave it 87 (2014), 88 (2016), and (2018) 89 points. The price has gone from $15 to $20 over the years, so this target is somewhat moveable and we are curious to see where the next vintages will fall. It’s always a good price for a Chablis Premier Cru, so fingers crossed. Look for the month of February. 2018 Kirkland Chablis]

Here is the full historical data on which I based these calculations. The evidence is also in the increase/decrease in prices over last year, and in the Kirkland wines we rated under 88, many of which are still very good. I did my best to get closer to the target month, choosing the earliest dates rather than the latest, when the dates were unclear.

Here is a PDF download of the table that some readers have requested, so they can save it to their phones.

Press Release Av RatingAv

April 1988?


March ’88


March 92

August 86.



90 Sept.



August 86.

August ’88?

90 March

June ’87.


April 90


88 February

86 Jan.


Dec. 90.

June 90



Wine Vintage Ranking Awards Month
Chianti Classico 2017 86 8.49 October
2016 87 8.49 April
2015 88 8.49 June
2014 88 8.49 April
2013 88 8.49 Mars
T. Point Sauv Blanc. 2019 87 6.99 April
2014 88 7.99 May
Sonoma Old Vine Zin 2017 88 9.99 April
2015 90 9.99 January
2013 87 9.99 Mars
Oakville Cabernet 2018 91 19.99 February
2017 90 19.99 Mars
2016 90 18.99 February
2015 91 18.99 April
Barolo 2015 92 19.99 Mars
Mendoza Malbec 2019 87 6.99 October
2018 87 6.99 February
2017 85 6.99 Seven.
2015 86 6.99 August
Willamette Pino. 2017 89 14.99 February
Zhigondy 2018 88 14.99 December
2017 86 14.99 February
2016 88 14.99 October
2015 87 14.99 Seven.
Brunello 2015 89 26.99 November
2014 88 26.99 November
2013 88 26.99 November
2012 87 24.99 October
2011 86 24.99 Seven.
2010 92 24.99 Jan
The Cabernet deer jump 2018 91 23.99 Seven.
2017 89 23.99 October
2016 89 21.99 Seven.
2014 88 19.99 August
2013 90 19.99 Seven.
Villages of the Côte du Rhône 2019 89 6.99 November
2018 89 6.99 October
2017 88 6.99 October
2016 87 6.99 Seven.
2015 87 6.99 Seven.
2013 88 6.99 August
Napa red mixture 2018 86 10.99 October
2016 86 10.99 Seven.
2015 86 10.99 November
2014 86 10.99 April
2012 87 10.99 December
Pinot Grigio Friuli 2018 88 5.99 Seven.
2017 85 5.99 August
Columbia Valley Cabernet 2018 88 8.99 December
2017 88 8.99 August
2016 88 8.99 August
Sancerre 2019 90 15.99 Mar
Chardonnay, Russian River 2018 87 12.99 June
2017 87 12.99 July
2016 86 12.99 June
2015 87 12.99 December
2014 88 12.99 May
2013 87 12.99 June
Kirkland Box Cabernet 2017 84 12.99 June
Carneros Pinot Noir. 2018 89 9.99 July
2017 90 9.99 May
2016 89 9.99 August
Pink Cotes de Provence 2019 89 9.99 May
2018 89 8.99 May
2017 90 9.49 April
2016 90 8.99 April
La Rioja Nature Reserve 2015 88 7.99 July
2014 88 6.99 April
2013 88 6.99 May
2012 87 6.99 February
2010 88 6.99 Jan
Premier Cru Chablis 2018 89 19.99 Jan
2016 88 17.99 February
2014 87 14.99 May
Bordeaux Superieur 2018 85 7.99 Jan
2016 87 7.99 Jan
2015 87 7.99 December
Rutherford Cabernet. 2018 92 18.99 December
2016 89 17.99 Jan
Ribera del Duero 2014 90 13.99 December
2012 90 13.99 December
2011 90 12.99 Seven.
Châteauneuf-du-Pape 2018 90 20.99 June
2016 90 17.99 July
2015 89 19.99 May
2014 88 19.99 Seven.
2013 93 19.99 May
2012 91 19.99 July
2011 92 19.99 July
Cabernet from the Alexander Valley 2015 87 9.99 July
2014 87 9.99 August
2013 86 9.99 October
2012 83 8.99 October
Tuscany 2014 88 13.99 April
Bordeaux Pollack. 2015 92 22.99 Jan
2014 91 22.99 December

If you’re interested in other wine reviews of Kirkland, you can check out our full archive.

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frequently asked questions

What are the best Kirkland wines?

Kirkland’s best wines to Costco in 2021 – Cancel …

Who produces Kirkland wine?

Over the past decade, Costco has created its own wine label called Kirkland Signature. Their wines, like all Kirkland Signature products, are of great value and have changed the American wine market.

Can you order Costco wine online?

Instacart plans to expand the number of Costco stores where beer, wine and/or spirits purchased online are delivered (where permitted) in the coming months. … In addition to delivery, Instacart also offers alcohol pickup in a number of states and retail outlets and plans to expand this service in the coming months.

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