This week you can taste the most famous Jamaican wine of France: The Beaujolais. You will learn that even the best wine in the region can find a balance between difficulty, accessibility and fun.

What is a tasting challenge? The challenge is an opportunity to improve your wine taste every week with 34 wines from 12 countries – The Wine Tasting Challenge.

Wine tasting - Allange-Cru-Chiroums Week 2 We taste Chiroums from the House of Ham

Call for trials: The most famous gamai is the Beaujolais

It may seem strange to appreciate the earth in a glass of wine, but for anyone who has dug out their garden on a mild summer day and fallen in love with the fresh, earthy aroma that fills your senses, this wine is for you.

To really appreciate the quality and character of the French Gamay, we have chosen the Chiroubles cru, where some of the best Beaujolais in the country are produced.

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Homemade hambont

Take a look at this: Deep grenade. Accompanying note : Pomegranate is a strange colour for Beaujolais, which may indicate oxidation (usually more ruby purple), but the wine tastes normal, so we’ve done with it!

Perfumes: Macerated strawberry, cultivated land, crushed granite, violet, pomegranate, brown sugar.

In the palace: Very close to the nose, with a lot of help from red fruit and soil. It was like eating a fruit tree from top to bottom: first lots of fruit, then grass and finally a little dirty soil.

Steamed food: Perfect for sweet and spicy barbecue wings. Salmon (depending on the sauce with which it is served), and dark chicken like a roast duck.

What have we learned about Beaujolais?

Immediately south of his more famous cousin, Beaujolais is an extension of Burgundy.

Like all the prestigious wine regions of France, the Beaujolais is divided into quality classes. But unlike many of these regions, even the best of the Beaujolais is affordable if you know what to expect.

  • Beaujolais Nouveau: Technically, this is not a classification of Beaujolais, but it is important to know, as this wine has become very popular and even a festival has been mentioned in honour of this wine. This wine is harvested, fermented and sold for a month and a half.
  • The Beaujolais: Basic Beaujolais
  • Beaujolais village : Wine from one of the 39 specific villages and municipalities of the Beaujolais.
  • The Beaujolais de Crewe: The highest form of Beaujolais among the 10 most prestigious wine regions of the region. It is not uncommon for the word Beaujolais Nouveau to be completely absent from the label (to prevent the label from mentioning an inferior Beaujolais Nouveau).

Since your goal is to keep prices below $30, you can imagine how exciting it is to try the highest quality region for $25. And it wasn’t disappointing.

Beaujolais wine chart The smell of Beaujolais is light and fat.

Last impressions

It’s fun to try the best that the region has to offer without feeling that the industry has deceived you. The light and fruity character of Beaujolais wine has something to inspire you to eat, drink and enjoy. But this bottle was the perfect opportunity to see how difficult it can be.

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Have you ever wondered if fresh dirt really smells good on your face? Are there any other smells you’d like to discover? Take a look at our wine aroma cards and call those elusive aromas!

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