It is time to broaden the palate again, with the grapes at stake in Germany: Riesling. On four. During the tasting week, you can discover the careful association between sweetness and acidity, leading to a well-balanced wine.

What is a tasting challenge? The challenge is an opportunity to improve your wine taste every week with 34 wines from 12 countries – The Wine Tasting Challenge.

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Call for trials: King of the German Weinriesling

If there’s one thing Riesling is known for, it’s that acidity. Seriously, you can fix a dime in some of these great things. However, this delicious wrinkle you get is the perfect complement to the softness that so many Rieslings possess.

If you tasted German wine, it was probably Riesling. After all, it accounts for a quarter of all grapes grown in the country.

And while the cheapest examples of Riesling are usually sweet sugar bombs, this grape can produce anything from sparkling wines to dessert wines and elegant dry still wines.

As far as the Riesling is concerned, the Moselle region in Germany is both very accessible and very respectable. To make it even more interesting, we took a bottle from Saarland, a sub-region that produces some of the best Rieslings in the world, although the grapes have to grow mainly in the stony, slate covered mountains.

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2019 Riesling Sillicken Saarburg Office

Take a look at this: Light straw.

Perfumes: An incredibly fresh scent! It’s like a bouquet of flowers. Green apple, honey, jasmine, apricot, slate, juicy lemon, lime and a hint of asparagus.

In the palace: Wow: This acidity hits you straight in the mouth, but it brings the sweetness of the wine deliciously into balance. Without the acidity, this wine would taste like a flat soda, and without the sweetness, the acidity would be more than a little unpleasant. Extra notes of citrus, honey, beeswax, green apples and essence.

Steamed food: What I wouldn’t give to have a nice box of sesame chicken with that wine. Of course, the fat and acidity of sausages and sauerkraut also come to mind. And to be honest? A simple peanut butter sandwich would be enriched with a glass of Riesling.

What have we learned about the German Riesling?

Whether sweet Riesling or dry bone, the most important element that binds them all together is acidity. This is why the Riesling works so well in Germany, where the climate is naturally cooler and therefore better stimulates the growth of grapes with high acidity.

Riesling is undoubtedly the perfect wine for lovers of acid dyed wool.

Useful hint: It’s hard to know if you have sweet wine or not? Look at the AbV levels. Don’t forget that yeast eats sugar and absorbs alcohol during winemaking. So, if the alcohol content is lower, there’s probably a lot of sugar left to sweeten your wine. The higher the alcohol content, the drier the wine!

This bottle is the cupboard that, believe it or not, stands on the bottom step of the German Riesling stairs. It makes you want to dig deeper into this Riesling rabbit hole and see how sweet and dry some of these other wines are!

Like the previous wines we tasted in this test, Germany has a wine classification system that takes into account the quality level of the Riesling.

Unlike others, what counts in the classification is softness. It’s a little complicated, but it’s worth knowing. Discover our immersion in the German wine classification and the many multi-syllabic phrases.

Last impressions

When you hear about well-balanced wines, this type of wine comes to mind. Between light body, sweetness and acidity everything fits perfectly. If one of these factors were not important, the wine would not be half as good as it is.

What Riesling have you tasted? Sweet or dry? Have you tried the Riesling Moselle or something? Please let us know in the following comments!

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