As far as the French sparkle goes, it’s the champagne that gets all the attention. But if you’re looking for a sparkling wine with the same love, you’ll find it everywhere in France in the form of Crémant.

And while crémant is often known as a cheaper alternative to its expensive cousin, its many styles and specialties are in fact admirable, being more a matter of taste than value.

What is a tasting challenge? With 34 wines from 12 countries you can improve your wine taste every week – the wine tasting challenge.

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So, what’s Creman? In short, it’s mostly French sparkling wine (Luxembourg also produces some), made by the traditional method and not champagne. The longest answer concerns the different regions, the different grape varieties and the traditions of numerous winegrowers who do not own land in Champagne.

So even if it’s like those expensive bubbles you know by heart, there’s something inherently crematory about it.

And to prove it, we chose a bottle from the Loire. And if the Loire Valley is perhaps best known for its Sauvignon Blanc, you won’t find a drop of it in their Crémant.

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What do you think instead? Chenin Blanc and a number of other grape varieties, including Cabernet Franc and Pinot Noir.

The bottle we picked up, however, replaced the pinot with another grape variety familiar to Champagne fanatics: the more full-bodied chardonnay.

cremant-de-loire-wine-tasting-journal .

Langlois-Chateau Crémant de Loire Brut

Look at this: Blass gold.

The smells: Superb aroma of butter cookie first, then apple, grapefruit, pear and toasted almonds.

In the palace: I love those sweet bubbles! Bitter almond, yellow apple (including the peel) and fluffy wool at the end of the mouth.

Sorted food: It would have been perfect with any seafood or shellfish, but the oysters immediately jumped out at me.

What we have learned about Crémant Loire

Anyone who has participated in the Bordeaux week of this challenge should know that the French take their regions and their AOCs very seriously, and Crémant de Loire is no different.

To obtain this appellation, a particular grape must be harvested by hand. Among the permitted vine varieties :

  • white chenin
  • Chardonnay
  • cabernetfrank
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Orbois
  • Grollo Grey and Black.
  • Pinot Noir
  • Pinot d’Aunis

In addition, the wine must have fermented for at least one year in the bottle. Sitting on the yeast we would be guilty of tasting the butter cookie we ingest.

Chenin Blanc brings a body and a smell that is different from other sparks.

And when we consider that Crémant de Loire generally uses 9 different grape varieties (compared to 3 in Champagne), there are many varieties from one vintner to another. And this is just one aspect of Crémant we’re talking about here!

Last Impressions

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of exploring French Cremain is that it can be a challenge in itself. From Alsace to Luxembourg, this collection of traditional sparkling wines covers a wide range of grape varieties, aromas and flavors.

Maybe in nine weeks we should have a cremation contest. Who would do that? The only correct answer is: All of you.

Your mouth watered when you mentioned Creman, but you’re looking for more information before you bust out your wallet for a bottle? → All about Creman!

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