So, you have an idea for a restaurant in an exotic locale. First, you bring in the wine, and perhaps, seafood or regional cuisine. You refine the menu to reflect the local food and wine, and, if you are really adventurous, you will even create a decor that reflects local architectural styles. What can go wrong? The wine, the food and the architecture are all local, but the restaurant is a product of somewhere else. You will need to have it designed and built from scratch, and your wine, food and architecture may not reflect the local culture. Your operation will be an outsider, and the locals may resent you for it.

The demand for quality wine around the world has never been more intense, and restaurants are key venues where people find it. But there’s a major problem: wine shoppers are often overwhelmed by the wide selection of new wines on the market. This has created a new opportunity for restaurant wine directors to become tastemakers in their cities, providing their customers with expert opinions and recommendations.


Part of the book series Success in Hospitality, Tourism and Service Industry, by : Angelo Camillo (Sonoma State University, USA)

May 3, – Today, food service operators must address the evolution of food preparation and service and seek to meet industry-related needs and changes, such as. B. supply chain and resource procurement, not only to meet customer needs, but also to maintain their competitive advantage.

From a marketing perspective, the trend towards a more demanding and sophisticated consumer will continue to evolve due to a number of factors, including the promotion of different dishes by famous chefs, the media and the influence of globalisation. From an operational point of view, the management and control of the activity remains a key success factor. Maintaining a proper balance between food and labor costs, managing staff turnover, and focusing on the quality and consistency of food and service are fundamental elements of restaurant management and necessary, but not necessarily sufficient, elements for success. This growing demand in all areas will require food business operators to adapt to new technologies, new business communication and delivery systems, and new management systems to stay ahead of the changes.

Strategic development of international restaurants: From concept to production, explains the world of the food and beverage industry, as well as industry definitions, history and status quo with current challenges and future decisions that can be made when developing strategic plans for restaurants. Trends are highlighted and the logistics of management and operation are explained. It introduces the basics of strategy and competitive advantage in an international context. It explores the philosophy of food and beverage management and introduces the concept of food and beverage entrepreneurship, restaurant profitability, and the critical success factors of a restaurant business. Finally, the much debated topic of the food and beverage industry and sustainable development is addressed. This book is ideal for restaurateurs, managers, entrepreneurs, executives, practitioners, researchers, academics, and students interested in the methods, tools, and techniques to successfully manage, develop, and operate a restaurant business in today’s international restaurant industry.

ISBN: 9781799843429 pp: 300 copyright : 2021 Publication date : April 2021, hardcover: 195.00 Softcover: $150.00 E-book: 195,00 Hardcover + eBook : $235.00

Subjects covered:

  • Accounting and finance
  • Cost control
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Food and Beverage Industry Personnel Management
  • Management Science Operations Management Preparation and Safety Product Knowledge Restaurant Development
  • Marketing for restaurants Restaurant company Service company


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