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“Our winemaker’s release wines are made from 100% varietal fruit,” said Sonoma-Cutrer winemaker, Mike Smith. “We have the ability to harvest fruit individually from every block and, in some cases, every row of a vineyard. This allows us to make wines that are true to the unique character of the vineyard from which they are sourced.”

Sonoma-Cutrer was founded in 1890 by Gustave Niebaum, a brilliant but often controversial figure in the wine world. He was a true pioneer in California wine making, and the first to make use of the technique of refrigeration in wine making. He also played a leading role in several other pioneering developments, including the introduction of new grape varieties, the development of a number of new winemaking techniques, and the introduction of the Champagne method of sparkling wine production to California. In fact, he introduced the idea of branded wines to the United States.


The award-winning Sonoma County winery is celebrating its 40th anniversary with a historic collaboration between past and present winemakers.

WINDSOR, CA, 10. May 2021. – Today, California pioneer Sonoma Cutrer, located in the heart of the Russian River Valley, releases a remarkable 40th Anniversary Chardonnay as part of its highly anticipated annual wine release. This commemorative bottle, which will be released in May, is in celebration of the winery’s 40th anniversary and represents the most recent collaboration between the founders and current winemakers.

Over the four decades of its existence, Sonoma-Cutrer has consistently assembled professionals of the highest caliber, whose talents and winemaking philosophy honor California ingenuity while honoring classic Burgundian tradition. To create this year’s edition, winemakers Bill Bonetti (1981-1990), Terry Adams (1991-2010) and Mick Schreter (2010-present) worked with Chardonnay winemaker Cara Morrison (2005-present) to create a masterful blend of Chardonnay that honors the winery’s expertise in growing the variety.

The 40th anniversary edition. The winemaker’s 10th anniversary showcases Sonoma-Cutrer’s style of chardonnay – crisp acidity balanced with ripe fruit and oak complexity, Morrison said. Working with Bill, Terry and Mick was a unique opportunity. We are honored to dedicate this beautiful wine to our visionary winemaker and founder Bill Bonetti, who passed away peacefully a few months after the assembly, and to continue to bring his ideas to life.

In selecting the fruit for this wine, the winemakers chose grapes from three closely spaced blocks of Sonoma Cutrer vineyards, Les Pierres, The Cutrer and Vine Hill, allowing them to create a grape variety that is the ultimate expression of the winery’s classic style. Grand Cru winemaking techniques were used in the winery, including minimal sedimentation, batonnage and 10 months aging. The wine was fermented and aged in new and used French oak, sourced exclusively from the Orleans forest in central France. The Gauthier family, a long-time partner of Sonoma Cutrer, purchased, split, treated and aged the wood. The barrels are made according to the strict guidelines of the cooperage Remond, Rousseau & TW Boswell.

Sonoma-Cutrer’s Winemaker’s Release 40th Anniversary Chardonnay has delicious aromas of ripe pear, citrus zest and baked apple, with light mineral and matcha notes for complexity. There are layers of spice, caramel, nougat and pastry throughout the wine. Aromas of melon, Bosc pear and lemon meringue are combined with notes of nutmeg, clove, toasted nuts and oak. This wine has an exceptional balance of richness and delicacy, and the creamy texture on the palate accentuates the lemony acidity that is characteristic of the estate.

Sonoma-Cutrer’s Winemaker’s Release 40th Anniversary Chardonnay (13.9% ABV) will be available for $69.99 at select retailers and directly from the winery at www.sonomacutrer.com.

To celebrate its 40th anniversary, Sonoma-Cutrer is launching an online consumer photo contest called Share Your First Time (fromSonoma-Cutrer). Participants can enter the contest by sharing a photo and story about the first time they tasted Sonoma-Cutrer wines or visited the winery. You will have a chance to win a fantastic trip to Sonoma County, California during harvest. A panel of judges will choose the winner, who will receive a 4-day, 3-night trip to experience all that California and Sonoma Catrera Wine Country have to offer. To participate and learn the full rules, visit https://www.sonomacutrer.com/40th-anniversary-contest/.


About Sonoma Cutrer:

Since 1981, Sonoma-Cutrer has been producing wines in the prestigious Russian River Valley region of Sonoma County, California. Our flagship wine, Russian River Ranches, is made on site and has dominated the annual poll of the most popular Chardonnay wines and spirits in restaurants for over 30 years.  Our winemaking process, led by a female team, is specifically designed to obtain grapes of the highest quality. The wines are aged in special French oak barrels, selected according to the needs of the winemakers. Sonoma County is the first wine region in the world to be 99% organic. As a leader in this initiative, Sonoma-Catrera is committed to being environmentally responsible in all of its winemaking and vinification processes. All Sonoma Cutrer wines are available at the Sonoma-Cutrer Winery and through the Cutrer Wine Club. For more information about our wines, how to purchase them or join the Cutrer Club, please visit www.sonomacutrer.com or Facebook www.facebook.com/sonomacutrervineyards.


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