Now until the 31st. In December, SommCon will offer sommeliers in need of an annual subscription to SommGo, one for each annual subscription purchased. San Diego, California (December 3, 2020) – For a limited time,SommConwill donate an annual subscription for each annual subscription currently purchased until December 31, 2020. December on its online learning platformSommGo™, a streaming service for professionals and enthusiasts of wine, beer and spirits to learn from the world’s leading beverage companies.

SommGo offers drink training all year round, directly on the subscriber’s device, anywhere, anytime. The Digital Education Platform contains the education and findings of some of the world’s leading educators. The classes currently being transferred are

  • Pure Chablis: A grape, a stroke, a good…
    • With host James K. Barlow, CWE, CSS and the Burgundian Wine Ambassador
  • Ecological approaches in viticulture
    • With moderator Yannick Benjamin, co-founder of Whirlwind forward, and panelists Mimi Castille, Steward and Vintner, Hope; Tom Krogan, owner and winemaker, Vineyards on Dodon; and Dr. David Montgomery, professor of Geomorphology at the University of Washington. Author of the book Rusty Revolution: The return of our soil to life.
  • Pinot Grigio, the universality of Italian white wine.
    • Spokesman Laura Donadoni, president of the LA COM agency and journalist/author of books on wine.
  • Master class: Not all Proseccos are the same.
    • With guest speaker Iris Rowley, San Francisco Sommbassador Restaurant: Frances Conegliano Valdobbiadene Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore
  • Introduction of Japanese bubbles : The sparkling sake
    • With speaker Toshio Ueno, MSS, Vice President and Senior Instructor, Sake School of America.
  • Lugana: A white wine from northern Italy, elegant and worthy of the time.
    • With moderator Laura Donadoni, president of the LA COM agency and journalist/author of books on wine.
  • Efficiency: The origins and evolution of sparkling wines…
    • With host Alan Tardy, James Beard Award-winning journalist and author.
  • Inaudible voices in Wine Pt. 1
    • With moderator Leah Jones, executive director, Variety in Wine and Spirits, and co-host Philip Andre, U.S. Ambassador of Champagne Charles Heidsieck, and panelists Dlin Proctor, director, Fantesca Winery; Brena Royal, vineyard manager, Monte Rosso; Rick Arlin, wine director, Auburn Los Angeles; and Dennis Bourne, business development director, WSET.
  • Valpolicella: Terroirs, styles and histories.
    • With moderators Lars Leicht, Vice President for Education, SOMM Journal and Deborah Parker Wong, DWSET, Global Wine Editor, SOMM Journal and Tasting Panel.
  • How can one rebuild in equality and justice?
    • With host Alan Glasser, director of operations and committee members TJ Douglas, owner of the city’s grapes; Phil Long, long-time winegrower; Julia Coney, writer and wine teacher; and Tuannie Price, founder of Zuri Wine Tasting.

Subscribers have access to all previously published sessions, plus 10 or more new sessions published each month. The SommGo course topics include regional and variety research, terroirs, wine panels, spirits, viticulture and winemaking and much more.

The price of an annual subscription to SommGo is $150. Buy a SommGo subscription for yourself or a loved oneHERE.

THE PURPOSE OF SOMMGO™ : SommGo is an on-demand streaming service for professionals and amateurs in the beverage industry, allowing them to learn about the best minds and tastes in wine, beer and spirits. The service is based onSommCon®, the most important conference and exhibition for education and training and the sommelier community, held twice a year in the district of Columbia and San Diego.


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