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Imagine you have a job as a bartender. You have a pretty easy job because you don’t have to worry about running the business, but you do have to be very creative about your drinks. You have to try to make your customer happy by serving the most delicious drink and pour wine in the most charming way. To do that, you need some different tools.

Setting up a home bar might seem intimidating at first, but it’s really not that difficult. Your first couple of drinks will probably be mixed with bottled juices and sodas, but as you become more comfortable with mixing drinks, you’ll want to start making your own mixers. You’ll also want to have a few tools at the ready to help you create the perfect cocktail. Here’s a primer of the six essential tools every home bartender needs, and where you can buy them .

The idea of playing bartender at home can seem daunting. After all, it’s not that easy to open a bottle of wine and enjoy it. But with these must-have bar tools, you can shake and stir cocktails like a pro from the comfort of your kitchen.

OXO steel double spindle

The mini-doser, which was developed for the preparation of cocktails, allows precise measurement of the ingredients. Like baking, there’s not much you can do with cocktails, and the wrong measurements can drastically change a recipe.

A double-sided jigger like the one from OXO has size levels ranging from ¼ ounce to 1½ ounces, and the non-slip handle ensures you won’t accidentally drop it while pouring.



LUCKYGOOBO Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker

Not all cocktails need to be shaken, but many classic cocktails like daiquiris and margaritas do. A shaker is used to mix all the ingredients. While most professional bartenders use the two-piece Boston shaker, the three-piece Cobbler shaker, with its built-in strainer, is a more practical option for home bartenders.

This universal waterproof spreader is dishwasher safe. It’s also made of very strong stainless steel, which means it won’t rust, dent or scratch as you get better at it.



MOFADO Crystal Cocktail mixing glass

Cocktails that do not contain fruit juices such as lemon or lime – for example. B. Martini or Old Fashioned – should generally be stirred rather than shaken.

That’s where this fantastic crystal mixing glass comes in handy. It will also look great on your bar cart.

It is strong and seamless, it does not break or shatter like many glasses made of cheaper materials. The weighted base ensures that this model does not tip over when shaken, and the pouring spout makes pouring easy.



ZulayStainless Steel Cocktail Spoon

Unlike regular kitchen spoons, bar spoons have elongated lever handles that give more momentum with less effort when you stir. The best bar spoon handles are spiral shaped for smooth stirring, like this model from Zulay. It comes in five styles and at 30cm long, it can even hold a whole jug of cocktails.

Besides mixing or layering drinks, the Zulay spoon is also great for crushing ice and scooping olives, pickled onions or other garnishes into small jars.



OXO Steel Cocktail Sieve

Cob shakers are equipped with an integrated sieve. However, if you choose the two-piece Boston shaker, you will need a separate strainer to catch ice, fruit, or other solid particles as you pour your drink into your glass.

A shallow Hawthorne strainer, like this model from OXO, is suitable for a variety of cup sizes and has a dense, spring-loaded spiral that prevents even small solids from passing through. In addition, this colander has a comfortable, non-slip finger stopper and a raised rim that prevents spills.



Fletchers’ Mull Muddler

When working with fresh fruits or herbs, the sprayer is used to extract the juices and oils. It is also used to gently crush sugar cubes in drinks like the classic Old Fashioned.

The Fletchers’ Mill 11-inch shaker is longer than most, making it easier to reach large pots. Its flat base does not uproot tender grasses, unlike sprayers with more aggressive teeth. The ergonomic handle makes drinking easier and the smooth wooden surface reduces the chance of it slipping in your hand.



Essential Cocktail Kingdom Essential Cocktail Set

If you need a high-end bar set, the Cocktail Kingdom Essential Cocktail Set includes all the mixology basics (without the Maddler) for $99. This set includes a seamless mixing glass, bar spoon, double-sided jigger, Boston-style shaker and Hawthorne strainer. If you want to make it even more sophisticated, you can spend extra money for a copper or gold finish.

You may also want to consider efficient tools, such as a juicer, a peeler, and ice cube trays in different shapes.


Published on 22. April 2021

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should every bartender have?

Having the right tools at your disposal makes every job easier and allows you to work faster. The same is true for bartenders, and with the right equipment, you’ll be able to make better drinks faster. This is especially important when you’re behind the bar at a large party, or when you’re serving a large number of customers. Owning a home bar is a great way to entertain and share your favorite drink with your friends. A well stocked home bar is also a sign of sophistication and a great addition to your home. You should have a few things to start with. You don’t need the whole list but you should have a few things to get you started. Post Body: 1. Mixing Glass – you can never have enough of these. Consider them your standard glassware. You can use them for anything from mixing drinks to drinking a beer. 2. Wine glasses – you can never have enough of these either. You need at least two, one for red wine and one for white wine. They should be at least 10 oz. 3.

What tools do I need for a home bar?

When building a home bar, you want to make sure that you have tools to mix drinks and tools to serve drinks. It is important to not just drink out of glasses, but to have tools to mix the drinks in. It is also important to have the correct tools to serve the drinks properly. The secret to an amazing home bar is the right tools to make drinks. While finding the right home bar setup can be expensive, there are ways to cut costs and still have a great selection of mixers, garnishes and other tools for your home bar.

What are the tools and equipment used in bartending?

It’s easy to walk into any bar, order the same drink you always have, and not think twice about the tools and equipment used to make it. But if you were to open up a commercial bar, you’d quickly see how much work goes into creating just one glass of wine. There’s the wine opener, the corkscrew, the wine knife, a wine pourer, a wine glass, a wine stopper, and more. You’d also notice the importance of using the right bar tools for the job. To be a bartender you need more than a license and some know how. In addition to learning the ins and outs of bartending, you also need to know what tools and equipment you’ll need to make, serve, and mix drinks. In this guide you’ll find an overview of the home bar equipment you’ll need to be a bartender. You’ll also learn how to choose the best home bar equipment so you can get started as soon as possible.

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