Perspective is Rosier in 2021 with a new addition to the portfolio in the right nuance's-Day.jpg Lake Bluff, IL, January 2021 – Let the countdown begin Wine lovers no longer have to choose between the sparkling bubbles of Prosecco and the charming pink hues and fruity aromas of rosé. The best of both worlds will coexist beautifully in a single bottle when Prosecco Rosé DOC is bottled on September 1st. January 2021 is the official debut. Dear producer Prosecco Riondo opens a new era of Riondo Prosecco Rosé 2020 DOC.

The Italian region Prosecco certainly has a long history in the production of rosé sparkling wine, but these rosé wines were not allowed to carry the name Prosecco on the bottle. In 2020, the Prosecco Denominazione di Origine Controllata (DOC) consortium approved the long-awaited proposal to allow the region’s sparkling wines to bear the prestigious and internationally recognised Prosecco DOC designation, provided they meet certain criteria.

According to the rules of the Consortium, the Riondo Prosecco Rosé DOC vintage is dated. The first vintage consists of 90% Glera and 10% Pinot Noir. After cold maceration, the grapes undergo initial fermentation at a controlled temperature. The second fermentation took place for two months in stainless steel pressure tanks and met the 60-day control requirement in Prosecco Rosé DOC containers.

Riondo Prosecco Rosé 2020 DOC Riondo Prosecco Rosé 2020 is a delicate yet attractive light pink, fresh and creamy, with pink and purple floral scents. Pinot Noir’s fruity raspberry notes blend harmoniously with the juicy notes of peach and the crunchiness of the Golden Delicious apple, typical of the local Glera grape variety. Riondo Prosecco Rosé 2020 DOC The Riondo Prosecco Rosé 2020 DOC is produced in a refreshing and extra dry style with an ABV of 11% and is the perfect aperitif.

With more than 14,800 hectares of vineyards, Riondo is named after the nearby Mount Riondo and is the undisputed leader of the wine sector in the Veneto region. The Riondo Prosecco Rosé 2020 DOC specializes in the production of sparkling wines using the Charmat DOC method and continues the tradition of producing Prosecco that captures the spirit of Italian sparkling wines.


Riondo, which takes its name from the nearby mountain Riondo, is a brand of Collis-Riondo dedicated to the charming method of DOC sparkling wines.  Riondo is the undisputed leader in viticulture in the Veneto region, with more than 14,800 hectares of vineyards, and specializes in premium sparkling wines. Riondo Spumante Prosecco is a super dry Italian sparkling wine. This traditional Italian sparkling wine balances acidity, sweetness, structure and bubbles, making it a perfect aperitif.


Terlato Wines’ portfolio includes more than 85 world-class wine brands from producers in more than 10 countries and is the leading distributor of premium wines to restaurants in the United States. Terlato Wines has more than 90+ ratings than any other wine company in the world and is a division of Terlato Wine Group, the parent company, which consists of several companies specializing in the marketing and production of exceptional wines. The Terlato family has owned and managed the company for four generations. For more information, please visit


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