The Pinot Noir Rascal comes from Great Oregon Winery in Dundee, Oregon, USA.

They call it naughty wine for dogs.

Why?  Because some time ago the winery had a golden retriever named Rascal who welcomed visitors to the vineyard.

He has since passed away, but his memory is still alive.

You might even see a halo on the bad guy’s image on the bottle label.

My second meeting with a rascal Pinot Noir

I should note that this is the second time I have reviewed this wine.

The folks at Great Oregon Wine saw my initial review of 2010 and were kind enough to send me a sample bottle of the 2018 Pinot Noir Rascals to review.

Therefore, at the end of this report you will find my thoughts on the comparison between 2010 and 2018.

It should also be noted that I deliberately made sure not to consult my 2010 balance before the 2018 tasting.

I didn’t want any preconceived ideas in this new magazine.

Notes and evaluation of poor tasting Pinot Noir

Come out of the bottle:

Rascal plans to create an exceptional Oregon wine that will inspire dog lovers while honoring national and local foundations, including the Humane Society….

The great wine of Oregon provides fruit for the rogue fishermen of all Oregon.

Includes Willamette Valley, Umpqua Valley and other areas.


In the glass, the wine was bright and cherry-colored, as befits Oregon pinot noir.

The legs were thin and fell slowly.


All in all, Pinot Noir is definitely an aromatic wine whose bouquet can be observed a few meters from the glass.

In the nose I first smelled vanilla, probably from the aged oak.

Then raspberry notes dominate, as does subtle tobacco.

There was also a slight smell of alcohol.

Mischievous Pinot Noir 13.5% on the bottle label.


The con’s taste is definitely carried through the nose.

There were clear notes of red raspberry, with a darker layer of vanilla on the palate.

As well as secondary aromas of ripe plums.

The fresh pour brought more vanilla and plum notes.

Overall, I found the wine very tasty and easy to drink, and perhaps a bit juicier than other Oregon Pinot Noirs I’ve tasted.

Sneezing and tanning of the mouth

I thought the wine mouth was juicy.

The tannins were restrained but persistent and were felt all over the palate.


The wine finishes with a transition from medium-length aromas to tannins that subtly settle on the palate.

I assume this wine is well filtered, given the subtlety of the tannins.

My general opinion on unsuitable Pinot Noir

All in all, I found this wine very enjoyable.

Many Oregon Pinot Noirs focus primarily on cherry, but this one impressed with its ripe red fruit with a beautiful vanilla sheen.

I also think this wine aged well because it was still fresh and clean after three years.  And after a good year of standing on my wine rack at room temperature.

At $15, the Rascal Pinot Noir is an excellent choice for less than $20 for your own wine cellar.

Food compliance

Plutus is excellent on its own, or you can combine it with delicious lobster ravioli.  Yummy!

Compare and contrast vintages – Pinot Noir 2018 vs 2010

So, as mentioned above, this review is an update of a review I wrote of a 2010 vintage of Rascal Pinot Noir.

Here’s what a bottle of Pinot Noir looked like in 2010 :

Note that even at the time, the bottle label featured a mischievous Golden Retriever with a halo.

I won’t repeat the full review of the 2010 vintage, but here are the main differences between the two:

  • The two vintages look about the same.
  • The perfumes between the two vintages were different. 2010 was a delicate year, but 2018 was more fragrant and complex.
  • The taste is similar. The 2010 was lighter, but the 2018 was stronger and tastier, especially with vanilla.  Maybe it’s because the oak was aged differently?
  • The finish is equally long, but the 2010 vintage was butterier.
  • The value for 2010 is estimated to be around $7.00. The amount of fruit in the United States was $12,000 due to an oversupply of fruit at the time.
  • Overall, I liked both vintages, but I definitely prefer the 2018 because it’s more complex and delicious.

And that’s all… I hope you enjoyed the magazine!

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