The fastest growing e-commerce market in the non-alcoholic beverage sector expands distributors’ product offerings with a measurable return on investment for the country’s largest wholesalers. Chicago, IL : Provi (, the fastest growing e-commerce marketplace in the beverage industry, today announced the large-scale launch of Sell Sheets and Storefronts, two components of a fast-growing range of products designed to drive sales and return on investment for its growing list of channel partners.

Even before the KOVID-19 pandemic, we saw the opportunity to work with Provi to improve our customers’ ordering experience, says Maggie Lapsevich, Development Director of Breakthru Beverage Group. Their new range of sales tools enables our partners and customers to be more effective in these difficult times, and their personalised showcase allows us to position our brands effectively in their markets.

Provi Storefronts offers retailers a special space on the Provi Markt. Fully customizable retailers can now easily present new releases, seasonal selections and brand announcements to their retail customers. Retailers can browse directly from the shop windows, participate in promotions and add products to their shopping carts.

As Matt Pribylski, Executive Director of Business Management at Empire Merchants said: Together with Provi, we are pleased to be able to offer our customers extra possibilities for order processing. Empire Merchants’ Provi Street store front allows us to easily customise our brand page and display our portfolio 24/7. The tool is extremely user-friendly and Provi’s real-time analysis gives us the extra information we need to develop our strategy.

With Provi sales sheets vendors can now create product lists to introduce new products to their customers. Sellers can share lists by text message, email or directly on the Provi platform, where dealers have already seen and ordered thousands of sales sheets. Sellers can then access robust analytics of page views and purchase conversion rates to further optimize their campaigns, giving them the e-commerce tools they desperately need for today’s demanding buyers and sellers.

Provi Sales Sheets are a powerful tool for our sales team to communicate with retailers, said Thomas Johnstone, vice president of technology and sales strategy at Eagle Rock Distributing Company. With thousands of products to follow, we know that training and uninterrupted ordering are the key to our success. The Provi technology has already enabled our agents to go back in time by automating the order picking process. Representatives can now use this time better than ever to increase cornering sales.

The importance of these developments has been demonstrated by the first results of the launch of the new equipment store for food distributors. During the pilot phase, Storefronts has already registered millions of product impressions, enabling retailers to order an average of 70% more products after interacting with the retailer’s premises. Sales records have already been created and shared by hundreds of distributors, resulting in greater retailer visibility and order conversion for tens of thousands of items.

As the year 2020 has made clear, our industry deserves rapid and relentless innovation, said Provi CEO Taylor Katzman.  We are very proud to have accelerated our product offering at all three levels of the soft drink industry with the introduction of the display cases and sales magazines. These features combine the best digital tools for traders with a compelling retailer experience to improve product offerings and order flow. We are grateful for all the incredible support we have received as we continue our exponential growth with suppliers, distributors and retailers across the country.

About Provie (

Founded in Chicago in 2016, Provi is the fastest growing e-commerce market in the liquor industry. The company currently operates in 21 states and expects to triple the number of retailers by 2020. Provi’s digital marketplace provides retailers with a reliable, contactless platform to place all their orders 24 hours a day, seven days a week, improving communication and efficiency for retailers, distributors and suppliers.


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