Primum Familiae Vini Leading Wine Families Announce Five Extraordinary Family Companies Nominated for €100,000 PFV Prize of 2021

Optimism in times of crisis.

WEDNESDAY 27. JANUARY 2021 – Primum Familiae Vini, an association of twelve historic European winemaking families in Europe’s major wine-producing regions, including Symington Family Estates, a well-known port producer in Porto, Portugal, has selected five companies from different countries for the €100,000 Family is Sustainability award. Last June, Primum Familiae Vini announced the launch of the PFV Award, which recognizes a family business, regardless of the sector in which it operates, that demonstrates excellence in sustainability, innovation, excellence and a successful transfer of responsibility and commitment between generations. The final winner will be announced in March 2021 and will have the opportunity to share his or her knowledge with twelve VCT families, all of whom have extensive experience in overcoming diverse and sometimes existential challenges throughout their long histories.

Primum Familiae Vini Leading Wine Families Announce Five Extraordinary Family Companies Nominated for €100,000 PFV Prize of 2021

Matthieu Perrin, President of PFV, stated : At PFV, we believe that family-owned businesses are the backbone of regional and national economies and that the best of them should have a strong commitment to sustainability. Great family businesses like these five shortlisted companies stand for social and environmental responsibility and products of the highest quality. These timeless values are particularly relevant in these turbulent times and during this devastating pandemic.

Paul Symington, Chairman of PFV, stated: The twelve PFV families have worked for generations to produce excellent wines and maintain the independence of our vineyards, despite challenges that often seemed insurmountable. We created this award to support other family businesses and express our confidence in the resilience of family businesses in good times and bad.

Short list PFF 2021

France – Makhila Ainciart Bergara : Six generations of family business and manufacturer of handmade walking sticks in the Basque Country in southwestern France since 1780. The family made walking sticks for Pope John Paul II, President Ronald Reagan, Charlie Chaplin, each of the 5th Amendment presidents. République and the seven heads of state who participated in the G7 2018 meeting in Biarritz.

Japan – 沈壽官窯 (furnace of Chin Jukan) : A family business for fourteen generations and manufacturer of Satsuma-yaki pottery in Kagoshima since 1876. This originally Korean family has been making ceramics in Japan since 1623, and the family archives go back twenty-six generations. They have won numerous international awards for the beauty of their products.

Italy – Giusto Manetti Battiloro : A family business for fifteen generations and a manufacturer of gold leaf in Florence since 1582. Matteo Manetti worked at the end of the 16th century. He worked with Michelangelo on St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome in the 16th century and created the golden orb that sits atop the cathedral. In 1602 Matteo restored the magnificent globe that crowns the Florentine church of Santa Maria del Fiore, damaged by lightning. The same sphere of the cathedral was restored in 2002 by Matteo’s descendants. Today the company is the world leader in the production of gold leaf and its products adorn the prestigious monuments of Paris, New York, London and Moscow.

United Kingdom – Hotel Goring : London’s only luxury hotel is still owned by the founding family. The hotel was founded in 1910 by Otto Göring, is now managed by the fourth generation and has a royal license from Her Majesty the Queen. They have an exemplary record of supporting disadvantaged people in the local community and also run one of the largest hotels in London.

Belgium – Maison Bernard : Founded in the second half of the 19th century. It is the oldest amateur atelier (maker of stringed instruments) in Europe. The family business takes care of the beautiful historical instruments it has left behind. It makes new instruments and maintains violins, violas, cellos and bows for some of the world’s greatest musicians. La Maison Bernard has recently restored a 1723 Stradivarius violin for future generations.

The VFP selection jury is assisted by Christophe Brunet, Secretary General of the VFP.

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About Primum Familiae Vini

Primum Familiae Vini is an organization that invites twelve of the world’s most historic and renowned wine producers. Their mission is to represent the highest level in the wine world; be synonymous with refined quality and sustainability; combine family heritage and innovation; and be ambitious with their vision and passion.

Twelve members of the VFP

Marchesi Antinori (Tuscany), Baron Philippe de Rothschild (Bordeaux), Joseph Duchin (Burgundy), Domaine Clarence Dillon (Bordeaux), Egon Muller Chargehof (Moselle), Famille Hugel (Alsace), Paul Roger (Champagne), Familia Perrin (Rhone Valley), Simington Family Estates (Portugal), Tenuta San Guido (Tuscany), Familia Torres (Spain) and Vega Sicilia (Ribera del Duero).


Primum Familiae Vini Leading Wine Families Announce Five Extraordinary Family Companies Nominated for €100,000 PFV Prize of 2021

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