The latest vintage of the emblematic Ornellaia white is out.

New York, 14. April 2021. – Ornellaia, one of the world’s most iconic wineries, is pleased to announce the release of Ornellaia Bianco 2018 fine wines. Ornelia Winery is synonymous with world-class red blends, but the Bolgheri-based estate has another side: a limited-edition gem that serves as the alter ego of the Tuscan wine of the same name: Ornelia Bianco.

A fascinating and balanced wine, with a deep straw yellow hue. Ornella Bianco interprets the spirit of a Bolivian estate with the grace and light that characterize this bucolic place. The grapes come from a unique blend: three small parcels facing north amidst red vineyards that offer crystalline quality and a touch of Mediterranean scrub, sea breeze and luxury wine style. Ornelia Bianco is a testament to Moreri’s unquestionable ability to select white varieties.

The 2018 Ornellaia Bianco, a blend led by Sauvignon Blanc with a touch of Viognier, thus presents aromas of exotic fruit combined with sweet notes of subtly toasted vanilla, with a rich and aromatic taste, perfectly balanced, notes the winery’s winemaker, Olga Fusari.

2018 was a fairly harmonious year, consisting of rain and sunshine in useful and necessary measure, explains estate manager Axel Heinz. Spring nourished and revitalized the canopy with numerous rains, which were followed by a sunny summer, during which a typical breeze kept the vines healthy and dry. In August, several microclimates were accentuated by isolated showers, Heinz added. This resulted in clear differences in the stages of ripening of the grapes, which we harvested at very different times, starting on the 15th. August to the 13th. September. It was probably the longest harvest in Ornella’s history.

This wine is the result of a careful harvest, where the grapes were picked in several stages before fermentation and maturation on lees for 10 months. Ornellaia Bianco does not undergo malolactic fermentation, so that its fresh character and Mediterranean identity are fully appreciated.

The desire to communicate the exceptional qualities of the estate has been Ornellaia’s philosophy from the beginning, and the 2018 Ornellaia Bianco is no exception, ready to inspire wine lovers with evocative images of the beautiful Tuscan coast.

Ornelia Bianco is imported into the United States exclusively by VINTUS in very limited quantities at a suggested retail price of $255.

For Ornella, well…

The name ORNELLAIA is synonymous with fine winemaking and a true expression of the beauty of Tuscany. The property is located on the Tuscan coast, not far from the medieval town of Bolgheri and its iconic cypress tree. The Ornellaia Bolgheri DOC Superiore and the Ornellaia Bianco are the main wines of the winery, followed by the second vineyard Le Serre Nuove dell’Ornellaia, Le Volte dell’Ornellaia and the white avenue Poggio Gazze dell’Ornellaia In just over thirty years (the first vintage of Ornellaia was in 1985) the dedication of the team, combined with optimal soil conditions and microclimate, has led to critical recognition and public success in Italy and around the world.


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