Naked WinesNaked Wines is a wine club based on the Angel investment model that uniquely connects wine lovers with real wine producers.

It’s not like I’ve ever seen before.

In this report I will talk about how works, what it means to be a angel and the benefits it offers, as well as some general information about

I’ll also show you some pictures of the shipment they sent me.  They’re downstairs.

And, of course, I will share my thoughts on the taste of the wine tasting in the box.  Because, whatever the quality of the club model, it depends on the amount of wine they drink.

In addition, the links in this overview are partner links.  This means I get a small commission when you click and make a purchase.  However, I take pride in the fact that my comments are always my honest opinion, whether or not I am involved in the product.

Wine voucher

I received a special wine coupon that I can share with you to receive $100 on 12 bottles of wine.  The coupon lowers the price from $179 to $79.99 (delivery included!).

It is the best offer on their website and the ideal way to find out if you like their wines.

Receive a $100 wine voucher below:

$100 wine voucher

How naked wines work

To become an angel, deposit $40 a month into your wine savings account.

I know it sounds like a medical savings account, but, hey, wine has health benefits, right?

In any case, the money is then invested in independent winemakers around the world who produce wines exclusively for  That means they’re not available anywhere else, which is good.

When winemakers look naked at wines to do sales and marketing for them, they can focus on making the best wine.  This means that as angels we can buy wines at 40-60% of the normal prices, excluding angels.  You must love a lot!

I called Naked Wines and they told me that they currently have up to 150,000 customers (also known as Angels) and that they continue to grow.  They also told me that they are currently working with about 70 different winemakers.  Many of them come from California, but now they also work with winegrowers in South America.

If I wanted to be an angel, how would I use my angel account?

One: If you feel that the club is not right for you, you can withdraw your money at any time.  It’s important!

If you want to buy wine, you can do so at any time with the money in your account.

Very easy!

Even if you receive the wine and don’t like it, you will get it back completely.  This also applies if the wine is damaged, has a cork deficiency or even if you simply find it unpleasant.

Angel of benefits Bald wines

As a angel, you will receive various bonuses compared to people who buy without becoming an angel:

  • For each order you will receive a discount of up to 60%.  I think that’s the biggest advantage.
  • You will receive a gift bottle every month if you order a full box.  Not bad!
  • You will get better wines thanks to your direct support to the winegrowers.

Additional facts about nude wines

  • The company is active in the United States, Great Britain and Australia.
  • They started in 2012.
  • There is an online rating system that you can use, with over 2 million reviews and customer reviews.
  • Talk about reviews: The company itself was rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).  Good to see you!
  • You have no risk, 100% money back guarantee.  They want you to love every wine you buy.
  • No membership fee.
  • Highly regarded by Forbes Magazine, Times Magazine and Inc.
  • Received the 10BEST Wine Club Award 2019 USA Today in the presence of several famous clubs.
  • You can be contacted by phone, e-mail or live chat.  <- Live chat….  What? ! I don’t see much of it.
  • Their goal is to deliver to the mainland of the United States within 2 to 6 working days.
  • They will postpone deliveries if the weather is too hot or too cold.
  • You’re not going to Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Kentucky, Mississippi, Ohio, Rhode Island or Utah.

I think it’s also important to know that they don’t sell wine on a motorboat.

Most clubs offer a subscription model where you automatically receive a certain amount of wine every 1 to 3 months. doesn’t do that.

You are responsible for what you buy and when you buy it.

Scoring and social interaction

One thing that Naked Wines does very well is the integration of the online rating system into the service, as well as the social aspect.

For each wine they offer, they contain the note % Would buy it again.

How does it work, they ask each customer if he is going to buy wine again (which he has bought).  And this is done separately for each season of the same wine, so you can determine the best vintages of the wine.

This data is then collected and displayed on their website for that particular wine.  This means you can see the wines that people really like when you browse the wine selection.  I would want such transparency.

In addition, thanks to your increasing feedback, Naked Wines will try to personalize its online store to show you the wines you prefer, not the ones you wouldn’t prefer.

Social aspect

The social aspect is addressed in many different ways.

First you can see the profile of the winemaker for each wine.  The winemaker has followers, and you can see how many there are.

In addition, the winemaker leaves comments in his profile that will tell you what he has planned in the world of viticulture.  And people can respond to these comments, which enables a real dialogue between the angels and the winemaker.

Very unique and interactive!

And it is not surprising that the profile of the winemaker contains a biography and other information about him. Group

Another way of looking at the social aspect is that Naked Wines has groups (similar to Facebook groups).  The groups are based on different wine related themes and people can get in touch with each other within the groups.

It will be a great place to share your wine tasting experience and have fun!

And employees also interact with the people who work there.  I saw someone complaining about a delivery problem at FedEx, and they immediately intervened to fix it.

The best thing is that all the angels also took a stand and gave their opinion.

Again, this is very unique!

Bare wine prices

Another unique thing that Naked Wines does is setting prices based on customer feedback.

After receiving more than 250 wine rankings, they carry out quarterly reviews to determine the price of wine based on the population’s assessment.  They believe that winemakers who exaggerate the delivery of wine through quality deserve funding.

That’s what’s really unique… If you buy wine and the price drops within 12 months, you will receive a credit in your account for the difference.

Wow, yeah!?  Very different and very customer-oriented.

Visit and get $100 for 12 bottles of wine.

Unloading of naked wine

I thought it would be nice to share with you exactly what I have.

They sent me a suitcase with six different kinds of wine.

You will find pictures of each step of my unpacking below.

Box with naked wines

This is the box they sent me:

Naked wine box for

And that’s what the sides of the box looked like.

Note the split of the hand… That’s a good move!

Bald side of the wine box Opening of the box

This is what it looked like when I first opened the box and then removed the packing material from the top.

I was happy to see that the wines were well protected and I liked the welcome letter with my name on it.  It gives a list of the wines that were in the box.

The naked wines have just opened.

Naked wines in the box

They made the flaps of the box interesting.  On this first photo you want to know if your delivery went well.

Boxes for naked wines Delivery request

Then they tell you that has an app and tell you how to get a story from the inside.

History of the valve in the wine box


Finally, here are the six wines I received.

Bare wines

Deduct $100:  Receive 12 bottles of wine for $179.99 $79.99 (including shipping costs)

Anyway, good unpacking experience.  You’ve made it easy for us!

Examination of each wine

Of course I had to taste each of the six wines they sent me!

You’ll find below my honest comments on each wine, starting with the Chardonnay…

Scott Peterson ROX Sonoma Coast Sonoma Chardonnay

Scott Peterson ROX Sonoma Coast Chardonnay I shared this chardonnay with a friend and we both enjoyed it.  We said it was Rox!

Seriously, this coppery Chardonnay has pleasant, lingering aromas of flowers and citrus.

We noticed the pale taste of pineapple, pear and some green grapes.  Very clean!

The finish took a long time and was impregnated with a hint of alcohol.

Chris Baker Willamette Valley Pinot Noir

Chris Baker Willamette Valley Pinot Noir I have tasted this wine myself, and with this wine I have been spoiled with a classic and well-made Willamette Valley Pinot Noir Villa.

On the outside it was light burgundy and had a delicate cherry flavour.

By the way, you will often notice that Oregon Pinot Noir is lighter than Pinot from other parts of the United States.  I think it has something to do with the volcanic soil in this part of the continent.

The tasting revealed other light cherry aromas with the pleasant spirit of the mineralisation of the steel and the colour of the oak.

Long finish with a balance between subtle tannins and delicate aromas.

It is a beautiful Pinot, but give this wine a little air to enjoy it to the fullest.

Municipality of Matt Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

Matt Parish Napa Valley Cabernet I tasted it myself.

In the glass this wine pours a coloured pomegranate and is quite light.

Above and on the nose the fully developed aromas of herbs and ripe oak were clearly visible.

This wine has a wise taste, is juicy, with firm tannins that take time to assert themselves.  Sweet plums and wild raspberries were not in their minds.

Long finish and wonderfully balanced, I found this Cabernet Sauvignon fat and dry, full and very pleasant.

I read an article about Matt Parish and found out that he was a winemaker for big brands like Beringer and Stags Leap.  I think he did a good job with that taxi in the Napa Valley.

Dave Harvey Columbia Syrah Valley

Dave Harvey Columbia Cira Valley I shared this wine with the same friend who helped me with Scott Peterson’s Chardonnay.

This one looked very dark, with beautiful red and plumy colors.

On the nose we were greeted by black and earthy stone fruits and a good aroma of alcohol.

In the mouth we noticed juicy black fruits and maybe even a hint of plum, which turned out to be just as pleasant!

The well-filtered tannins and the long-lasting fragrances were simply delicious!

The most remarkable thing is that my girlfriend is not a big fan of red, but she liked this color.

Long live the winemaker!

Derek Rolfs Dry Creek Zinfandel Valley

Dry Creek Zinfandel Valley by Derek Rolf I tasted this and only Zinfandel vineyard myself and it was fantastic!  My favorite of six, actually.

On the fruit of the Hillsburg Dry Creek Valley, this Zin has spilled a deep ruby red colour.

The taste of the wine was delicious, with a hint of raspberries and herbs.

The taste was stellar!  At the first tasting I noticed the overlapping aromas of raspberries, blueberries and mocha.  Immediately afterwards, there were tones of warm, spicy herbs, which give this wine a double taste, which is not so common.

It is undoubtedly a wine of superior quality.

The mouthfeel was luxurious, with little tannin, and the wine had a long, tasteful aftertaste.

It’s so good you can drink it as juice if you’re not careful!

Breathless California Brutus Penelope

Penelope Breathless California Brutus And finally I tasted this non-vintage sparkling wine by Penelope GaddCoster.

This very sparkling pink and golden brut revealed pure and subtle aromas reminiscent of the fruits of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from which this wine is made.

Yes, it is allowed to combine white grapes with red grapes in Brutus!

The taste was also subtle, with notes of green apple and wild berries, which become more noticeable as soon as the wine was a little sparkling.

Despite the fact that this wine is not as fruity as the description suggests, I still liked it very much.


Given the good wines and the customer-oriented business model, I would like to recommend Naked Wines to you, my readers.

If you have a question about, please do not hesitate to contact me.  If I don’t know the answer, I’ll contact the Naked Wines and ask them.

Although requires more interaction than most other wine clubs, I believe that customers and winemakers will be rewarded.

And I wouldn’t be surprised if the wine club industry took a closer look at this model compared to the expert cooking model that most wine clubs adhere to.

This new model is quite complex and, as Naked Wines told me personally, they feel a disruptive factor in the industry.  I agree.

Deduct $100:  Receive 12 bottles of wine for $179.99 $79.99 (shipping included!)

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