The Sour Kettle category has become a catch-all term for brewers who want to describe a number of styles, including the Berliner Weisse, the Gose, or simply a Sour Ale. Kettle Sours are also a blank canvas for brewers, allowing them to isolate ingredients that do well in the lower alcohol range.

In general, these beers derive their sourness, which is often experienced as sour, from the addition of Lactobacillus. Bacteria are added to the cooled wort to initiate the fermentation process and consume the brewing sugar for several days. Some breweries have reduced this process to a few hours.

It is this rapid transition from wort to finished beer that is so attractive to brewers, who often try to keep up with consumer demand. The ability to brew, package and launch beer within days attracts customers who line up for each new outing.

Berliner Weiss is a German wheat beer with a low alcohol content and a refreshing acidity. Gose (pronounced Goes-UH) is also a German wheat beer with low alcohol content but added salt.

Historically, Berliner Weiss was served with a sweet syrup flavored with cranberry or raspberry. This combination has led modern brewers to add fruit to their beers. From syrup to puree to whole berries, what is offered today creates a kaleidoscope of colors in the finished beer, depending on the fruit used.


Sometimes the fruits are used in combination to recreate well-known recipes, such as. B. Lime pie or Hawaiian punch. In other cases, the fruits are more seasonal in nature or attempt to evoke time and place.

While the word sour may put off some drinkers, it’s best to think of this style as a confection that can be delicious. This beer has attracted dozens of drinkers with its bold fruit blends and is as fun to drink as it is to watch.

Dog Head Sea Flooding Ale; 10/12 oz 6 pack, 94 points. A sweet combination of vanilla and lime zest makes this beer pleasant and smooth. Citrus cake builds in a few sips, but never overflows. This beer is perfect for drinking at home during the cold season, in the shade of a tree on a hot summer afternoon.

Ivanhoe Park Guavacation; 4-pack of $14/16oz, 94 points. This bright pink beer starts with a sweet and sour finish and soon reveals flavors of blackberry, raspberry and light green strawberry. Refreshing and spicy, with a sweet and salty finish that invigorates the taste buds.

Springdale Razz Hibby Tart Ale; $12/16oz 4 Pack, 94 points. This beer begins with aromas of barely ripe raspberries, backed by a slight bitterness and astringence. The fruit is the star here in all its berry complexity, right down to the seed flavor and airy feel. Dangerously pink in color and with a subtle flavor, it is brewed with hibiscus, which gives it a touch of dryness.

Sixth Western Tropical Acid; 15/12-ounce, 94-point 4-pack. This beer contains ripe guava, mango, passion fruit and all the tropical sensations. Cold, frothy and refreshing, like a mixed drink by the pool in a seaside resort. It won’t weigh you down and the fruity character continues to develop as the glass empties. All in all, it’s a pleasure.

Proof of Wicked Kiss Lime Pie; 6-cup 10/12 oz. package, 93 points. It’s a beer with an appropriate name. Lime meringue and sweet honey dominate, as does a vanilla character that builds over time. Medium-bodied, with a lively carbonation, it gives the impression of a whipped topping. It goes very well with ginger snap cookies.

Lime Gose Main Party Ratio; 6-pack of 11/12 ounces, 93 points. It offers flavors of lemon meringue and lime zest, with hints of vanilla and graham cracker adding sweetness. It looks vaguely like a cake and could very well be served with a small plate of the same. With a slightly covered gold color, it’s a real treat.

West Sixth Valencia Berliner Weisse; 6-pack, 12/12 oz, 93 points. It is a citrus-based spicy beer, brewed with Valencia oranges and with aromas of tangerines, clementines and sweet lemon. The thirst is quenched, but at the same time it is always tempting and fresh.

Mickeller Raspberry Blush; pack of 4 of 12/16 oz, 92 points. This sour coffee pot will confuse the mind and confuse the palate a bit, but it’s worth it in the end. The aroma of the coffee is rich and strong, with hints of candied raspberry. It is a beer that pushes the boundaries, in the good sense of the word.

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Shipper PH2; pack of 4 of 18/16 oz, 92 points. This beer offers a spicy experience, with aromas and flavors of pineapple, kiwi, passion fruit and mango. It is eccentric, vibrant and reminiscent of warmer climates and moods.

Yazoo End of Summer Gose; 10/12 oz. 6-pack, 92 points. It’s the time of the long summer afternoons. Brewed with wheat, coriander and sea salt, they offer aromas of pine needles, notes of citrus and ripe fruit flowers, all rounded out by a nice acidity.

Published on 3. March 2021

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