For lovers of the rich Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc-Semilion is a rare white wine that deserves to be discovered.

In this video we compare two regions (Bordeaux and Washington) where Sauvignon Blanc Semilion merges with a luxurious and rich style.

The secret of French wines begins with their wine-growing regions.

Most people know Sauvignon Blanc as a light and milky wine with a vegetable and tropical flavor. However, some Sauvignon Blanc wines are given a special treatment by fermentation in new oak (and are often blended with Sémillon).

The new oak produces a completely different texture and smell than we are used to from this species.

The Blanc Sauvignon will always be a herbal wine with subtle nuances, but the blend of oak and Semillon adds layers of beeswax, ripe tropical fruit, creamy heart notes and a deliciously long finish. Drul.

I tried it on this video:

Castle Dosy-Den

This cellar is located in the South Bordeaux Appellation. The region produces mainly sweet white wines with a golden color with Sauvignon Blanc and Semilion. However, in vintages where the production of sweet wine is not optimal, producers produce dry wines, which are downgraded in the Bordeaux appellation.

Doisy-Daëne is well known by wine and oenology students in Bordeaux, because the owner has a long educational career, especially in white wine!

Delilah’s Cellar

The state of Washington may be wet and rainy in the western half of the state, but the eastern side is pretty dry! Washington’s largest wine region, the Columbia Valley, has proven to be an exceptional place for the cultivation of French wines.

Founded in the 1990s, the Delil company is inspired by the Bordeaux region and produces multilayer blends. Their most famous wine is a red blend called D2, but the Chaleur Blanc is an excellent example of what the state of Washington does with this blend.

Tasting notes on Cemillon Sauvignon Blanc oak

The history of the Sauvignon Blanc-Semilion mixture

More than 90% of the landings in Bordeaux consist of red wine. But if you look at the region, you will find some places – such as Entre de Mers, the Graves and the South – that focus on a single white wine made from Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon.

In accordance with the tradition of wine-growing in Bordeaux, many white wines are fermented in oak barrels (and sometimes in new oak barrels).

In fact, there is a rumor that this white mixture was a favorite of Jackie Oh, who kept the white house with bottles of Château Ot Brion Blanc. (Today, this wine sells for almost $900 a bottle!)

Fortunately, you will find these wines all over the world in the places where the great Cabernet Sauvignon is produced.

Where to find Sauvignon Blanc-Semilion

Here are some places where we have seen how this special wine is made:

  • Napa Valley, California: In the areas with deep clay soils, closer to the river, we find many Sauvignon Blanc and Semilion. These wines are intensely full-bodied and rich in minerals in volcanic soils.
  • Bordeaux, France: In the cooler areas of the Entre de Merse, Graves and Pessac Léognan you will find manufacturers producing large dry white wines. Don’t forget to look at how the wine is made to make sure it has some kind of oak aging.
  • Hunter Valley, Australia: This region is mainly specialized in Semilion. At their first release, these wines are exceptionally lean and sour. As it ages, however, this wine takes on a deep golden-yellow color with rich, creamy notes of tarragon. Collectors like to put this wine in their cellar.
  • Columbia Valley, Washington State: Although Sauvignon Blanc and Semilion are not the most popular white grape varieties in the region (Chardonnay is the best white grape), this wine is often the most popular. Many producers here follow in the footsteps of the Sauvignon Blanc oak which matures in Bordeaux for production and an incredibly rich style.

Any other special wines? You have a mix of Sauvigon Blanc and Cemillon from an unexpected region? Let us know in the comments below! I remember Alberico from Lazio, Italy.

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