First Frank Cabernet in the monograph collection of Lang & Reed St. John’s Helena, California, 16 years old. December 2020. – In search of the multiple merits of the Cabernet Franc, Lang and Reed-Napa valleys, the first wine of the Monographic Collection, 2007, was born. Item no. 33. The wine collection monograph is a unique offer of individual plots, each with its own history. Lang & Reed’s collection of monographs reflects the unique terroir, the growing season and the selection of the clone, as well as the effects of the barrel regime and ageing, highlighting the excellence of this noble grape variety. Remarkably, this issue 33 of the 2007 series of monographs is an astonishing encounter of inspiration in the vineyard and magic in the cellar.

In late spring 2005, winemaker John Skupny was invited by Lang & Reed to participate in the famous French tree auction in Calistoga, California. He acquired an oak tree that grows in the famous Troncay forest in central France. This powerful section 33 certified tree was one of the few survivors of the devastating hurricanes of 1999. The finished plate was air dried for 2.5 years and finished to John’s specifications. With such a special barrel and the famous 2007 vintage, John knew that only a fair amount of Cabernet Franc would do it. This plot, whose grapes come from vines grafted on an Entav 214 clone from the Loire and planted on the ideal rocky ground of the Sugarloaf vineyard, was given the name and a single barrel rack was carried out. The resulting wine was bottled in June 2010 after 32 months of aging in barrels. Article 33 of 2007 is currently available. Visit the website of Lang and Reed.

Inspired by the world’s finest Cabernet Franc and his passion for his native Napa Valley, winemaker John Skupny raises the bar with this exclusive collection of monographs.  From time to time, among all the wines that remain in the cellar, there is a barrel or a small batch of Cabernet Franc that sings like something completely overwhelming, almost magical, and stands out from the rest. It can be the influence of a fascinating terroir that can only be found in a certain area of the vineyard, or the attraction of the specific French oak barrel that elevates a wine above the ordinary. Perhaps it is the alchemy of the rootstocks and clones transplanted into the partnership a long time ago that makes this extraordinary planting possible that defies the norm. The wines in the monograph collection have a story to tell, a story that belongs to them and to them alone.

One of the few wineries in the Napa Valley that specializes in 100% Cabernet Franc, Lang & Reed’s, the family business Skupny, has been making expressive wines that are a pleasure to drink since 1996. Viticulture is a form of storytelling for the Skwny family, and Lang & Reed wines tell the story of a multi-generation family business and their wonderful lives together, filled with wine. St. John’s Helena, Lang & Reed Tracy, John, Reed and Megan Skupney offer intimate, destination-focused tastings where visitors can meet the family behind the brand as they share their love of Cabernet French and Chenin Blanc. To learn more about Lang Valley and Reed Napa, article #33 and other upcoming wine versions, visit their website and follow them on Instagram and Facebook.


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