Jameson Distillery in Ireland has a new director of marketing and communications, Maral Papakhian. She replaces Jameson Director of Marketing and Communications Patrick Mackin, who will be retiring at the end of this month after nearly two years at the helm of the company. Says Jameson representative Mark Crotty, “Maral is a fresh and exciting addition to our team and brings with her a dynamic approach to marketing and communications. Maral’s experience in marketing and communications will be instrumental in driving Jameson’s growth agenda, in particular in the areas of digital, social and sales.”

Jameson Humane Society has always promoted awareness of local animal welfare issues and supported the prevention and humane treatment of animals. Launched in 1996 as an extension of the Jameson Distillery, Jameson Humane Society supports the humane treatment of animals, and works to prevent cruelty to and abandonment of animals. Jameson Humane Society previously directed the Marketing and Communications Department. Ms. Papakhian will be responsible for sales and marketing, customer service, and communications.

Maral Papakhian joined Jameson Humane in 2015 as the organization’s director of marketing and communications. Before working with Jameson Humane, she worked as the community relations officer for the Humane Society of Canada, managing the publicity, volunteers, and events of the organization. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Toronto and a Master of Arts in public communication from Ryerson University.


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Jameson-Humane-Appoints-Maral-Papakhian-as-Director-of-Marketing-andNapa, California (3 August 2021) – Maral Papakhian has been named Director of Marketing and Communications at Jameson Humane (previously Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch), wine country’s premier impact-driven animal welfare nonprofit. Papakhian formerly worked at Three Sticks Wines in Sonoma as the PR and Marketing Manager. 

“We have evolved from a local animal rescue and sanctuary to a holistic, educational, and collaborative resource center in the valley and beyond since our start in 2014.” “We are thrilled to have Maral, a communications and PR expert from the wine business, join our team to amplify and disseminate our message both inside the Bay Area and to the community at large,” says Monica Stevens, Co-Founder and President of Jameson Humane.

Papakhian will be in charge of the Marketing and Communications team, as well as public relations and media relations, as well as efforts to develop, expand, and enhance community and public support for the organization’s purpose.

“I am overjoyed to be a part of Jameson Humane,” Papakhian adds. “I’ve known and respected Monica since she founded Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch (JARR), and I’ve seen Jameson’s influence and development firsthand, both inside the organization and within our community. I’m in awe of their courageous efforts leading the charge during and after the wildfires, when we all needed them the most. I am thrilled and delighted to be a part of such a remarkable group of animal activists and partners, and I can’t wait to share the wonderful work Jameson Humane does every day with our wine country family and friends across the world.”

Papakhian, a Midwest native and lifelong animal devotee, began her career in wine as a Harvest Intern at Owl Ridge Wine Services, a custom crush winemaking, private label and bottling facility in Sebastopol, where she worked under the tutelage of the industry’s leading winemakers, such as, Merry Edwards, Greg La Follete, James MacPhail, Russell Bevan, and others. Her career in wine accelerated over five years managing marketing, sales and hospitality at Barnett Vineyards, the boutique and premium cabernet house on Spring Mountain, followed by a four year tenure at Three Sticks Wines in Sonoma, where she established the gold standard of pinot noir and chardonnay culminating in premiere, industry publication features such as, Wine Spectator and , and garnering accolades such as, Best in Show by Decanter World Wine Awards, and Winemaker of the Year by LuxeSF. Additionally, Papakhian’s ongoing work with Miyoko’s Creamery’s, Wine Country 2.0, a campaign to foster collaboration in wine country and increase visitation by offering sustainable yet artisanally-crafted, compassionate and inclusive experiences, is an organic segue and intersection between the wine world and animal welfare.

Prior to her love affair with wine, Papakhian’s longest and most ardent devotion was for animals. Her compassionate lifestyle has shown and included her love of animals and the earth, as she has been a vegetarian from the age of 11 and subsequently vegan. After years of volunteering and working with animals, Papakhian earned a bachelor’s degree with honors in Animal Behavior from Indiana University. From 2013 until 2018, Papakhian owned and managed Fetch! Pet Care of Napa, a pet-care franchise in the Napa Valley. 

“Maral’s experience, which includes many years in the wine industry, a degree in Animal Behavior, owning and operating a local pet care company, and a personal vegan ethos and lifestyle, makes her a particularly perfect match and champion for Jameson Humane. It’s unusual to see the worlds of animal welfare and the wine business intersect in such a manner that precisely captures what’s required in this position for us and our community,” Stevens adds. “We are ecstatic and looking forward to what the future holds!”

Jameson Humane’s connections to the wine industry go beyond animal care, welfare, and community outreach. Wine Spectator ranked their annual fundraiser, WineaPAWlooza, as one of the top ten wine auctions, with high-value auction lots from cult producers such as Scarecrow, Screaming Eagle, Dalla Valle’s Maya, and Pott Wines, as well as exclusive experiences such as meals at Michelin-starred restaurants hosted by celebrities and stays in luxury resorts both locally and nationally. The virtual WineaPAWlooza in 2021 collected $1.3 million, with $300,000 from the Fund-A-Need going to the Napa, Sonoma, and Solano Community Animal Response Teams (CART). Jameson Humane, in addition to WineaPAWlooza, is a founding member of Wine Country 2.0 and an important part of the humane and inclusive wine country experience.

Jameson Humane’s Background

Monica and David Stevens founded Jameson Humane (formerly Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch) in 2014 as a 501(c)(3) registered nonprofit organization to improve animal welfare through global collaboration and education for the benefit of all life. 

The charity was named after the Stevens’ beloved dog Jameson, an adopted Great Pyrenees who lived to be 14 years old and inspired the group’s attitude and purpose. Monica and David benefited from Jameson’s unwavering friendship and affection, which enabled them to look beyond the conventional route of animal rescue by listening to the community and reacting holistically to the needs of the animals and their human guardians. With that understanding came the realization that humans cannot save animals from their predicament. 

Jameson Humane is a mission-driven charity that works and educates to create change in animal care, not only in local communities but across the globe. Its program concept integrates several programs under one roof to produce a genuinely unique animal welfare organization that is unlike any other animal rescue or sanctuary, with a range of innovative solutions and methods pushed by education. The Senior Citizen Pet Wellness Program maintains activity and care for seniors’ companion animals, the Pet Pantry and Disaster Supply Program was created during the wildfires and pandemic to provide free pet food to families who were unable to provide for their animal companions, and the Community Animal Assistance Program (CAAP) ensures that animals and humans can coexist.

Every day, Jameson’s work is driven by the interconnectedness of animals, people, and our world.



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