The partnership with JaMHappyHour, in which Mondo Cozmo participated, was launched on the 10th anniversary of the partnership. December; music and wine lovers are invited to participate in fundraising campaigns in the year 2021. Napa, California (December 8, 2020) – JaM Cellars, producer of Butter Chardonnay, JaM Cabernet, Toast Spark and Sugar Sweet White, today announced a new partnership with the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund, a national non-profit organization that provides financial assistance to professional musicians and music industry workers in need. In response to the impact of COVID-19 on the live music industry and in line with the musical roots of JaM Cellars, Sweet Relief Winery has pledged a minimum contribution of $25,000 in support of its mission to assist non-professional musicians.

As part of its commitment, JaM Cellars encourages wine lovers to join and support the cause through the virtual wine and music JaMHappyHour evenings on Facebook Live @JaMCellars. Thursday the 10th. December, at 16:00 Pacific Time, opens as part of the annual 25DaysofJaM Cellars Sweet Relief JaMHappyHour holiday program, with the famous composer Mondo Cozmo. The program will be repeated every last Friday of the month in 2021 with the participation of an artist who supports or uses the Sweet Relief service. For each comment, for example, or social resource, JaM Cellars donates a dollar to Sweet Relief, up to $2,500 per program, plus a click and text to give viewers opportunities.

Music has been part of the DNA of JaM Cellars from the beginning, whether it’s the music festival we sponsored or the live music in our tasting room in downtown Napa, it was an incredible environment to enjoy our little-loved wines, according to Michel Trouchard, co-founder of JaM Cellars.  Although the joy of our favorite artists this year was a little different, we continued to connect our wine lovers with live music in our entertaining virtual JaMHappyHours. Defining Sweet Relief as our partner is a great way to help musicians in need by raising funds, providing a platform for paid concerts and creating the atmosphere and applause our music industry needs. We hope so on the 10th. December and the next JaMHappyHours Happy Hours, which are useful for Sweet Relief, are great fun and will bring many benefits.

Through participation in music festivals, including the annual sponsorship of BottleRock Napa Valley and its wine and music studio in downtown Napa, music is an important part of the JaM Cellar experience. Following the closure and cancellation of the festival this year, JaM Cellars has launched its virtual Happy Hour series, where guests can perform for free with new music on Facebook Live from Wednesday to Friday at 4pm. PST. Since its launch in April, JaMHappyHours has become popular and offers music and wine lovers a festive time to enjoy wine and socialize. At the same time, it offers artists a virtual platform to share their music with their fans and new listeners. Now JaM is looking forward to more happy hours dedicated to supporting Sweet Relief and its network of musicians.

JaM Cellars and Sweet Relief have also developed co-branded products that are available for purchase in the JaM Cellar online tent, with 100% of the profits going to Sweet Relief. To learn more about how to participate, go to

We are very grateful to John, Michaela and the whole JaM team! They’re musicians in their own right, and they’ve really taken a step forward to help our community, says Arik Steinberg, Executive Vice President of Development and Artist Relations at Sweet Relief. The musicians and the team have been financially ruined by KOVID, and this collaboration allows us to provide much-needed help. We know that JaM Cellars is a brand with an artistic vocation, and this collaboration is perfect. We are looking forward to the beginning of December 10th and will do some good together in 2021 and beyond.

The Sweet Relief Musicians Fund was founded in 1993 by singer/songwriter Victoria Williams and offers financial support to all kinds of musicians who have to make ends meet due to illness, disability or age-related problems. Last year the organization founded the KOVID-19 Foundation, which has a limited amount of money available that can be used specifically for musicians and employees of the music industry affected by the coronavirus. The funds collected are used to cover medical expenses, housing, clothing, food and other essential expenses for those who have suffered as a result of illness or loss of work.

About the JaM cellars

The JaM cellars are easy to use, the wines for daily use. Produced by Napa Valley winemakers John and Michel Trukhard (J and M at JaM), the Chardonnay oil, Cabernet Sauvignon JaM, Sparkling Toast and Sugar Sweet White are rich, cheeky, attractive and justify their names. Chardonnay oil melts on the tongue, Cabernet JaM sparkles with berries, Toast Sparkling is a feast in the glass, and Sugar Sweet White is a simple kiss of sweetness. These wines are designed to be enjoyed at any time, whether for a special occasion or to celebrate any day. And now it’s even easier to love, because the oil is available in Fun, Grab and Go 4 packs of 250 ml. View JaM Cellars on Facebook and Instagram @JaMCellars #JaMCellars and

About the softness of the relief

Sweet Relief was founded in 1993 by Victoria Williams and provides financial support to all kinds of musicians and musicians who have difficulty making ends meet due to illness, disability or age. Sweet Relief provides emergency assistance to all players in the music industry who are financially affected by COVID-19. Sweet Relief currently accepts requests for assistance from musicians and employees of the music industry. Donations can also be made on to help people in need.


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