22 months in oak make the Sangiovese a good product! A perfect example of the diversity of the Dry Creek Valley. Get 39% off Peterson Weinerie Valley Dry Creek Sangiovese wine, but only the next day.

Peterson Dry Creek Winery Sangiovese Valley - so good.

Today we have again a great selection of Peterson Winery. Only 250 cases of this fine wine have been produced.

Just like our very popular previous Peterson chord, this wine is made without any manipulation, which means that no additives are used and the wine is not fined or filtered (which also makes it vegan). And even better: With today’s one-day offer you can save $11 per bottle compared to the normal price of $28!

The Peterson vineyard in the Dry Creek valley is 100% Sangiovese, with 70% of the famous Teldeschi vineyard and 30% of the Spadoni vineyard, both in the Dry Creek valley. The wine has matured for 22 months in neutral oak barrels of 5 to 12 years.

Today, as part of an insider transaction, you will receive 4 bottles of this beautiful Sangiovese for $67.99 plus only $5 for delivery.

With an average price of $28 for a wine search, $59 stays in your pocket if you take into account the extra savings of our super low $5 shipping costs!

This lot of four is about ships: AZ, CA, CO, DC, FL, GA, IA, ID, IL, IN, KS, LA, MA, ME, MN, MO, MT, NC, NE, NH, NJ, NM, NV, NY, OH, OR, PA, RI, SC, TX, VT, WA, WI, WV and WY (These states are subject to individual authorisations for the proposed vineyard. Future transactions may have more or less states).

This is a temporary and direct offer of a vineyard, with the help of our friends from Wine Country Connect. The sale closes at noon (PST) on Friday 20.11 hours, unless it is sold earlier. Shipping costs are $5 per order, regardless of the number of 4-packs you buy.

When you click on the buy button above, you will be redirected to winedealmaker.com for your order. If you don’t see the built-in shop window, click here to order. You can also adjust the number of 4 packages in your order by clicking on the Update Cart link at the top of the screen.

Peterson Dry Creek Winery Sangiovese Valley - so good.

Out of the bottle:

Sangiovese is best known as the basis of the great wines of Tuscany. Both in California and Italy, the Sangiovese will only show what they can really do in very few and privileged places. This 100% Sangiovese wine comes from two Dry Creek Valley vineyards, which are such places, and is aged for 22 months in neutral 60-gallon barrels to bring out the flavor of the grape variety.

Unfiltered and unfiltered.
Fred Peterson, the winemaker. Jamie Peterson, the winemaker.

Produced and bottled at Peterson Winery
15% alcohol

In 2016, the Peterson Winery Dry Creek Valley Sangiovese begins with a very pleasant smell of leather, black cherry, spices and black pepper with a little earth and some spicy notes of jerky herbs. Yummy!

Equally pleasant is the wine in the mouth with the same aromas that go well together. With its juicy, almost sweet fruits, good acidity, balance and structure, it is a perfect example of California Sangiovese.

Smooth with small round tannins, yet a little rustic, as a good Sangiovese should be, it ends up dry and long.

2016 Peterson Dry Creek Winery Sangiovese Valley

KEY: 9 COSTS : 4


Highly recommended

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And that’s what people say about our former insider trading:

He just took six bottles and had his first drink. Why, why didn’t I buy a suitcase?!?

Hey, John, I just wanted to tell you that I love this wine. ! !!!. Thanks for doing what you’re doing.

John – you have to stop making all these incredible offers. My self-discipline is fading fast!

I recently took advantage of your offer. I’m so glad I did, and now I’m sorry I didn’t buy more (like all the quotes on your website!).

I have bought and enjoyed wine many times in recent months!

Really great company!!! I love the bright red, and the reverse snob wine, delivered to ! !!!. Perfect for a rainy night!

TURN! Damn it, I should have bought that suitcase!

WOW. It’s just that… Wow. It’s absolutely delicious. If I’d known it was gonna be so good, I’d have bought a box… or two. It was a dead end in the comfort zone that I liked. Thank you very much.

I’ve tried all the wine clubs (except Kermit Lynch) and I wasn’t really impressed, except for a random bottle here and there, but your choice was really great.

I liked all my RWS contracts, I can’t wait to get them.

Wow! That was awesome! Thank you very much.

I finally opened a bottle, and she wouldn’t let me down. It’s delicious!

Thank you very much for your excellent service! We loved your emails and your wine offers!

This insider trading is a great wine! I’m so glad I got him!

My Business Insider arrived just in time for my holiday today, and it’s absolutely delicious! Cheers!

Thanks for the offer… this wine is great for $12.50 a bottle. I’m used to buying big, young, cheeky taxis or old grape jeans and paying a lot more for them.

Too bad I didn’t double my order!

Wow, this wine is awesome! Good thing I have two more bottles!!!

I bought a suitcase, I want to buy two or three. Buying a great price.

That insider trading was the best. This wine is unbelievable! I highly recommend it.

Enter the deal today!

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