The water filtration system is what makes our water purification system the best in the industry. It was developed in response to the need for a reliable, efficient and effective system to control water quality in a cost effective manner. Our water filtration system ensures that the water coming into our plant is pure, clean, and free of harmful micro-organisms.

A system that guarantees the same level of quality water for beverage production is what the company “Serena” offers, with a water filter that does not use chemicals, but only the natural filtration process of granular activated carbon (GAC). The disadvantage of using regular water filters is that they are not very sensitive, and it is often difficult to find a system that provides both purification and quality control at the same time.


The arduous journey from grape to bottle depends on many crucial factors, including the quality of the water needed to clean and disinfect the production and bottling equipment in wineries.

Urban water sources often contain chlorine and other spoilage substances that can directly affect the quality of wine, as microorganisms and other pathogens enter filter systems before the wine reaches the bottle.

Scott Laboratories, a leading supplier to the North American wine and specialty beverage industry, has introduced the ScottCart Aqua water filtration system: a simple and highly effective method of ensuring that the water used in wine and beverage production is purified of impurities, particles and microbes.

ScottCart Aqua is a versatile cartridge filtration kit that purifies water in three easy steps:

  • 30 Clarify carbon cartridges to remove toxins, heavy metals, taste, color, chlorine, fluoride and more.
  • The 20 Purify PP cartridge treats water to a light, solid-free state that removes all visible solids and reduces the population of large microorganisms.
  • Polypropylene 20 finish for final polishing and to ensure purity free from microorganisms and particles.

According to Maria Peterson, filtration technician at Scott Labs, this three-stage water filtration kit offers a versatile approach to getting the best possible water anytime, anywhere in your business.

You don’t want to contaminate the production and bottling facilities with microorganisms before the wine even gets there, Peterson notes. With this system, you no longer have to worry about removing what you don’t want the wine to fix for you. If the water is of poor quality and not pre-filtered, it can clog the bottling filters even before you present the wine.

Ashton Lough, winemaker at The Winery at Bull Run and Three Creeks Winery and steelworker at Whistle Pig Cidery in Virginia, has been a long-time fan of Scott Labs and recently purchased the ScottCart Aqua system. It guarantees the quality of the various components of the overall system structure.

ScottCart Aqua is made of high-quality stainless steel that is highly resistant to acids and alkalis, so it won’t wear out, Lough said. Pits can collect biomaterial that can reach you when you least expect it.

Scott Labs clearly paid attention to detail during the design process and communicated with the winemakers. No tools are required. It rolls right up and some parts are spring loaded, so it’s quick and easy to install and ready to use.

The ScottCart Aqua system consists of an enclosure kit with a complete set of stainless steel enclosures, valve and meter combinations, connectors, racks and brackets.

It is designed to be used with the ScottCart Aqua Cartridge Kit, each of which contains a double open-ended filter cartridge. Scott Labs recommends replacing the cartridges every three months for maximum cleaning efficiency. The subscription and savings option allows growers to set and forget, and new cartridges are automatically delivered to their homes when it’s time to upgrade to new cartridges.

Many wineries, breweries, distilleries and other businesses don’t test the water because they don’t know what to look for, Peterson says. ScottCart Aqua takes these issues and variables out of the equation for small to mid-sized producers.

This unique system, which connects directly to your company’s water system, requires minimal floor space at maximum cost and delivers an end result of the highest quality for winemakers, brewers, distillers and many others.

For more information and to order online, go to: scottcart aqua | Scott Laboratories.



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