A few months have passed since the new coronavirus has been regulated in the US. While some states are currently at different stages of reopening, others are entering a different phase of closure. Many are tired of being alone and looking at the screens to catch a glimpse of the outside world.

Although a personal visit to an event, such as a food and wine festival, seems unlikely, it is out of the question. The courageous planners accepted the idea of becoming small by creating intimate and individual dishes and wines according to health standards instead of big celebrations.

There will not be a noisy crowd from table to table, but these celebrations provide an immediate break from virtual reality and at the same time support wineries, restaurants and other local businesses.

 Wine & Food Experience in New Orleans Photo courtesy of New Orleans Wine & Food Experience

Food and drink in New Orleans

The 11th. March Aimee Brown, CEO of New Orleans Wine & Food Experience (NOWFE), announced that the 28-year-old five-day festival will be postponed because of Covid-19.

But when the restaurants started reopening in the summer with limited capacity, Brown turned to the local restaurants to offer several wine dinners based on the events originally planned for March. Participating restaurants from all over town were then linked to wineries and during dinner a representative of the Zoom winery called to discuss the bottled wine.

The success of these small weekly events, which started in mid-July, led Brown to the vision of LEUFO 2020.

The festival consists of four major events. Two of these were held in November, but guests can still purchase tickets for an art walk and wine tasting at the Fulton Street art galleries, as well as the Mini-vinola sit-down event held at the chic The Rib Room.

Each event has a step-by-step access time.

We didn’t want to give up, we didn’t want to wait until 2021, Brown said. So if we organize an event with 30 people, we organize an event with 30 people. That’s good. We want to support our restaurants and cellars. And that’s why we’re all doing this.

Saturday the 5th. December 2020… : 16:00 – 18:00. Art walk and wine tasting

Saturday afternoon. December 2020… : 14:00 – 17:00. Mini-vinola session

People drinking at the most important western food and wine festival Photo with thanks to the most important western food and wine festival

Key to the Western Wine and Food Festival

Mark Certonio, Events Director of the Key West Food & Wine Festival (KWFWF), created smaller events that allow for indoor and outdoor dining, subject to social, distance and capacity constraints.

The festival takes place at the beginning of 2021. And the theme – condescension, a wink at the fatigue of being at home, cooking every evening and the desire to be pampered.

Every event is a bit bacchanal and a bit exaggerated.

We keep some experience behind us, Certonio says. This festival is not just about food and wine. It’s about telling stories and introducing people to the unknown regions of Key West.

The festival offers many events, including roof lunches, which take place from 27 to 31 March. January 2021. Participants can count on suppliers such as Key Western Trading Company, Key Western Absent Company and many others. Some of the planned activities are listed below.

Thursday the 28th. January 2021 : 13:00 – 13:00. Visit and wine tasting on the roof.

Thursday the 28th. January 2021 : 17:00 – 19:00. Sunset on the beach

Friday the 29th. January 2021 : 18.00-21.00. Ernest’s absinthe…

Saturday the 30th. January 2021 : 14.00-16.00. What the fuck is going on?

Saturday the 30th. January 2021 : 16:30 – 18:30. Wind and wine Sailing at sunset

30A Alice Beach Wine Festival in Florida / Photo courtesy of 30A Wine Festival

30A Alice Beach Wine Festival

This Alice Beach, Florida’s favorite, named after one of the USA Today’s Top Ten Wine Festivals in 2018 and 2019, is another event that focuses on a more personal experience, with waiters delivering wine and food to the tables so that everyone can sit safely instead of walking virtually.

We call it Intermezzo, which is almost a kind of action pause, a gentle detergent between the gears… There will be 10 smaller events, [with] 50 people or less, but just as extravagant and amazing as our big festivals. Apart from the fact that it would actually be more fun because there would be more one-on-one meetings with our winemakers and distillers, Alexis Miller, event director for Alys Beach, explains.

Wine from the Ertelendi vineyards at the Wine Festival 30A Wine from the Ertelendi vineyards at the Wine Festival 30A / Photo courtesy of the Wine Festival 30A

Unlike some other festivals, 30A WF only sells tickets for individual events. There will be a choice of two dinners per evening so that the organisers can apply strict safety procedures.

Guests can look forward to getting to know their new child in the neighborhood, the citizens, but also their coastal dishes, the Latin American delicacies of chef Renato de Calise, the local winemakers and much more. Michael and Valerie Thompson of Thompson 31Fifty will also serve unique dishes and drinks.

The events take place in several unspoiled outdoor parks around Alice Beach. Each participant buys the place assigned to him or her and receives a mask on arrival.

Thursday the 18th. February 2021: 18.00-21.00. Oyster and champagne dinner in Mungate Park.

Thursday the 18th. February 2021: 18.00-21.00.  Tequila dinner in Central Park.

Friday the 19th. February 2021: 18.00-21.00. Bourbon and Qui at Kelly Green’s house.

Friday the 19th. February 2021: 18.00-21.00. Thompson Wine Dinner 31:50 in Arboleda Park.

Saturday the 20th. February 2021: 11:30 – 2:30. Lunch with street wine in Papilio Park.

Saturday the 20th. February 2021: 18.00-21.00. Evening wine country Dinner with wine in Calise

Saturday the 20th. February 2021: 18.00-21.00. Dinner with wine in the Fire Pit Park.

Sunday the 21st. February 2021: 10:00-12:00. Brunch Rise & Imbibe Gospel on the Gulf of Mexico

Sunday the 21st. February 2021: 12-15 hours. Team Rose and Crockett.

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