Whether you have a long gift list or are just looking for something special to brighten up your own day, these hand-picked gifts are sure to suit your taste. Among our favorites for 2020 are articles for wine and beer beginners, collectors with many years of experience, home bartenders for beginners and much more.

Here are our best gifts for 2020.

Chocolate / food associated with wine

One of the best aspects of wine consumption is the combination with food. So the next time you pour a drink, make sure you have something you like in the glass. Les Petits Noirs offers everything from spicy biscuits to chocolate salami, and is sure to satisfy the most demanding.

Black Bird

Electronic wallet

We can all use a little help to store important things like credit cards and keys, and this elegant little mint man is doing great. Made in a wine country, this cotton bag is available in many different designs and fits perfectly in a bag or pouch.

12 $
Olives and poppy seeds

RoundWine Oh

Who hasn’t had the embarrassing experience of taking the wrong drink at a party and taking a sip? Luckily the WineO round is here to make sure this never happens again. Naturally stain resistant and environmentally friendly, these wool pendants glide easily over the base or the edge of a wine glass. They are also available in different colours and give your glassware a touch of style.

Amazonian territory

Woodford and Bitters Cherry Bourbon Sanctuary

Woodford Sanctuary has been producing spirits since the 1800s, so it was only a matter of time before the brand started to focus on cocktails. With Woodford’s cherry reserve, you can add an extra scent to your next Manhattan. And if you’re looking for inventive booze, you’ll find a wide range of bitter drinks at Woodford, including a wide variety of flavours, all tested in the distillery’s tasting room.

20 $50 $
Woodford Reserve

Sangria Herbal mixture

To make Sangria Restaurant yourself, you must have these herbs to hand. The pot contains cinnamon sticks, cloves, paprika and star anise. Just add them to your own recipe at home (or follow the contents of the mixture) and let them cool overnight. The next day, three litres of fresh, fragrant sangria await you.

20 $
Unusual Other

Fig and Musk – wine bottle candle

An environmentally conscious wine lover in your life will love these candles made from empty wine bottles from local restaurants. Each bottle contains soy wax, which guarantees a long burning time. You can also give this gift an extra touch by personalising the label. And when the candle finally burns out, you can re-profile the base.

Amazonian territory

Michan’s spoon for mixology

For home bartenders who love precision, this elegant mixology set contains 6 spoons from ¼ teaspoon to 1 tablespoon. It’s all connected to the ring, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost.

25 $
Kingdom Cocktail

1 Alcohol Gift Kit

You need a gift for a cocktail lover, do it yourself? So, look at this box of liquor. The set consists of a 375 ml glass bottle, a stainless steel infusion basket and much more. Once you’ve chosen the flavor, just pour it into the infusion basket, pour it into the alcohol of your choice and within a few hours you’ll be drinking your custom drink.


Kraft Beer Lover Sweets

Lovers of sweets and homemade beer, rejoice! Hilliard created the ultimate pleasure in painting it. Flavoured with beers from local breweries such as Shovel Town, these award-winning sweets are sure to take you back to the second round.

Hilliard Chocolate

Leather wine tasting warehouse with lining

Whether you’re looking for an experienced collector or a novice, this Italian leather bracelet is a great way to celebrate personal relationships with bottles. The 155 pages of cream contain the most memorable labels, sample notes and much more.


Set of nested hand-blown Japanese Sake

This handmade four-piece kit is available in different colours and contains a glass in three sizes and a bottle that is ideal for serving sake. When you have finished decorating, the two small glasses fit into a larger one and the bottle fits perfectly on top, so it doesn’t take up a lot of space on your shelf.


Non-alcoholic winch stock alcohol

Even if you don’t drink alcohol during this festive season, you should still toast with something special. That’s where Lyra soda comes into play. This bottle contains everything you want in rum, without alcohol. Ideal for blending with espresso martini and high alcoholic beverages.

36 $

Green decanter

Whether you let the wine breathe, store the liqueur or serve something tasty, with this carafe you absolutely have to do it in style. To complete your look, consider choosing a set of four matching glasses.


Fantastic fox corkscrew

This stainless steel corkscrew is not only aesthetic but also practical. In addition to the integrated bottle opener, this corkscrew has a small knife to remove the film and a practical handle.

48 $

Zalto Denk’Art champagne glass

To toast your loved ones and enjoy a lot of bubbles, this is the holiday. These Zalto Denk’Art are made to offer a delicious tasting of all kinds of sparks, from Champagne to Prosecco. Not to mention that their elegant design is the perfect accent on any festive table.


COMM ZENOLOGY Universal wine glass (set of 2)

If you’ve wasted time choosing the best bottles for your holiday table, it’s important that you have the right dishes for each filling. The ZENOLOGY SOMM glasses appear here. Handmade by 15 different master glass makers, this stem is ideal for red and white wines. As a bonus, you can put these glasses in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.


Jean Duboste Lagiolais Champagne Sabres

If you really want to celebrate your party this year, try a bottle of sword campaigns – just make sure you have all the means to do it safely. Laguiole Jean Dubost champagne can help you. Made of thick stainless steel and durable French oak, this sabre should last the whole holiday.

Williams Sonoma

Hammer Cocktail Set – Bartender Set 2.0

If you want to improve your mixology game at home, check out these brass cocktail tools. Each kit comes with a double-sided jigger, a two-piece shaker, a mixing spoon and much more. The set not only contains everything you need to make cocktails like a professional, but copper also works as a natural antimicrobial agent and keeps your drinks cool.

Nicole Reya

Personal Decanter

Riedel is bought by wine connoisseurs from all over the world and has been producing glassware since the 1700s. This handmade carafe with its double silhouette not only looks great on your shelf, but also offers a stylish place to let your guilt breathe and guarantee a perfect filling.


Published on 13 November 2020

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