Since some consumers drink less, whether it’s to reduce calories, avoid a hangover or for other reasons, many turn to non-alcoholic beers. And the brewers have noticed.

Established brewers of large companies such as Anheuser-Busch InBev, Heineken and Boston Beer (creators of Samuel Adams) will take a big step towards soft drinks in the coming months. The same applies to small breweries that are experimenting with different methods of removing alcohol while preserving the taste and the usual properties of beer, such as aroma and taste.

The Connecticut-based sports brewery has expanded its soft drink offering to such an extent that it plans to open a brewery in California to meet demand.

Fair State Alcohol Free Bear Brewery Minneapolis uses vacuum distillation to remove alcohol from the lager at low temperatures / Photo : Kadi Kaelin

For many breweries the focus is on paperless beers and APIs, but for customers looking for a painless pint you will also find stouts, hefeweizens and ales.

Here are six non-alcoholic beers you can try in breweries all over the country.

NA Citra Bearing, Hairless Dog Brewing Co.

With its sweet, malty taste, citrus notes and dry, tea-like aftertaste, this beer is an excellent replacement during competitions, after cleaning the snow or when the mood strikes. Contains 70 calories per 12 ounce can.

IPA strapless with electrolytes, Bootstrap Brewing Company

While it may not provide all the punch that many people expect from an API, this offer from a Colorado brewery that produces many high VBA APIs has enough lupulin to work in an instant. With solid carbonation it’s a refreshing drink that doesn’t make you depressed. Contains 100 calories per 12 ounce can.

Fair State Hypercold Brewing Co-op

This Minneapolis brewery uses vacuum distillation to remove alcohol from lager at low temperatures. The result is a tasty and crispy non-alcoholic beer. Grab a six-pack and go to the lake for some ice fishing. No calorie information is available.

Alcohol-free beer for hairless dogs Alcohol-free beer for hairless dogs contains a malt lager with citrus notes and a dry tea-like aftertaste / Photo by Sierra de Grasse

, point 5, paragraph 5 Brewery

When a technology company starts making beer, you expect everything to go well. As in the case of paragraph 5. The brewery, which is part of Sandymount Technologies, produces lager beers that can easily be transformed into a regular beverage line without betraying its non-alcoholic character. Contains 58 calories per 12-ounce bottle.

IPNA, Lagunitas Brewing Company.

The Californian brewery is part of Heineken, which is familiar with non-alcoholic beer. Last year she tested her NA IPA recipe and chose a recipe that included mosaic, citrus and columbus hops, as well as English crystal malt and barley from Alberta. That’s all you can expect from a West Coast brewer. Contains 80 calories per 12-ounce bottle.

Wise Radler, Paulaner

A Hefeweizen lemonade hybrid with banana and clove flavour. It’s something to drink when you think of spring. This energetic and thirst-quenching beer from the German brewery contains 8.1 grams of carbohydrates per serving and notes of sweet citrus fruit with a round sweetness and a hint of acidity. Contains 102 calories per 11-ounce bottle.

Published on the 8th. January 2021

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