Kale is about to become one of the country’s few wine brands, founded by an African-American winemaker.

NAPA VALLEY, CA (February 22, 2021) – The growing interest in alternatives to alcohol in 2020 has shown us that there is now room for intermittent drinking and a healthier buzz at the table. Founded by former Miss USA, Nana Meriwether, Cale, a wellness company specializing in alternatives to alcohol, today announces the launch of its first line of : Wines with spices. Made in the Napa Valley and infused with organic herbs, plants and adaptogens, Cale’s herbal wines stand at the intersection of traditional viticulture, age-old knowledge of herbal medicine and the modern need for a healthy alternative to our favorite adult beverages.

In Kale Herbal Wines’ first release, Hibiscus Pinot Noir, consumers will find a floral reminder of the traditional flavor of Pinot Noir infused with hibiscus flowers. Made from local, GMO-free, 100% natural top quality grapes from Northern California. The wine is dry fermented and therefore has a low sugar content and no artificial aromas. At just 4.5% ABV, compared to a traditional wine that sometimes exceeds 14.5% ABV, the Pinot Noir Cale Hibiscus is light but refined in flavor, dry, not sweet, and with notes of wildflowers and black cherry. Cale Hibiscus pinot noir is available for order at DrinkCale.com starting today. It costs $25 per 500 ml and will be delivered directly to consumers in March 2021.

As one of the few black female winemakers in the country, I am honored to launch the first edition of Cale’s herbal wines, said Nana Meriwether, founder of Cale. As an herbalist, I am constantly impressed by the power of nature and its ability to heal. By highlighting my prior knowledge of plant-based and traditional winemaking, I hope to inspire others and offer everyone a new way to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Kale reintroduces herbal wine to the world, an ancient technique practiced by the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians to learn herbal wine. Where the popular traditional method was simply fermenting herbs, Cale uniquely infuses traditional grape varieties such as Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Riesling and Merlot with beneficial, adaptogenic and functional herbs such as lemon balm, ginseng, rose, Reishi, elderberry, nettle, Ashwaganda, rhodiola and many others to create his herbal wine.

Consumers are looking for a healthier and more conscious drinking experience, Meriwether said. For irregular drinkers and those seeking moderation, low ABV alternatives are currently limited to hard kombucha, hard seltzer and beer. With Cale Herbal Wines, we are positioning our wine as a new archetype – a new category of high-need, low-alcohol adult beverage that combines fruit and flowers to support an attentive, yet active and social lifestyle. Kale is our catharsis.

About the cash register

Cale is a wellness company that specializes in alternatives to alcohol. The first version is a range of low alcohol herbal wines infused with herbs, medicinal plants and beneficial, functional and adaptogenic plants. Cale’s first offering, the Hibiscus Pinot Noir, will be available starting on the 22nd. February will be pre-ordered and will ship directly to consumers in March 2021. Visit www.drinkcale.com for more information.

About the founder Nana Meriwether

Cale was founded by Nana Meriwether, former Miss USA and two-time NCAA All American UCLA volleyball star. Meriwether continued to play professionally and trained for the 2008 Olympics in Colorado Springs. Meriwether is the former director of editorial special projects and executive assistant to the former editor-in-chief of Harper’s Bazaar, America’s leading fashion magazine. She currently works at ConsenSys, the software and blockchain accelerator co-founded by Ethereum, the second largest digital currency after Bitcoin.

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