New York has become a hotspot for the production of bourbon.

Contrary to popular belief, bourbon does not need to be made in Kentucky. In fact, alcohol can be produced anywhere in the United States, provided that the distilled wort contains at least 51% corn and the alcohol is aged in new charred oak barrels.

What started as a few scattered factories developed into a true bourbon movement towards the Empire State. All over New York City, you’ll find bourbon production facilities that match the quality of many historic Kentucky distilleries.

Here are five of New York’s top producers. They produce world-class bourbon and offer a pleasant taste experience.

The spirits of the deep mountain

Tuthilltown, the first distillery in New York after the show, also produced the first bourbon distillery in the state, the Hudson Baby Bourbon.

Although the distillery recently changed its labels and brands, the quintessence continues to bottle Hudson Whiskey NY Bright Lights, Big Bourbon, now called Hudson. The classic notes of caramel, herbs and vanilla are sweet and accessible.


Jellystone Lazy River campgrounds are only a mile away. So if you need a nice drink and want to spend a weekend camping with your family, you can take a day trip here. Don’t forget to taste the wide range of rye whisky during your stay.

Five New York Distilleries Bringing Out the Best in Bourbon Black button founder Jason Barrett (L) and distiller Jeff Fairbroot (R) / Photo by James Bug

Distillation with black knob

The distillation of the black bud is home to a multitude of complex and fascinating scents. Based in Rochester, 90% of the ingredients of Black Button are grown in New York City. And Black Cutton whiskey truly expresses the character of native corn and wheat.

Five New York Distilleries Bringing Out the Best in Bourbon Straight four-grit Bourbon / Photo of Gary Ledgerwood

The entry level whisky is Bourbon Four Grain Straight (60% corn taste) – sweet, with a spicy aftertaste. But the Bourbons in single and double barrels have intense notes of vanilla, oak and caramel. They radiate balance with a long silky finish.

If you’re a fan of Irish creams, take a look at the Custom Bourbon Cream. Sweet vanilla notes complement the creamy texture and aroma.

Five New York Distilleries Bringing Out the Best in Bourbon Owners of the Jeffrey Baker and Cathy Franklin Distillation facilities / Photo by Pierre Auguste

Hilrock Distillery

This famous distillery is the heritage of the late owner of the distillery, Dave Pickcarell.

Hillrock is one of the few producers of glass whiskies in the world, which means that the grain for its spicy character is the entire vineyard that is cultivated. The Hillrock Estate is also the first U.S. distillery since the ban on the local production of whiskey from grain grown on the estate.

Distilled publisher Kara Newman has awarded 96 points to the popular Bourbon Solera-Aged vineyard, emphasizing the peach and vanilla aromas, the strong aromas of raisins and brown sugar and the delicate aftertaste reminiscent of sherry.

Like many other distilleries, Hillrock Estate is located in the Hudson Valley. Visit his restored Georgian house from the beginning of the 19th century. Century, taste the handmade spirit line and enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

Catskill Distillers

Catskill Distilling is across the street from where the Woodstock Music Festival (now Betel Woods Art Center) originally took place and is as innovative in its brand image as it is in the production of its fragrances.

The creative juices can be seen in their entirety, from the world vodka of the sixties to buckwheat alone.

The most remarkable thing about bourbon is that it’s the right bourbon… …and the most virtuous! She scored 93 points, which is why the pronounced caramel and butterscotch flavours continue the long, tasty finish.

Five New York Distilleries Bringing Out the Best in Bourbon Bottling at the Taconic distillery / Photo by Catherine Frost

Taconic distillery

Taconic, founded in 2013, is a newcomer to the state game of Bourbon.

His copper pet fox (named after the colour of his bourbon) adorns every bottle. Located in the picturesque Hudson Valley, the Taconic whisky line now makes national waves.

Bourbon Dutchess Private Reserve is a light drink with delicate notes of honey and vanilla. However, the bourbon Strength Vessel is much bolder and deeper with 57.5% alcohol by volume (abv), so you could sit down with this body heating kit.

The Taconic Farm Tasting Hall is located near Millbrook and the Clinton Vineyards, two vineyards in the Hudson Valley. There is no better way to spend a day than enjoying whisky and wine against the backdrop of this region’s rich natural beauty.

Read the Covid-19 rules and regulations before planning your trip.

Published on the 26th. November 2020

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