In October, Austin’s Tigress Pub celebrated its 10th anniversary, which actually took place in May. Pub owner Pamela Pritchard, manager/actress Holly Coleman and manager/actress Kelsey Kaudebeck have postponed the celebration for six months because of the coronavirus pandemic in the novel.

It really is a celebration of a family built up in 10 years, and the three of us have worked together for four years, Mr. Kaudebek said. It’s a celebration of all the memories made here. In the bar she met her partner, a former Tigress Pub regular, and told him that Pam and Holly were like family. We take homemade cocktails very seriously. We’ll kick their asses.

Tigress Pub Pam Pritchard (left) and Holly Coleman. Thanks to Tigress’s Pub.

The Tigress Pub, located in the Pétlie du Nord district, has a welcoming and loyal clientele.

The role of the owner of the tavern, maybe thousands of years ago. It has always been a place of communication and exchange, Kaudebek said.

The Tigress Pub organised events such as Dolly Parton’s birthday party and a potpourri with the usual guests. These parties brought people together, Pritchard said.

In a way, I formed a community with this bar, which was the goal, but it really helped me get through so much uncertainty, she says. From the beginning she has focused on increasing the number of regular guests. There are a lot of people who are friends now who wouldn’t be friends if they didn’t meet at the bar.

This 10-year milestone is particularly important given the bowling balls being launched in bars, restaurants and other small businesses this year.

It’s our explanation that we can survive, Kaudebek said. I think I was most attracted to the excitement we felt on our tenth anniversary. This is not a stage that many bars and restaurants in the city see as a whole.

There are a lot of people who are friends now who wouldn’t be friends if they didn’t meet at the bar. – Pamela Pritchard, owner of Tigress Pub.

Throughout the pandemic, Texas bars have juggled with the changing mandates of local governments and the Texas Liquor Commission (TAC). In March, the Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, ordered the closure of all bars and restaurants with the exception of deliveries and shipments. Then, in May, Abbott said the bars could reopen at 25% of their capacity at the crossroads of social distance requirements. The next month Austin’s bars reopened with an occupancy rate of 50%. Also in June, the governor gave permission for the collection and delivery of mixed drinks if they were sealed and sold with food. Shortly afterwards the order was given to close the bars.

This regulated roller coaster has had a personal and professional impact on the Tigress team. Coleman and Cowdebek have been receiving unemployment benefits since April and are receiving help through the GoFundMe programme, which was started by a friend. However, because Pritchard was not unemployed, Kaudebeck’s husband created GoFundMe exclusively for Pritchard. Friends and clients raised over $5,000 for her in June. Meanwhile, the bar remained closed with cocktails offered only for themselves.

It was very difficult, but the boy has succeeded in my life. I was able to fill a prescription for glasses… I was able to pay some bills. It was very comfortable. And, and I didn’t have to worry about not having enough money to go to the grocery store, Pritchard said.

The Tigress Pub team approached the cocktail delivery with caution. According to the government’s mandate, cocktails must be served en route in containers with sealed lids and a sticker bearing the name of the company and stating that it is an alcoholic beverage, and then placed in a zipped plastic bag. Moreover, the food had to be added to all beverage sales. Tigress Tavern has started selling grilled cheese sandwiches with drinks.

I feel like we’re going to bars for treatment. So we have to find a way to get this into his house, Coleman said.

Tigress Pub Thanks Tigress Pub

The team has been innovative in surviving the pandemic, says Kaudebek. It looks different now. We have to adapt, which means we have to concentrate.

Before the pandemic, the bar will be very busy on ticking nights. For example, the Tigress’ Pub hosted the Tiki Horror in the last two weekends of October. They dress up and decorate themselves according to the Halloween mood and put together a special menu.

Despite special events, bar cocktails tend to reflect the new reality of the pandemic.

Our menu for the Covid really focuses on new and exciting cocktails you can try, but what we really focus on are the cocktails that our clients and regulars already know and love. It’s about making [the cocktail] as good as possible, Coleman says.

Since October, Abbott has authorized the opening of 50 percent capacity bars, subject to the approval of local districts. However, the Tigress Pub falls under the jurisdiction of Travis County, and the county does not currently allow bars to reopen.

What I’m most afraid of is the TABC taking the cocktails. Because once we’re open for security reasons, we just plan a yard and make a reservation based on that, and we’re going to be very dependent on take-out cocktails for a long time, Kaudebeck says.

Faced with an uncertain future, the women of Tigress Pub continue to work to create drinks that bring the community together.

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