2019 Red and white wines of the best execution – aromatic, sweet, smoky, moderately warm, frontal and refined. You should all enjoy it from the beginning. In fact, most people will be wonderful when they graduate. Moreover, almost all the wines mentioned in this report are sold for 15 dollars or less! These first well-paid drunks offer excellent value for money.

Depending on the vineyard, red and white wines are successful. The trick to 2019 Bordeaux in the Mogyla region was to keep enough water in the soil during the hot, dry summer months.

In 2019, the vineyards of Grave had the same climatic conditions as their northern neighbour, Pessak Leonyan. The first three months of the growing season were moderate and easy for the farmers. In April everything changed because the month was cooler and wetter than normal. It was good for the harvest in the name of the Grave, which can be hot and early. The cool weather conditions in April slowed down the harvest somewhat.

Until the summer, the biggest potential problem for producers was that the fear of frost hit the region twice. The first time this happened was on the 13th and 14th. April, when the temperature of the ice fell below zero for a few nights. The fifth and sixth. Let the frost come back for the second time.

But from that moment on the summer was warm, sunny and very dry. Although the nights are often cool, acidic substances can accumulate. In July and August, conditions continued during the summer months. Fortunately, two rainstorms in July helped to provide the vines with the much-needed moisture.

At the end of August most of the winegrowers were harvesting the Sauvignon Blanc and in mid-September harvesting the Semillon grapes and the young Merlot vines. Most of September was warm, sunny and very dry until the last half of the month, which brought water to the thirsty soil and helped the red grapes ripen. By mid-October, almost all farmers growing under this name had finished harvesting their Cabernet Sauvignon in good, easy to harvest conditions.

The following test notes are for the red-white Bordeaux 2019 Graves. In a separate report, published just a few days ago, we reported on the tasting of more than 70 red and white wines of Pessac Léognan from 2019. All the next 2019 Graves wines were tasted in my home office from mid-May to early June in a non-blinded environment.

2019 Brondelle – medium, sweet, available with a red leg core and a grassy, earthy and olive accent, with a red berry finish 86-88 Pt

2019 Kerones – light, clear wine based on cranberries and strawberries, medium warm, with a fine red currant finish, spicy and crispy 83-85 moulded

2019 Cerons Blanc – Wine with citrus garnish for early consumption. 83 pt.

2019 Chantegrive – Medium body, elegant, daring and easy to drink, sweet and ripe fruit with a hint of smoke and a soft texture. It’ll be nice to have a drink on the way out. 87-89 Pt

2019 Chantegrive Cuvee Caroline – White peach, green apple, vanilla and lemon wax penetrate the nose. The wine is lush and fresh, with a creamy lemon rind. 90 Pt

2019 Clauzots Blanc – Fresh, juicy and crispy, with a good glass of soufflé in the nose and in the air, it’s fun, a summer sip by the pool. 86 Pt

2019 Clos Floridène is a medium sized, fresh, energetic, forward-looking wine with a heart of sweet red fruit, made for the pleasure of early drinking. 86-88 Pt

2019 Clos Floridène White – Yellow flowers and citrus fruits with a hint of green apple are at the forefront of this fresh and fresh wine. 87 Pt

2019 Crabitey – A medium, fresh and early drink with a fruity and earthy black cherry essence that ends with a hint of dust on the aftertaste. 86-88 Pt

2019 Haura – Fresh, forward-looking and easy to enjoy, this wine is made from highly sown red fruit, earthy, medium body and soft texture. It must be nice to drink on the way out. 88-90 Pt

2019 Lesparre – With a vegetal accent on bright red fruit, the wine is early, medium warm and ready to drink, with a sweet, cherry-like aftertaste. 85-87 Pt

2019 Lesparre Blanc – A light summer quaffer with a heart accent of yellow citrus notes. Drink this within the next two years. 84 bets

2019 Liber Pater – the wine shows more volume and roundness than 2018 and emphasizes the purity of the fruit. Flowers, cherries and plums resonate with earthy and spicy nuances. There’s nothing between you and the fruit. Sweet, fresh, lively and full of nuances, this wine is really interesting. The Liber Pater is a unique expression of Bordeaux that you won’t find in other vineyards. This is partly due to the mixture, the absence of oak during the ripening process and the thought process Go ahead Father Liber, Loïc Pasquet.

The wine is made from a unique blend of 70% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Pti Verdo, 11% Caste, 2% Tarné Culan and 2% Saint-Macar. The mixture is the one found in Bordeaux during the classification of 1855. The wine is produced from the lowest yields in Bordeaux, at 15 hectolitres per hectare. The wine reached an alcohol content of 13.5%. The wine can’t stand barrels. The 100% wine is matured in clay for about 30 months before being bottled. According to the owner Loïc Pasquet, the purpose of not using oak wood is to give the floor a pure expression. All this makes wine tasting truly unique. The only question is to find a bottle, maybe only 1000 bottles coming out this year. 94-96 Pt

2019 Roquetaillade La Grange – Loaded with earthy plums, cherries and a hint of oak on the nose, this medium flat wine ends with bright red strawberries and a hint of herbs on the aftertaste. 86-88 Pt

2019 Saint Robert – With a hint of smoke, this is a sweet, structured, easy to drink, simple wine that will be at its best in the first 3 to 5 years of his life 85-87 Pt.

2019 Saint Robert Blanc – Honeysuckle, orange peel and waxy lemon aroma combine perfectly. But the nose here is a little better than the rich, fruity citrus taste. 88 Pt

2019 Villa Bel-Air – Fresh, sweet berries surrounded by earth on the nose, a moderately warm wine with a soft, fruity texture and a slight aftertaste. You can drink it so early because it’s very fruity. 86-88 Pt

Tomorrow we close the cover of the Left Bank wines 2019 with the deletion of the Medek 2019.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them behind.

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