February 17 – McLaren Vale, South Australia – Cellar Chimp announces the release of a revolutionary app for small wineries, featuring user-friendly winery management and mobile and desktop applications. Cellar Chimp was developed by award-winning winemaker Irina Santiago-Brown and began as a successful COVID project. Ten months later, Cellar Chimp is now able to offer small wineries around the world the IT resources of large wineries at a fraction of the effort and cost. To celebrate the launch, Cellar Chimp is offering a free one-month subscription and discounts on longer subscriptions. said co-founder Dudley Brown : Chimp Cellar puts all chimps on equal footing in the wine game.

Santiago-Brown has developed its secure Cellar Chimp application, which uses smartphone cameras and QR codes to label and store all information in the basement. said Dr. ISB : QR codes have been around for a long time, but it wasn’t until we started sealing that we realized how useful they could be in basements. While tape, markers and the five colors of chalk usually work, they have no memory and still need to be recorded somewhere. And, the tape falls off and the chalk spreads, she laughs. The chimp remembers everything for you in one place, so you don’t have to.

When we’re in the basement, we’re not at the computer, we’re at work. Today, mobile working is the only way to work efficiently. Cellar Chimp displays all your information on any device, wherever you are and whenever you need it.  Whether you’re in the vineyard, on the road, in the office or in the cellar, you can plan, communicate and follow up with your teams. With a simple and direct interface, Cellar Chimp helps your team capture, record and visualize everything they need to do their jobs.

Alex Head of Head Wines in the Barossa Valley uses Cellar Chimp as a beta customer and says: As a one-man operation spread across two locations, several wineries and two wineries, Cellar Chimp allows me to stay on top of everything going on just by looking on my phone. I can check the enzymes and schedule my team for the next day, wherever I am in the vineyard, to make sure I get our fruit at the right time. If I’m in a cellar or winery, all I have to do is point my phone at the fermenter or barrel and everything I want to know is automatically displayed. It’s like having a personal assistant who never sleeps!

This highly intelligent chimp not only automates wine data, winemaking processes, additions, tank information and history, but also exchanges information between team members, from grape reception to bottling planning. It stores everything from grape capacity and wine volume, harvest data, fermentation schedules and malogs, laboratory data, barrel and tank inventories, blending decisions, bottled quantities and dry matter requirements, all in one convenient place. It monitors the amount of bales, fills and doses (including spills and angel share), sludge and additives. You can even use it to follow breeding data and compare it with years per breed and/or block.

Whether you’re using tanks, barrels, amphorae, or half jars, whether you’re producing a ton or 500, Cellar Chimp is ready to help you 24/7, with a plan tailored to the size of your business. Chimps never get tired, they always help you and politely remind you of what you need. For more information and to register, visit www.cellarchimp.com.

Dr Irina Santiago-Brown is the author and designer of the Sustainable Australian Viticulture (SAV) web system, winner of the 2015 Women of the Year in Viticulture Award and winemaker at Inkwell and Dub Style Wines in McLaren Vale. And she’s Daisy’s person.

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