14. April – Protection of the natural habitat in the Valle dei Laga, a part of Trentino between the northern part of Lake Garda and the Dolomites, with a centuries-old viticultural tradition, where vines are grown according to organic farming methods. A practice that the members of Cantina Toblino began back in 2012, as one of the first Italian wineries of significant size. The benefits of growing are immediate and the rewards are equally numerous. It is worth mentioning the prestigious certificate of the Euregio Environment Commission, awarded after the analysis of almost one hundred projects submitted to the Commission, initiated by the Alpine municipalities of Tyrol, South Tyrol and Trentino with the participation of Transcom. A project was evaluated that aims to raise awareness and motivate people to better protect the environment and to stimulate innovation and spatial improvements.

Another confession which strengthens the conviction of the nobility of the path taken.

For some harvests, the oenologist Claudio Perpruner produces organic grapes, in close collaboration with his collaborators and the oenologist Luca D’Attoma. This led to the creation of the Vent wines, which were given high marks by the Robert Parker Wine Advocate a few weeks ago:

The Foll Trentino Chardonnay (organic) is the most intense of the three new white wines (including the Pinot Bianco Praal and the Manzoni Bianco da Ftra) from Cantina Toblino. Chardonnay has a bright golden color, the wine is thick and full of flavor. The bouquet is very pleasant, because instead of the obvious aromas of oak or aging, it shows a very generous and ripe fruit quality. This impression develops in the mouth with a creamy richness (but without residual heaviness). This is a bold Chardonnay that highlights its mountainous identity in a cool climate. In the end he achieves a good balance between fruit and territory. Cantina Toblino is located in the beautiful lake landscape of Trentino, where the mirror-like surface of the water reflects the steep mountain peaks. The farm is organic and the winemaking is supervised by consultant Luca D’Attoma, says Monica Larner.

The path of continuous improvement in organic cultivation and production is the mantra of director Carlo De Biasi, whose attitude towards organic production was confirmed by the award of International Green Personality of the Year 2013 by The Drinks Business magazine.

Community, choral and environmental project. Not only the winegrowers, but also the inhabitants of the valley itself should be involved, for the benefit of those – especially the tourists – who choose the villages around Lake Toblino to spend relaxing moments in an environment where nature continues to play the leading role.

It is also due to a group of winemakers who truly apply the agronomic methods of organic farming, learned after intensive training, meetings and discussions with authoritative experts in the sector, and with the professional and patient support of those who know the vineyard and these soils well, Nicola Caveden and Giuliano Cattoni.

A path that continues with a new project launched a few weeks ago, which aims to maintain biodiversity in the vineyards on the one hand and combine sustainability and organic farming with social impact on the other.

A project with different actors, all committed to a sustainable rural development. The important collaboration with Beelieve, a promising start-up project that aims to promote the coexistence of man and nature through handmade products with a social impact, also fits into this framework.

Beelieve is an ideal partner for Cantina Toblino because it can combine carpentry with the work of a socialization center to give the children new perspectives, followed by the cooperative Progetto 92. Besides this aspect, there is another common ground between Beelieve and Cantina Toblino. It’s the idea of caring for the land, starting with caring for the entire supply chain behind each product, paying attention to every detail that makes it and every hand that works on it.

Beelieve involves 92 children in all phases of the project, from working in the carpentry workshop to assembling and installing the structures. The aim of Beelieve and Progetto 92 is precisely to strengthen the personal skills, resources and social competences of these young people by developing an adequate approach to the professional context, so that they can find a concrete place in the world of work.

From a practical point of view, the project consisted of the installation of ecological structures that contribute to a greater distribution of wildlife and a better use of the biotopes where they take refuge in the vineyards of Cantina Toblino. These include bird and bat nests made from PEFC-certified wood from the Val di Fiemme tree that was toppled by a storm on Vai in October 2018. These wooden structures, made of larch and spruce, were built by young people participating in the cooperative Progetto 92 and installed in the vineyards of Cantina Toblino. A dozen students from Project 92 worked under the direction of the teacher and Giuliano Cattoni, the director of Agricola Toblino Srl.

The bee is the symbol of work and cooperation, which benefits everyone, as opposed to competition. Almost a mantra that reunites the values of Escape, Progetto 92 and Cantina Toblino.


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