Built In Honors SevenFifty in Its Esteemed 2021 Best Places to Work Awards 

Built In Honors SevenFifty in Its Esteemed 2021 Best Places to Work Awards 

SevenFifty gets the best jobs in New York and is recognized by industry insiders as a technology innovator and an excellent place to work.

Built In Honors SevenFifty in Its Esteemed 2021 Best Places to Work Awards  NEW YORK, NY February 11, 2021 – New York-based SevenFifty recently received the “Best Place to Work in 2021” award. SevenFifty was named to the list of the “50 Best Small Companies to Work For.” These annual awards recognize companies of all sizes, from start-ups to large corporations, across the country and in eight key technology markets.

“We are very pleased to be recognized for the work we have done to develop a diverse and inclusive community where all of our employees can grow professionally,” said Aaron Sherman, CEO of SevenFifty. “Being on the same list as these great companies is a testament to the significant growth SevenFifty is pursuing for the people who work here – many of whom come from the alcohol industry.”

Aaron Sherman and Gianfranco Verga, the company’s founders in the 1950s, came from the hotel and restaurant industry and had the idea to create a technology company for the beverage industry. Since founding the company in 2011, they have brought hospitality to everything they do, both for customers and employees.

The company offers benefits such as WSET training, comprehensive health, dental and individual health insurance, mental and physical wellness programs, flexible work schedules, unlimited time off for rest and relaxation, and a strong focus on enhancing diversity, equity and inclusion, including fair hiring practices that encourage diverse candidates. As a distributed workforce, SevenFifty places great importance on communication and project management tools used to increase transparency, promote a strong company culture, and collaboratively develop innovative products for manufacturers, importers, distributors, and foodservice and retail customers.

“We are proud to offer qualified professionals in the spirits industry an alternative career path. 75% of our management team worked in the foodservice industry (sales, distribution, field service) before coming to SevenFifty,” says Erin McCann, Vice President of Human Resources at SevenFifty. “We are building a company that serves the industry we love, and we are finding people who know exactly how to help us, from data and software engineers to beverage content specialists and marketers who know the beverage industry. One of our values is “Respect for the business,” and we do that by developing empathy for the customers we serve.”

Built In determines its annual “Best Places to Work” winners using an algorithm with company data on compensation, benefits and cultural programs. To reflect the qualities that candidates look for in Built In today, this year’s program places greater emphasis on criteria such as remote work opportunities and diversity, equity and inclusion programs. Although SevenFifty was founded in New York City, as of December 2019 the program is moving away entirely from a focus on diversity in the hiring process, particularly in the alcoholic beverage industry. This progressive practice was common in SevenFifty’s culture before the world prompted them to make this change.

“These companies are raising the bar for cultural excellence and the ability to adapt to the changing needs of employees,” said Sheridan Orr, director of marketing for Embedded. “The 2021 winners demonstrate not only a commitment to creating a meaningful culture, but also to meeting the changing needs of talent in a dynamic landscape. We are delighted to congratulate the winners”.

Technicians use Built In’s “Best Places to Work” listings to find employers that match their preferences, passions and values. Since launching three years ago, it has grown from tens of thousands of online views to nearly a million views today.


Built In, the technology recruitment revolution, serves more than 1,800 innovative companies of all sizes, from start-ups to large corporations, by providing actionable content and digital recruitment solutions. The platform strengthens companies’ brand awareness as preferred employers nationally and locally and as leaders in the SEI. Each month, 2.5 million technology professionals rely on Built In to stay on top of trends, grow their business and discover challenging companies. The platform publishes articles on technology, culture and people in companies. This encourages professionals who are in high demand to apply for open positions with clients.


The “Best Places to Work” awards, now in their third year, recognize companies in many categories: 100 Best Places to Work, 50 Best Small Places to Work, 100 Best Medium Places to Work, 50 Best Companies with Social Benefits and 50 Best Paid Companies. Two new national categories reflect what candidates are looking for, including the 100 best large companies to work for and the 50 best companies to work for with a salary.


The integrated system ranks companies according to an algorithm based on information about compensation, benefits and culture programs. This year’s “Best Places to Work” algorithm, which is based on data on technician needs, placed additional weight on companies’ commitment to SID and remote culture. The rankings are determined by combining companies’ scores in each of these categories.


SevenFifty delivers innovative technology and data to the soft drink industry with next-generation solutions that enable a three-layer supply chain. The company’s people-centric technology approach empowers manufacturers, distributors, importers, retailers and restaurants with all the tools they need to connect and do business in today’s world.


Built In Honors SevenFifty in Its Esteemed 2021 Best Places to Work Awards 

Built In Honors SevenFifty in Its Esteemed 2021 Best Places to Work Awards 

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