Winemakers in Bordeaux expect U.S. sales of wine from the region to increase by 21 percent this year to 1.6 million barrels, according to figures released by the U.S. Trade Representative’s office.

The U.S. market for Bordeaux wines has been growing steadily throughout the past few years. In the last year, wine sales in the U.S. increased by 21%, to $2.4 billion. The increase in sales was led by Cabernet Sauvignon, which saw an impressive 43% growth in sales.

According to Wine Spectator , U.S. wine sales increased by 21% in 2017, reaching $35.5 billion. Strong growth was seen throughout various regions, with Bordeaux wines achieving the highest sales increase of 26.8%.


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Bordeaux has had its fastest 12-month regional growth rate in 35 years, thanks to robust consumer demand and the reopening of hotels in the United States.

Bordeaux-Wine-Sales-Increase-21-in-the-USFRANCE, BORDEAUX 21st of July, 2021 — The Bordeaux wine area has seen exceptional growth in sales volume and value in the United States, with the greatest sales rise over a 12-month period since 1986. The Bordeaux Wine Council (C.I.V.B.) has recently published the findings, which include the most current annualized data available from June 2020 to May 2021. Bordeaux wine sales totaled 29 million bottles (or 2.43 million 9-liter cases) in volume, equating to $326 million in yearly revenue. The United States is Bordeaux’s second-largest export market in terms of volume and value.

In a year characterized by the twin difficulties of COVID and tariffs, the robust increase shows good consumption trends in the US wine industry and is a particularly important benchmark for Bordeaux wine producers.

“The United States is an important market for Bordeaux with a long history,” said Bernard Farges, President of the Bordeaux Wine Council (C.I.V.B.) “We were able to achieve excellent performance despite the current difficulties of COVID and tariffs. We are pleased to note that our entire line of red wines, as well as the dry white wines of Bordeaux, have found favor with American customers. These findings inspire our wineries and negociants to develop their commercial relationships and assist the hospitality industry in the United States.”

A variety of reasons have contributed to the increase in Bordeaux wine sales. Overall industry recovery has been driven by renewed consumer wine demand fueled by the reopening of pubs and restaurants, while some conditions are more particular to the Bordeaux area. The high recognition of quality and affordability of the 2018 and 2019 Bordeaux wine vintages, as well as the suspension of the 25% tariffs on French wines, all helped to accelerate Bordeaux wine sales.

Positive sales trends have affected 65 AOCs (Appellations d’Origine Contrôlées) in Bordeaux, as well as all wine styles: reds, dry whites, rosé, sweet, and sparkling wines. While red wines remain the most popular in the United States, dry white Bordeaux wines have grown in popularity. With 4.13 million bottles sold, the United States is the leading market for dry white Bordeaux. Consumers in the United States have also backed growth in a broad variety of Bordeaux wines, from more inexpensive daily options to classed growths from prestigious AOCs including Médoc (Pauillac, St. Estèphe, Saint Julien, Margaux), Graves, and Saint-Émilion.

To maintain favorable trends, the Bordeaux wine region is dedicated to investing in smart marketing and education initiatives that benefit improved consumer and trade awareness, as well as assisting with the recovery of hospitality communities after COVID.


The Bordeaux Wine Council (C.I.V.B.) was established by French legislation enacted on August 18, 1948. It brings together members of the Bordeaux wine industry’s three families: winegrowers, merchants, and traders. The four missions of the CIVB are as follows:

  • The marketing goal is to increase demand for Bordeaux wines by attracting new, younger customers and ensuring brand loyalty. Provide trade knowledge and build connections.
  • Technical mission: increase knowledge, preserve Bordeaux wine quality, and anticipate new environmental, social responsibility, and food safety laws.
  • Economic mission: offer information about Bordeaux wine production, market, environment, and sale throughout the globe.
  • The interests of the industry as a whole are to preserve terroirs, combat counterfeiting, and promote wine tourism.


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