Blakestone Merlot Wine Blakestone Merlot is a red, bottled, cellulosic Blackstone Winery wine produced in Acampo, California, USA.

Blackstone Merlot grapes come from different Californian vineyards.

They select their grapes according to how they will contribute to the complication of the wine, while maintaining a constant consistency year after year.

Blackstone Merlot Wine Review

According to the label on the bottle:

At Blackstone, we know taste is important to you.  If wine tastes good, it’s good wine.  That’s why we skillfully created this Merlot in our typical style: consistent, smooth, balanced and perfect for all occasions, from dinners to everyday pleasures.

A mixture of varieties:

According to the tasting notes, the wine consists of the following options:

  • Merlot – 79
  • Syra – 14%.
  • Little Syrah – 4
  • Cabernet Sauvignon – 2%.
  • Malbec – 1%.

In addition, Blackstone Merlot has matured for 11 months in American and French oak.

I tasted the wine of 2017.


In the glass Blackstone Merlot pours a beautiful middle-coloured plum with a coloured garnet against the outer edge of the glass.

Although it is certainly a dark wine typical of Merlot, it allows very little light through.

The legs form slowly.  But there are many and they are in no hurry to fall on the sides of the glass.


When I first poured the wine into the glass, the aroma of the wine was noticeable but not suppressed.

You have to get close to it to really get into the nose of the wine.

It reveals tones of herbs, a little tobacco and steamed berry jelly.  I think the herbs were the most dominant, followed by the berries.  Although to tell you the truth, nothing stood out.

I saw a tiny bit of alcohol in my nose.  Maybe a little, but I could mix it with herbs.

When the wine was a little in the air, I also found some vanilla nuts.

The alcohol content of Blackstone Merlot is 13.5% by volume per bottle.


After tasting the wine I first noticed delicious red fruits (mainly raspberry) and then butter.

I didn’t take any herb out of my nose.

I’ll say I liked the taste.

Nothing too complicated, but it is of course nice to taste the vanilla oak, which is thrown in the same place as the wine has had time to breathe.

Sneeze and tanning in the mouth

I compared the bark in the mouth with the flax with the expected drought caused by the tannins.

The tannins themselves were rather reserved, even though they seemed to build up in the corners and crevices of my mouth.

Most people would probably call it dry wine.


It is not surprising that the finals of the Merlot Blackstone lasted a long time.

I felt there was a good balance between taste and tannins that lasted until the end.

General conclusion

In general I found this wine pleasant, but not difficult.

It is undoubtedly a strong ripper in itself and can easily be combined with food.

A safe bet, so to speak.

And given the low price of the wine, it is useless to make reservations for a dinner or a special occasion without going bankrupt.

Blackstone Merlot for $9.99.  I bought this from a local liquor store.  You can probably buy it for $7.99 at a department store.

Now I was curious how consistent this wine was, as I had tasted it in the past.

So I dug up my trial notes and looked at them…

I’ve noticed that my notes almost perfectly match the magazine you’re reading now.  I didn’t look at my notes before I did this tasting and verification.

Some previous quotes have been included: The Blackstone Merlot would make a good multi-bottle wine for a family lasagna meal, and the raspberry taste was, not surprisingly, clear … There was also a little bit of vanilla.

It’s about consistency and the value of this wine, people!

Blackstone Merlot wine feedback interest interest interest interest interest interest interest interest interest interest interest interest interest interest

Suggested nutrient steam

Blackstone offers three different coupling options for the Blackstone Merlot

  • Hartlasagna
  • Grilled steak
  • grilled salmon

Every one of them seems like a great couple!

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