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Katie Simpson

St. Helena, Napa Valley, January 2021 – The St. Helena Association announces new board members and vacancies at the beginning of the year. The 2021 Board members announced today are Cathy Simpson, President, Seth Goldfarb, Secretary, and Claire Hobday, Chief Financial Officer.

The outgoing Chairman of the Board is Leslie Russell, who has held the position for the past five years. It was a pleasure to work closely with such an outstanding group of winemakers and producers, she noted. Leslie Russell is responsible for the overall operations and strategic direction of St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador. Helena Winery, a small private winery in the Napa Valley whose wines are produced by Aaron Pott and Lindsay Wallingford.

Cathy Hayne Simpson of St. Helena, owner of Chase Cellars on St. Helena. St. Helena, who served on the Board for a year and a half. I look forward to helping highlight the efforts of ASH members and generating more interest in the wines and wineries of St. Louis.

Katie Hain Simpson is the owner of Chase Cellars on St. Helena. The small private vineyard on Sulphur Springs Avenue is on the Hayne Vineyard (owned by the family since 1872). Katie has been managing her daily business since 2012. She strives to preserve her family’s rich Napa Valley heritage by producing top quality wines from her own and other Napa vineyards. The wine was made by Russell Bevan.

The Secretary of the Board of Directors is Seth Goldfarb, the CEO of Anomaly Vineyards on St. Louis. The Chief Financial Officer of the Board of Directors is Clare Hobday, Chief Financial Officer of C. Mondavi & Sons on St. Louis.

The new board members are Sylvia Taplin, Taplin Vineyards and Julia Jinks, Raymond Vineyards.

The Board of Directors consists of : Myriah Mutrux, Hall Wines; George Watson, One Vineyard; Seth Goldfarb, Anomaly Vineyards; Claire Hobday, Charles Krug; Jack Pagendarm, Korte Ranch; Lesley Keffer Russell, Saint Helena Winery; Julia Jinks, Raymond Vineyards; Dave Ewell, Ewell Family Vineyards; Torey Battuello, Battuello Vineyards; Eric Risch, Pelle Manor; Shannon Salvestrin, Salvestrin Winery; Sylvia Taplin, Taplin Vineyards; and Kathy Simpson, Chase Cellars.

In 2004, the winemakers who jointly endorsed the ABA formed a group to promote this growing region, now called the Appel de Saint-Joseph. The winery on St. Helena has 50 winemakers and 25 grape producers.

In recent years, the organization has held annual fundraisers, awarded scholarships to St. Helena high school students, and participated in other programs in the St. Helena area.

St. Helena covers about 12,000 acres, of which about 6,800 acres are planted with vines, more than any other ABC in the Napa Valley. More than 400 different vineyards are located in the appellation. The borders form an hourglass, and the central section is the narrowest in the Napa Valley, where the Maya and the Vacas almost meet. The AVA is a mosaic of alluvial cones and 21 different soil types. The soils here were formed by centuries of erosion from mountainside runoff and the Napa River and its ancient tributaries.

The origins of St. Helena can be traced to the Mexican land grants in the 1840s, when General Vallejo gave a wedding gift to Edward Bale. Bale and his fiancée quickly planted a vineyard on their property. Until 1880, the island of St. Helena was part of the St. Helena Archipelago. On St. Helena, wine was made for over 100 people. Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Syrah, Zinfandel and Sauvignon Blanc are most commonly grown on St. Helena.

St. Helena is considered the birthplace of the Napa Valley wine industry, with Dr. Crane’s winery established in 1859, David Fulton’s in 1860 and Charles Krug’s in 1861. The St. Helena Highway, or designation, was officially adopted in 1995, with its boundaries defined by Zinfandel Lane on the south, Bale Lane on the north, the intersection of Howell Mountain Road and Conne Valley on the east, and the 400-foot elevation line of the Mayacamas Mountain Range on the west.

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