25. November – Cellar Muse announces a new course available online through the Napa Valley Wine Academy. The course is now available on the Academy’s website.

Designed for students of viticulture and all those working in the wine industry who wish to acquire a deeper knowledge and understanding of the deep and often complex history of wine and civilization and its influence on the modern wine industry.

This course is the ONLY online wine tutorial that focuses 100% on the history of wine and gives you the confidence to communicate with great authority, not only on the history of wine, but also on the context of modern wine. This course is considered crucial to the success of any wine professional and serious student.

Due to these difficult economic conditions, the entry fee was set at only $199 so that everyone could share in the joy of knowing the history of wine. The course is offered asynchronously, which means that students can register online when it suits them. The wines to be tasted are bought by the students at their own expense. Registered students have access to all content for 12 months.

The Wine History Fund consists of seven blocks; each block contains five to nine lessons consisting of short lectures and dynamic interactive material. Students may expect to complete this course in approximately 12 to 15 hours.  The proposed manual is from Noah to date, Hugh Johnson: History of wine. The course consists of seven blocks; each block consists of five to nine lessons consisting of short lectures and dynamic interactive material. Students may expect to complete this course in approximately 12 to 15 hours. The proposed manual is from Noah to date, Hugh Johnson: History of wine.

This course is conceived as a journey through the history of Western civilization, with a great liquid ambassador of nature, wine, as the protagonist. Against a backdrop of religion, politics, trade, wars, parasites, epidemics, global and scientific discoveries, this course describes the journey of wines and wine cultures through the centuries until the emergence of the modern wine law in the 20th century. The wine trade represents an 8,000-year-old human arch in relation to nature, which lies at the heart of European cultural identity, she explains.  Fashion, trends, spiritual and social norms determine people’s expectations of wine and shape the development of wine styles and habits. At the end of the course, students will understand the impact of wine as a powerful product on the development of Western societies through politics and religion. The class will explore the relationship between wine, spirituality and organized religion in the context of Western culture, and the impact of three ulcers (Downey Mildew, Powder Dew, Philoxer) on the global wine world. The class will also talk about the creation of a European wine law in the 20th century. Eternal discussion.

About your instructor:

Tanya Morning Star Darling is a full-time wine teacher with nearly thirty years experience in the industry. Through its Cellar Muse business, it is a recognized software supplier of exchange wine certificates (French, Italian and Spanish) in the Seattle area. She is a WSET L1-L4 accredited instructor, Official Burgundy Wine Ambassador, Official Orvieto Wine Ambassador and has passed the Master Wine Level Burgundy, Champagne and Provence in the top scoring category. In 2018 she was named Scientist and Trainer of the Year for the French Wine Union. Through her work as a student at the Sorbonne and New York University, Tanya has experience in art history and theatre history. Through her work she has always tried to find context and deeper meaning, combining her work in the wine industry with her passion for culture, food and storytelling. The study of history is a natural extension of his academic and sensory research on wine, and it is his personal passion. Since 2012 Tanya has been Professor of Wine History at the College of South Seattle, where she has developed two three-credit courses that together cover the history of wine from ancient to modern times.

About the Napa Valley Wine Academy:

The Napa Valley Wine Academy was founded in 2011 and is located in the city of Napa. She received the WSET Teacher of the Year Award in 2016 and 2019. More than 14 000 people took part in the NVWA meetings, which were equally divided between the commercial players and the interested consumers. The Academy has offices in Colorado, Florida, Nevada, Ohio, Tennessee and Texas. It was founded by R. Christian Oggenfus, D.W.S., F.W.S., I.W.P., A.W.S. and AIWS, Catherine Bugge, D.W.S. cardholder and Jurg Oggenfus. The Academy can be reached via or 855/513-WSET.

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