Affinity Creative Group’s Fresh Take on Canned Tequila Seltzer

Design is more than just the appearance of a new drink…. is an adventure in a glass. Give a dynamic and fun lifestyle with the best ingredients available.

Affinity Creative Group’s Fresh Take on Canned Tequila Seltzer MARE ISLAND, CA – When the entrepreneurs behind Freshie, the first certified organic silver tequila company, were looking for an indelible identity for their new drink, they turned to Affinity Creative Group. The founders, Paige and Ryne Iseminger, soon passed on the pleasure, excitement and adventurous spirit of a southern border holiday, as well as the history of using authentic, impeccable and pure ingredients. The challenge: to convey all these messages on a thin 12-ounce aluminium can.

The Affinity team got to work quickly and explored a number of design solutions to visually convey a number of distinctive features that would set this product apart from the growing number of competitors. In the end, after considering a number of options, the solution for branding and packaging design turned out to be simple but brilliant. The name itself, Freshie, embodies a fun and vibrant energy – that’s how Affinity’s designers discovered this dynamism through the use of bold typography, vibrant colours and a memorable layout. Now the brand itself embodies and projects the atmosphere of Southern Mexico from a frontier holiday atmosphere. Expressive translucent, colorful and overlapping lettering forms, combined with graphically displayed ingredients and a spread of bubbles make the whole package complete.

Paige commented: As a designer I knew it wasn’t easy to get the look and feel we wanted for this little ship. But the Affinity team succeeded, to our surprise. Ryne and I are very happy with the result – the brand is just fun and at the same time it radiates a lot of confidence, especially through the use of completely natural and organic ingredients. Affinity Creative has really helped us to offer adventure, fun and excellence, all in the smallest packaging format.

A new premium, sparkling, 99-calorie seltzer tequila made with certified organic, gluten-free, GMO-free, sustainably grown and distilled ingredients was launched in Chicago and other Illinois markets, with plans to expand distribution from coast to coast by early 2021. Look for this product in the near future at your favorite retailer. It’s hard to miss. And that’s a good thing!

About Freshie: Freshies are more than a drink, they’re a way of life. This light and refreshing tequila-seltzer was prepared during a family trip to Mexico and combines a great taste with all organic ingredients. Let the party begin, and go to for more information!

About Affinity Creative Group: From our unique creative campus (two townhouses and bungalows) located along historic Officers’ Road in Mare Island, California, Affinity Creative Group offers brand design, digital media and activation marketing services to retailers, particularly for wines, spirits and other luxury categories. The industry’s most experienced team of professionals provides strategic, creative and effective solutions that attract attention, generate interest and build customer loyalty in classrooms, onsite and retail locations across the country and around the world. Affinity helps customers of all shapes and sizes to connect with consumers at the brand’s key contact points. This is done by making intelligent use of creativity, convincing storytelling and impeccable execution.

For more information about Affinity Creative Group, please visit us: or call 707,562,2787.


Affinity Creative Group’s Fresh Take on Canned Tequila Seltzer

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