Steel belt coolers are ideal for people who need to keep food and drink cold for a few days. They are perfect for walks, picnics and other outdoor activities and are generally handy to do at home.

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Coleman is a well-known and reliable company that specializes in high quality camping and outdoor equipment. The brand was founded in 1900 by William Coffin Coleman in Oklahoma (USA) and is now part of Newell Brands.

Over the years, Coleman has developed first-class camping equipment. They now sell everything from tents and sleeping bags to furniture, camping accessories, cool boxes and much more.

In this magazine we learn all about the Coleman steel belt refrigerator. We have emphasized the main features and applications as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the product. At the end of this overview you should know if Coleman Steel Strip Coolant is the right choice for you.

Deep immersion in a 54-Quart Coleman Steel Strip Cooler

Data The Coleman 54 Quadcooler with steel belts is ideal for any outdoor adventure. It is a fridge that keeps its contents cold for up to 4 days, making it an ideal place for a long weekend of camping, festivals and picnics.

The cooler can keep its contents cool at temperatures up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The iconic design is a real talking point, the bright colours and vintage look make it a comfortable and elegant addition to your urban furniture.

Who is it for?

Most people find this refrigerator useful. You can take it with you on your travels, walks and picnics. In warm weather the food and drinks will be cool, which is ideal for any campsite, festival or other outdoor event.

It does not take up a lot of space and is easy to store when not in use. It also fits perfectly in the trunk of the car or on the floor next to the passenger seat, making it super portable and comfortable.

What we like about the Coleman 54-Quart Steel Beltrefrigerator

First of all, we would like to say that this refrigerator offers excellent value for money. It’s durable and hard-wearing, so it doesn’t matter if it knocks on the door on the way to adventure.

The cooler is versatile, you can take it on an excursion or walk for a few nights and keep the temperature cool for up to four days. Note that you don’t have to be an experienced tourist to enjoy this cooler!

You can even use the fridge as extra space if you need space around the fire! You can put a lot of food and drink in the Coleman fridge and make sure you have everything you need for your trip.

If you invite people to your home for dinner and enjoy a few glasses (or bottles) of wine, why don’t you keep the wine in that fridge? This way your wine is at the ideal temperature and ready to be served without taking up any space in the fridge.

Big chance: You can extend the life of your fridge by more than four days by putting two blocks of ice and a plastic bag in it. This trick keeps the contents of the fridge cold for up to seven days. Why don’t you try it yourself?

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What we don’t like about the Coleman 54-Sheet Steel Quarter Refrigerator.

Even if the cooler is completely closed, it is not completely watertight. There are small cracks in the back of the envelope that dispel the cold. If these connections were closed, the cooler would retain its contents longer.

Food and drinks are kept cool in this refrigerator, but the ice cream doesn’t last longer than a day. It is normal that you only camp for a few hours, but it can be very frustrating if you camp for a few days.

If you are not careful when closing the refrigerator, the lock may be damaged and may not close properly. It needs to be repaired, otherwise the refrigerator will not support its temperature.


  • Contains the contents in fresh condition for up to four days.
  • Portable website
  • Sustainable
  • Made of high quality materials
  • vintage design
  • Perfect for keeping your wine cool


  • The closure is heavy and delicate.
  • The cooler may leak

What’s going on?

The device is already assembled and delivered ready to use. No additional accessories are required for operation, which is very convenient.

Functional overview

You can place up to 85 cans of your favourite drink in the fridge, leaving enough room to eat and drink for your next trip. Ice can stay in the fridge for up to four days, even when exposed to 90 degrees of heat.

The cooler is built to offer you many years of adventure with its sturdy frame and stainless steel exterior. The cooler is made of stainless steel, which means that it does not contaminate the contents with rust and generally prolongs its service life.

You can even put two litre bottles of your favourite drink (wine, wine and more!) in the Coleman fridge and keep sodas and wine upright. Don’t worry if you bring a fridge full of food and drink. If it’s a bit heavy, it has a comfortable steel handle that makes it easier to carry.

The Have-A-Seat™ can carry up to 250 lbs and is designed as a two-in-one cooler with an additional seat. You can use it just as easily as a small side table next to the sleeping bag.

Review overview

We strongly recommend the Coleman 54 cooler with steel strip. It has more than one purpose and is an important part of your outdoor holiday. Investing in a durable, high-quality cooler will provide years of adventure.

Coleman is a reliable brand you can count on, and with a six-year limited warranty on this cooler you can buy it with the assurance that the manufacturer will solve all problems. If you have used Coleman products in the past, you already know the high demands placed on these products, and this certainly meets our expectations!


Below is a section with frequently asked questions that you should answer if you have questions about the Coleman 54 Quarter chiller that you haven’t answered. If you have other questions about coolers in general, ask them in the comment section and help each other!

Q : How many cans can a 54-piece cooler contain?
A : The 54-quarter coolers can hold up to 85 cans. The Coleman 54 Quarter cooler with steel belt has a convenient handle that makes carrying a cooler more comfortable when carrying your favorite drinks.

Q : How long can Coleman’s fridge hold ice?
A : The cooling capacity of Coleman cooling machines varies considerably depending on their design. Coleman Budget coolers can store ice for 18 to 24 hours, while steel band coolers can store ice for four days.

Q : How big should my fridge be?
A : If you buy a cooler, remember that about 30% of it is covered with ice or ice cubes. If you’re going on a day trip with a family of four, a 45-quarter cooler is big enough for everything you need.

Q : Which size cooler is best for cooling wine and champagne bottles?
A : Look for a 50 to 55 litre cooler to keep a few bottles of wine cold and fresh. Ideally, the cooler should be high enough to store the cylinders upright to prevent leaks.

Q : Coleman coolers are made in the United States?
A : Yes, most Coleman products are made in the United States.

Q : Are the hinges of the Coleman 54 Quarter Steel Belt refrigerator brittle?
A : If you are clumsy and do not open the lid carefully, the hinges will break. Pressing the open lid loosens all cooling loops, not just the Coleman steel belt cooling loops.

Q : Can you put dry ice in Coleman’s fridge?
A : Not all types of coolers are suitable for use with dry ice. Each Coleman cooler is different, so read the instruction manual carefully before using dry ice in the cooler.

Q : Is there any way to block Coleman 54 quart coolant?
A : No, the refrigerator itself has no locking mechanism and cannot be added without changing the lock.

Q : Can a bottle opener be placed outside a Coleman fridge of 54 square meters without damaging it?
A : Adding a bottle opener to the cooling unit requires drilling and may damage the unit. We recommend that you attach a bottle opener to a handle so that you do not get stuck without a bottle opener, instead of damaging the refrigerator itself by applying a bottle opener.

Purchasing guide

Let’s simplify the essential functions you need to look for in a wine cellar refrigerator. Although wine cellar coolers are relatively simple, not all units are suitable for your wine cellar.

Follow the instructions below to purchase the right cooling unit for your wine cellar. Buying the wrong device can be a costly mistake, so research and buy with confidence with the right knowledge.

Noise level
Wine cellars are usually built under your house. A noisy basement can therefore make it very uncomfortable to sit in the living room above the basement. Old wine cellar coolers are noisy and hard to ignore. Choose a fridge with silent functions, especially if you live in a small house that easily takes the noise with you.

Easy repair
As with any electronic device, malfunctions can occur. Keep an eye on the appliance manufactured by the manufacturer who sells parts. Some manufacturers do not sell individual parts and if one part fails, it is likely that the whole unit will have to be replaced.

Digital displayThe digital display makes the device easy to use. If the unit cools down too much or too little for any reason, you will notice this immediately on the display and you can quickly repair it.

Digital display devices are usually equipped with a temperature remote control to easily change the settings. Electronic temperature controllers are almost always very accurate and you can be sure that the temperature you set for the device is the temperature at which it will work.

The simple installation of the
wine cellar coolers should not be a problem. If you have confidence in do-it-yourself projects, you should be able to install the device yourself or together with a friend. The easier it is to install, the better it is for you, because you can easily remove it for repair if necessary.

If you are unsure which cooling system to install in your wine cellar, invite a specialist to help you. The last thing you want to do is make a mistake and damage the device.

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